Saturday, 7 July 2018

No 12363, Saturday 07 Jul 2018, Scintillator


1. Wood from tree with nests (6) SANDAL {S{AND}AL}
4. Academic, losing head, copied trick (8) PEDANTIC {aPED}{ANTIC}
9. Take possession of trophy, appearing coy on the outside (6) OCCUPY {COY*} around {CUP}
10. Pitch before founder to evoke change of mind (4-4) FLIP-FLOP {FLIP}-{FLOP}
12. Cutting line to enter with extreme caution (8) GINGERLY {GINGER{l}Y}
13. Timeless botanist grows tree in a pot (6) BONSAI {BOtANISt*}
15. Heart possibly left bleeding from fat (4) PUMP {PlUMP}
16. Appropriate // make-up is such (10) APPLICABLE (DD)
19. Investor misses out in Hollywood setting (3,7) LOS ANGELES {LOS {ANGEL}ES}
20. Kick-start? (4) BOOT (DD)
23. Ask for support, mostly to get painting material (6) CANVAS {CANVASs}
25. Being broke, so I may skip inessential academic conferences (8) SYMPOSIA {SO I MAY SkiP*}
27. Overwhelmed by dry day, little devil put on a weak smile (8) SIMPERED {S{IMP}ERE}[D}
28. Club's electronic panel needs fixing (6) ALPEEN {E+PANEL}*
29. Lol! Limps with battered shoe (8) PLIMSOLL {LOL+LIMPS}*
30. Wastrel gets ale for drunk (6) LOAFER {ALE+FOR}*


1. Substitute starting to polish silver vessels is upset (7) STOPGAP {Polish}{AG}{POTS}<=
2. Dubs celebrity arrests to be 'superficial' (9) NICKNAMES {NICK{NAME}S}
3. Greece manages to export fruits (6) APPLES {grAPPLES}
5. See around Spain in a devious way (4) EELY {E{E}LY}
6. Very silently, a pest draws to get near (8) APPROACH {A}{PP}{ROACH}
7. Lift opponents at the table, drunk, in pieces (5) TILES {SE}{LIT}<=
8. Sudden whim to restrict a South Indian's necessity (7) CAPRICE {CAP}{RICE}
11. He wouldn't remain in a dancing shoe (7) SLIPPER (CD?) (CD&D) See comments
14. Indecent to watch a bird down under (4-3) BLUE-EYE {BLUE}-{EYE}
17. A bibliophile's favourite haunt (9) BOOKSHELF (CD)
18. Not odd to fear snakes snakes out in grasses! (8) SNEAKERS {fEaR+SNAKES}*
19. Somewhat apolitical, ace superstar steps into shoes (5,2) LACES UP (T)
21. Coach and team leader shower jointly,wanting to get hot (7) TRAINER {Team}{RAIN}{togethER}
22. Handsome young man needs a vote to get Oscar (6) APOLLO {A}{POLL}{O}
24. Mini-binoculars in the front reflecting a lot of light rings (5) NIMBI {MINI+Binoculars}* Reflecting on double duty? See comments
26. Scoundrel crushed by she-elephant (4) HEEL (T)

Reference List
Line=L, Time=T
Silver=Ag, Greece=Gr, Hot=H, Oscar=O

Colour/Font Scheme

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Bhargav's Talepiece

The bouncer and the dancer - Part 82

He wore LOAFERS while in school and carried a safety pin in case... Never finished school but entered politics as a SNEAKER taking part in sundry demonstrations and agitations.

Became fascinated with footwear after coming to know of the I.M. collection and the most talked about in his own State. Having fallen head over HEELS for footwear, Marudhu's collection included SANDALS from Miu Miu and PLIMSOLLS from Jimmy Choo.

He imported CAPRICE brand from Germany. After seeing the tagline "Walking on air" in the logo he thought he could levitate! Even his toilet SLIPPERS were imported. 

Had many NICKNAMES but the most popular was Kabali. He often used to shout "Seruppuda" whenever he wanted to SHOO and BOOT someone.

He LACES UP as the plane is about to land in LOS ANGELES.

Marudhu is taken around Shangri-la. Koo! What a tour!!  He can arrange for all his colleagues to be brought here and made to stay as long as necessary whenever the need arises.... Entertainment and booze was readily available.

As a STOP GAP arrangement he makes SS to OCCUPY the seat of Manager of  APOLLO School of Dance.

He also introduces his own dancers including the peppy Indra Kumari and his brother-in-law Vasu who was the APPLE of his eye to take care of the receipts.
(CAN VASU be relied upon?)

What happened next?


  1. 24a can you elaborate on double duty, pls. I see it as anind only.

    1. I felt reflecting is revealing [anagrind]

    2. I thought Ramesh meant that reflecting is part of definition too..Nimbus does reflect light

    3. Technically circular halo doesn't reflect light, making it dark and giving the surrounding a glow.

    4. Thought that Nimbus meant the cloud. Looks like it also means the halo around gods. Hence 'reflecting' is not needed as a part of the definition.

  2. 29a I read, we get lol+limps when a shoe (plimsoll) is battered.

  3. 11DN is not CD. It's DD
    Dancing shoe=slipper

    1. Wondering if the ref is to slip fielder. He goes off!! (A=per)

    2. I though it reffered to someone giving the slip(he goes off). A DD certainly.

    3. Correction: He wouldnt remain= he gives the slip=slipper.

  4. Wonderful puzzle!Scintillating wp.
    The bottom half yielded quickly while I struggled in the top half.
    Foot wear theme nicely mixed in the clue lot.
    Thanks Scintillator

  5. Googly by CGB: where is the logo?Where has the Skimply clad Indra Kumar hidden the logo?

    1. What next, what next! Yeh dil mange more.

    2. We are yet to know the logo in Thursday strip. Paddy, are you seeing?

    3. KKR:As per CGB Sir's hont, the log was "Chef".

    4. You may google search chef logo

    5. its on wednesay. I thought its facebook. foxed and boxed.

    6. Yes. Facebook logo F.
      The illustration ought to have been much better....

    7. Yes, the boxing was superb. but the colour was very light. So it was difficult to trace. I knew it won't be easy chef

    8. Oh!I got it completely wrong!

  6. 17 down: A bibliophile's favourite haunt (9) BOOKSHELF is not appropriate while using the word HAUNT. One frequents or haunts a Library and not a bookshelf ! One browses around a bookshelf.

    Otherwise an excellent puzzle and I liked the SNEAKERS clue-- snakes sneak. sneaks leak. tell-tales. snakes also slink around . sneakers are also shoes. one word with so many meanings. Could LACE UP the grid nicely easily.

    1. yes. got stuck on bookstore for a long time.

  7. Thanks for the nice blog, Ramesh! BOOT is also part of the theme.

    29A - Had intended a reverse anagram, as pointed out by sree_sree
    18D - Intended SNAKES* outside ER
    2D - to be 'superficial' must be in red, given the colour code used.

    1. 29A: Thought for RAs one would require an anagram indicator in the solution...this works like a straight anagram..the fodder is there the anaind is there..

  8. 15A. What is the definition pl.? Not 'bolded' in the blog.

  9. Can anyone explain 21 D! Thanks.

    1. COACH=DEF
      JOINTLY=togethER[-minus missing to get h[ot]