Wednesday, 4 July 2018

No 12360, Wednesday 04 Jul 2018, Afterdark

9   Emergence of a basically rare viral infection (7) ARRIVAL {A}{Rare}{VIRAL*}
10 Charges one on taking a basic explosive in ship (7) IONISES {1}{ON}{1}{S{Ex...e}S}
11 Wrong to allow girl coming in with a piece of cloth (7) SINGLET {SIN}{G}{LET}
12 Perhaps, can I be friendly? (7) AMIABLE {AM}{I}{ABLE}
13 Program at studio perhaps (9) PHOTOSHOP {PHOTO SHOP}
15 Invalidates foremost luxury liner in America that has a prominent Nazi aboard (5) NULLS {Nazi}{U{Lu...y}{Li..r}S}
16 Temparature excellent, mistake to be in porch (7) TERRACE {T}{ERR}{ACE}
19 Side shortly will take a secret door to lift (7) ELEVATE {ELEV{A}{T}En} T/Secret door? (Addendum - {ELEV{A}{s...eT}En} - See comments}
20 A sudden outburst from colossal volcano (5) SALVO [T]
21 Again, liable to be dry outside, goes for retake (9) RECAPTURE {RE}{C{APT}URE}
25 Tenant's wife and mischievous child reaching the house first, after 11th, maybe (7) TWELFTH {T}{W}{ELF}{The}{Ho..e}
26 Lamenting and upset, Lee joins girl at 1 Across (7) ELEGIAC {LEE*}{G}{1}{AC}
28 Worker loads mangled car (new) in container (4,3) BEER CAN {BEE}{CAR+N}*
29 Ha-ha, GST is designed as a means to map data (7) HASHTAG*

1   Believes without questioning based on a setup (4,2) EATS UP*
2   Obstruction quashed to evict ailing Tutsi and horse (6) BRONCO OBstRuCtiON
3   Leaves office at 14 to be in shape (4) OVAL {OVAL office}
4   Salted pork has fluorine, leads to irritation (6) FLITCH {FLo...e}{ITCH}
5   Breach in intellectual property suppressed by lawyer at East New York, say (3,5) BIG APPLE {B{I{GAP}P}L}{E}
6   Popular, hip admen use cannabis, say (6,4) INDIAN HEMP {IN}{HIP+ADMEN}*
7   Spanish queen tricked allies and captured sailor (8) ISABELLA {IS{AB}ELLA*}
8   Perhaps, you or me for IT dept idiots to watch (8) ASSESSEE {ASSES}{SEE}
14 Zero value aside, in case of emergency get to President's office (4,6) OVAL OFFICE {O}{VAL} {OFF}{ICE}
16 A place where Kanupriya grew up! (4,4) TEST TUBE [CD]
17 Rescues ladies seen at the end of the road held by judge (8) RELIEVES {Road}{ELI}{EVES}
18 Essentially learn concept of an electrical process (8) EARTHING {lEARn}{THING}
22 Say, Europeans are often cozy, reportedly easy and silently retiring (6) CZECHS {CoZy}{(~easy)EC}{SH<=}
23 Somehow buy time, in the absence of man to satisfy condition of being present (6) UBIETY {BUY+TImE}*
24 About to take away girl, allure and trap (6) ENCAGE EN(-g+c)CAGE
27 Heartless ape, revolting , wrestled in the middle of Japan, say (4) EAST {ApE<=}{wreSTled}

Bhargav's Talepiece

The bouncer and the dancer - Part 79

It was the TWELFTH NIGHT of June.

Smith's MIDSUMMERS NIGHT DREAM was to be further spoiled and the HAMLET of Shangri-la was about to see some action !!

With the ARRIVAL of Uncle Sam in the TERRACE  was there a TEMPEST in the offing?

However the scene in the theatre below was one of contrast. People were watching the movie: THE TAMING OF THE SHREW ISABELLA.

Smith was in a dilemma like HAMLET. Will I be or not be?

Uncle Sam had a pen in his hand. In the dark Smith saw it as a knife and like MACBETH thought: Is this a dagger I see before me?

The questions posed EATS UP Smith's head but he manages to give the answers  in a MEASURE FOR MEASURE fashion.

Who told you to give the envelope to the CZECHS at DCC?

SS stammered: The OVAL - OVAL OFFICE.....

