Thursday, 5 July 2018

No 12361, Thursday 05 Jul 2018, Buzzer

1   Sign or emblem showing discount (6) IGNORE [T]
5   US returned daughter dwelling in the wild is unexpected (6) SUDDEN {US<=}{D}{DEN}
10 State Waltzing Matilda is captivating number for all to see (5,4) TAMIL NADU {N} in {MATILDA}*{U}
11 Military title remains in possession of old man (5) PASHA {P{ASH}A}
12 Move furtively out of sun lounge (5) SIDLE {S}{IDLE}
13 Like a weasel or carcajou, primarily wild (5-4) LOWER CASE {WEASEL+OR+Ca...u}* Definition by example
14 Was next to a friend catching table tennis game's final (7) ABUTTED {A}{BU{TT}{gamE}D}
16 Nearly twenty, Indian expatriate making a name in astrology (7) SCORPIO {SCORe}{PIO}
18 Troublesome splinter snaps 'n bursts out (4,3) LETS RIP SPLInTER*
20 In conclusion, smoking by youth I say not a good look (4,3) GLAD EYE {s...nG}{LAD} {EYE}(~ i)
21 Standard-issue, degenerate church residence (9) PARSONAGE {PAR}{SON}{AGE}
23 Tense and half flipping by (5) TIMES {T}{SEMI<=}
25 Stop talking about a fool (3,2) CAN IT {C}{A}{NIT}
26 Trespasser, conclude jumped over fence (9) INFRINGER {INF{RING}ER}
27 Principle restricting liberal access to remote systems (6) TELNET {TE{L}NET}
28 Look good to improvise during play blocking off a runner (3,3) LOG JAM {LO}{G} {JAM}

2   Lose one's cool mobile during drive (2,3) GO MAD {M} in {GOAD}
3   Around 10:50 made her tea warmer (3,6) OIL HEATER {10<}{L} {HER+TEA}*
4   Sent a message to upset setter and felt bad (1-6) E-MAILED {ME<=}{AILED}
5   Complains taking time out for work during leg exercises (7) SQUAWKS SQUA(-t+wk)WKS
6   Execute a drug dealer (5) DOPER {DO}{PER}
7   Retouching a sepia, yes simple (4,2,3) EASY AS PIE*
8   Retreat as nail spa centre unfolding slowly (2,1,6,4) AT A SNAILS PACE [T]
9   Crazy eastern book on a certain custom (4-2-7) MADE-TO-MEASURE {MAD}{E}{TOME}{A}{SURE}
15 Delivery is perfect ball knocking top off (9) UTTERANCE {UTTER}{dANCE}
17 Organist playing captivating number under complete control (2,1,6) ON A STRING {N} in {ORGANIST}*
19 Expert player to sweep collecting single at first (7) PIANIST {P{1}AN}{1ST}
20 Feel glum, not all excited or happy (7) GLEEFUL {FEEL+GLUm}*
22 Losing head in temper regularly (5) OFTEN sOFTEN
24 Yearly meeting held in the morning going over rocky material (5) MAGMA {AGM} in {AM<=}

Bhargav's Talepiece

The bouncer and the dancer - Part 80

The TAMIL NADU hawk SQUAWKS upon hearing the news and is GLEEFUL to learn that SS had to almost GO MAD after the recent developments including the SUDDEN sealing of Gemini.

Who is there to IGNORE him now? 

CAN IT be done now? 

Yes the matter for him is now EASY AS PIE.

One UTTERANCE from him made his side-kick have his plan EMAILED to their contact PASHA at New Jersey.

He was asked to meet the officials with "matter" and a GLAD EYE and have the seal removed and move in as an INFRINGER.

What happened next?


  1. Enjoyed the grid - many lovely clues, 22D was my COD!

  2. 20DN: I think excited is anagrind here

  3. Enjoyable puzzle. A tad easier but fulto(to use a hinglish slang) entertainment. 8D, 13A, 9D, 23A were favourites. Thanks Buzzer.

  4. I agree. Not so 7 down! Logged in early and find the space gaping for comments.9 down to my taste. Buzzer always does. He does not let you get all knotted up. However, he is only next to Incognito . I liked dancing Matilda leading to Tamilnadu .

  5. A puzzle in puzzle: Find the logo

    1. It is United India Insurance co. (I written slanting makes it look like A)
      Sorry to lose Buzzer puzzle in transit.

  6. Enjoyable grid. Loved the T clues. Thanks Buzzer.

  7. The logo is United India Insurance Co..that is where i worked for long

    1. Must have been filled with nostalgia.

    2. +1 The copywriter came up with a fantastic tagline
      "For us at United India the U always comes before the I."
      But only now I see the I bowing down to the U (the customer).

    3. I bowing down in the LOGO...

    4. Superbly sketched too!

  8. A doubt. 26A: Is the grammar ok?
    Since trespasser is singular, shouldnt it be concludes? Or am I missing something?

  9. Its fne. Trespasser has nothing to do with the rest of the clue wording. You conclude ove(R) IN + FRINGE ( for fence) + R ?

    1. Thanks Raju. One has to take the comma into account.
      But parsing is as shown by Col. Infer(conclude) Over Ring(fence)

    2. +1 For taking the comma in 26A into account.