Tuesday, 10 July 2018

No 12365, Tuesday 10 Jul 2018, xChequer

 A beast's extremity in flight, a rabbit's foot for one (6) AMULET {A}{MULE}{f...hT}
8   The one put on to firmly close — one thousand rubbish bins? (6) KIBOSH {K}{1}{BOSH} As per the clue this is {1}{K}{BOSH}? What is 'bins' for? See comments
10 Dinner possibly ordered late with mum around (8) MEALTIME {M{LATE*}IME}
11 Direct boss forbidden to return (4-2) HEAD-ON {HEAD}{NO<=}
12 Nut being potty on exercise (5) PECAN {PE}{CAN}
14 Cock's time to walk like a duck (7) TWADDLE {T}{WADDLE}
15 Maddening to adult when toddlers won't wash (6,4,5) DOESNT HOLD WATER {TO+A+WHEN+TODDLERS}*
18 Computer saving energy during inactivity makes sense (7) RESPECT {RES{P{E}C}T}
19 Acute pain of officer in command (5) COLIC {COL}{IC}
20 Fifty years to develop films? (6) LAYERS {L}{YEARS}*
21 Rocky projections seeing cut in public spending at first (8) OUTCROPS {OUT}{CROP}{Sp...g} Out/Seeing? See comments
23 Roams around carrying large grinders (6) MOLARS {MO{L}ARS*}
24 Men with power in the village (6) THORPE {TH{OR}{P}E}

1   Cosmetics also finally banned in court (4,2,2) MAKE UP TO {MAKE UP}{TOo}
2   Coil of hair on tip of tail (4) FURL {FUR}{taiL}
3   Kind of navy, being blue (6) BENIGN {N+BEIGN}*
4   Mountainous area in wasted state (8) HIGHLAND Anno pending (Addendum - {HIGH}{LAND} - See comments)
5   Data point shifted left to remove both extremes (3,3,4) TOP AND TAIL {DATA+POINT}*{L}
6   John replaced, another leader bites the dust (6) THRONE aNOTHER*
9   Let crops not get affected with this? (4,7) PEST CONTROL* Semi&lit
13 Use basic reforms beyond limits in legal justification for war (5,5) CASUS BELLI {LegaL} in {USE+BASIC}*
16 Adjustment of rate bound to create wealth (8) TREASURE {RATE*}{SURE}
17 Code 10, not starting, nobody to support (8) ENCIPHER {tEN}{CIPHER}
18 Areas respecting charity (6) REALMS {RE}{ALMS}
19 Problem ending in difficulty easily remembered (6) CATCHY {CATCH}{d...tY}
22 Unusual cobra revealing coils (4) RARE [T]

Bhargav's Talepiece

The bouncer and the dancer - Part 84

Somewhere in Tamil Nadu.

It was just after MEALTIME.  Marudhu was relaxing on his "THRONE" watching the CATCHY "Do Peg Maar" on his smart phone and asking his girlfriend to FURL his favorite 420 betel quid. He never commanded any RESPECT but demanded it from everyone around.

The RARE TREASURE in the THORPE - Shangri-la - He wanted the whole of it and in double quick time.

He wanted the collection figure for the previous day.

1250 dollars Sir.

What? What is Pandi TWADDLING about? Did you cross check with SS? When I was there we collected 2600 dollars isn't it? 1250 -  DOESN'T HOLD WATER.

Tell him that his lentils won't cook here.(" Un paruppu inga vegadhunnu solluda")

What happened next?


  1. 8a bins/beds/banks. K bosh beds one.
    21a public->out
    4d wasted->high

  2. 8AC +1 with Col.
    Bin may indicate container normally. Couldn't guess the setter's intention.

  3. CGB Sir continues taking us for a ride!
    Now, it is time for TATA model!

  4. 8 The one put on to firmly close — one thousand rubbish bins? (6) KIBOSH {K}{1}{BOSH} As per the clue this is {1}{K}{BOSH}? What is 'bins' for?

    I saw 'one thousand rubbish bins' as 1 being binned (or contained by) K, BOSH

    1. Thanks Bhavan. Logically interpreted by you.
      I remember seeing such wp earlier too.

  5. Typo's
    20a anno
    5d remove is part of def

  6. Is it really an ExChequer CW? TH did not make a mistake?!

    1. It is an XChequer, really. The clues are his trademark. The grid too a bit tweaked but his alright.

    2. I am rarely happy with XChequers puzzle. Not that it matters, particularly to the cognoscenti.

    3. What I meant was that it is much easier compared to his normal CW.

  7. A slightly tweaked grid with a shorter 8A & 8D...except for a few annos everything fell in place rather quickly today...

  8. 3D:I think the definition is Kind and blue is anagram indicator

  9. Prasad's query on Sunday. Yes Grasim Chemicals. I work in Nagda unit. Here in Ganjam for 3 days.

    1. Let me know if you happen to route though vizag.

  10. THORPE: village. {TH{OR}{P}E}
    MEN =OR?

    Such clues must be giving the nettle to- maradnusro ! Casus Belli for him ! Me too !

  11. THORPE is a short form of Throrapur? How many people knpow of this village in India ?