 You seem to reply AS YOU LIKE IT. Can you RECAP the color of the envelope given by you? 

SS: White.

The TWO GENTLEMEN WERE ON A mood of joy!

They did not wish to further make MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING.

Gombu was anyway the architect of THE COMEDY OF ERRORS. How can his LOVE'S LABOUR be LOST?

The two let off Smith who for the time being felt that ALL'S WELL THAT ENDS WELL.

Later Gombu and Smith prepared their message to be sent to BIG APPLE. 
"  # (HASHTAG) Everything safe.  But it was a nEAR THING."

The two went down to the hall picked up their BEER CANS and sat down to watch Rita's next dance to the song "Don't tell Mama" from the movie CABARET.

What happened next?


  1. 19ac I took T from secreT [door=exit]

  2. I couldn't appreciate 14DN, seeing office again in WP and OVAL in 3DN.

  3. CGB Sir,
    Your drawing is at its peak. Very difficult to visualize the logo. Well hidden, if there is one!?

    1. It is there. Foxed? It is boxed!!
      You may need to zoom the picture.

    2. I couldn't crack it. Vasant, did you?
      Let us wait for Paddy after he lands in USA.

    3. KKR:CGB Sir sent a hint.

    4. For a long time I couldnt reply through my mobile...had to go to the web page..

  4. @ Koteswara Rao 08.44 : Funniest things is , till you pointed that out here, it never struck me that it was a part of the definition and wordplay. As CV pointed out yesterday, it becomes very difficult to self edit despite numerous attempts. Because the mistake is made by the setter on the first place hence doesn't strike easily as a mistake when the same person reviews :(

    1. I understand Shrikanth.
      Thanks for the clarification.

    2. I dont think this was a mistake. One answer part of another. Only it makes solving easier..if you get one answer, the other is automatically got.

    3. vasant, the point is on 14d only. oval office and president's office. 3d is fine with its reference to 14d.

  5. Vasant - 'Office' is in grid entry as well as in the clue for the same entry..

    1. So what? Is there any bar to use such clues? Who has the final say? Where do these clues fall in classification? I think, it falls under a linked clue of one with the other. I tend to agree with Vasant.

      AFTERDARK: I like your introducing New Age words like PHOTOOSHOP and HASHTAG.

      FLITCH: a slab of timber cut from a tree trunk, usually from the outside.
      the strengthening plate in a flitch beam.

      Does it also mean salted pork?

      AFTERDARK : you make meburn all the calories I get from my breakfast by your imaginative and twisted clues ! I am not complaining , though !

    2. Raju see the link over FLITCH in the main post

    3. CV Sir, Prasad: Got it!

  6. Afterdark - You might want to run the clues through a duplicate word finder online and it will show the two instances.

    1. Is there a software for that? Could there be also a software to edit and rectify such clues for prepared crosswords ? Like a Spellchecker ? Hahaha ?

    2. Raju - MS Excel is a wonderful software. I am learning and self-teaching how to use Data/Pivot table/Filter to get word occurrences, etc, by using formulas. Takes a lot to understand but by trial and error I am progressing. In MS Word we can get all similar words highlighted etc. We can count letters in a word with space, without space, we can get similar words highlighted, etc.
      Today I read in the paper about an affidavit filed in the court by a priest saying that his relationship with a woman continued even after her marriage with someone else and that they (the priest and she) had sex for over 400 times" (ToI).
      He probably used a software to keep track of his peccadilloes - place, day, day or night, time, duration, etc. etc..

    3. Thanks. When I am in the US from next month, I'll try to lean this.

      400 in a life time? peccadilloes with one person? full time job he must have had !

    4. Recently I heard a lecture by a serving IAS officer prouud about his community and lineage and said his father had two official wives (No. 1 and No. 13 - evidently among the number of women he encountered) and went on to say that he discovered documents that revealed with how many women he had relationship - he mentioned the precise figure.

    5. CV Sir can add the right amount of spice to explain-even for topics such as data and working with data!

  7. 19A and Downs 5,22,23 were too much for me, but 8D clue was too clever and nice!

  8. I was not happy with both the puzzles in this cycle. So last week sent 2 other puzzles but for some reason they could not change as I wanted :(

  9. Liked 8D in today's Guardian Cryptic.