Monday, 9 July 2018

No 12364, Monday 09 Jul 2018, KrisKross

1   Naked, skinny baby had to get nurse (8) INCUBATE {skINny}{CUB}{ATE}
5   Perhaps quite brave, starting to dress differently (6) ADVERB {BRAVE+Dr..s}*
9   Criminal tailing model to party (8) LITIGANT {TAILING*}{T}
10 Agent in conversation with the German Web architect (6) SPIDER (~spy){SPI}{DER}
12 Any long stocking material (5) NYLON [T]
13 A puzzle, reportedly intended to create awe (9) AMAZEMENT {A}{MAZE}{MENT}(~meant)
14 New dune buggy to go around America (6) UNUSED {UN{US}ED*}
16 Vessel and ship at sea (7) DISHPAN*
19 Auditor enters home, very close (7) NEAREST {N{EAR}EST}
21 Both sides hold an advantage — records could be created here (6) LEDGER {L}{EDGE}{R}
23 Organised sloppily, but magnificent! (9) GRANDIOSE*
25 Looks and counts, say (5) PEERS [DD]
26 Accepted old clothes again (6) AGREED {AG{RE}ED}
27 A step-by-step guide? (8) BANISTER [CD]
28 Leg twisted, chasing wrong one (6) SINGLE {SIN}{LEG*}
29 Touching look finally leaves sailor in a depression (8) ADJACENT {A}{D{JACk}ENT}

1   Country to the south of India is Sri Lanka, perhaps (6) ISLAND {I}{'S}{LAND} &lit
2   Agents to guard a chess champion, playing in region of Spain (9) CATALONIA {C{A}{TAL}{ON}IA}
3   Started to plead with international organisation (5) BEGUN {BEG}{UN}
4   Soldiers drank rum in cup (7) TANKARD {TA}{DRANK*}
6   Blue force in action (9) DEPRESSED {DE{PRESS}ED}
7   After death, get extremely unique gift (5) ENDUE {END}{Un..uE}
8   Appeal accepted by noble European singer (8) BARITONE {BAR{IT}ON}{E}
11 Girl leaves magnificent African capital (4) RAND gRAND
15 Veronica is in good health after race (9) SPEEDWELL {SPEED}{WELL}
17 She gets a gift now — coat of ermine (9) PRESENTEE {PRESENT}{Er..nE}
18 A horse hits Ramon and Norma, say (8) ANAGRAMS {A}{NAG}{RAMS}
20 Instrument is excessively long at the tip (4) TOOL {TOO}{Long}
21 Pull fish up, away from the wind (7) LEEWARD {DRAW}{EEL}<=
22 Traipse around, exuding a zest for life (6) ESPRIT TRaIPSE*
24 Overall, chairperson forced to give away riches, perhaps (5) APRON chAirPeRsON
25 In Madras, I, a politician, refund money (5) PAISA [T<=] I wonder which politician this is?

Bhargav's Talepiece

The bouncer and the dancer - Part 83

Well BEGUN is  half done. 

Marudhu's SINGLE thought now was to take over the ADJACENT Shangri-la property too. But this GRANDIOSE plan  had an INCUBATION period....

He was hesitant to state his strategy to brother-in-law Punk Pandian. Can I even bank on Pandi to maintain a proper LEDGER and account every PAISA? He felt somewhat DEPRESSED on this thought but in the given circumstances this was the only available option.

To his AMAZEMENT he saw SS standing near the BANISTER with the Swahili snake dancer dressed in  green NYLON and a snake on her shoulder. SS told Marudhu that the snake dancer should be given a chance to which he AGREED.

SS had been told that Marudhu was the BIG BOSS and every action required his permission.

SS was an UNUSED TOOL in his plan and Marudhu will come to know of it soon...

What happened next?


  1. Thanks Ramki for a smooth crossie. The difficult one, if at all, is 2DN

  2. CGB Sir is going to the largest banker of India!

  3. A pleasant start to the week. Quite an enjoyable one. My favourites were 25A, 29A, 11D and 18D. Thank you KrisKross.

  4. 25d Kamal returning donations!!

  5. Very enjoyable and nicely clued

  6. Col,
    I have a question.
    If we see at the bottom, next to KrisKross, Secunderabad too appears. What does this indicate? The location where you created the blog?

    1. doesnt look so. even posts by Ramesh are labelled secunderabad sometimes.

    2. That is the place from which he posts the relevant post. Sometimes it's Coimbatore where he goes periodically to visit his mother. Other places are where he goes to annual get-togethers of army batch mates. If it is Chennai, it may be for an S and B meeting. In Sec'bad he and his wife are meeting sons, d-i-ls and grandchildren, all in one place.

    3. My wish was that. If Col is in Secunderabad, we can perhaps organise a meeting.

    4. Yes I am in Secunderabad with my entire family. My elder son is down from the US and my younger son is here in Secunderabad with his army unit which is preparing to move to Srinagar, so he could not get leave to come to Bangalore to meet his brother, accordingly we decided to come here for a few days. As his unit is also my unit we have a packed schedule with no free time that's why I didn't inform anyone including other relatives and college friends of mine.
      Next time if I do come we shall plan to meet

    5. Have a great time Col. with good old memories.

    6. Yes, Col.
      Family is priority.
      We can always wait to meet you.
      Enjoy your stay here!

  7. Great crossword. Thank you Ramki!

    1. Thanks Unknown - erm... I'm sure I know you but can't make out your identity :)

  8. Kriskross in his usual best.Thanks , Ramki.

  9. 17 down: Why SHE ? Why not a HE ? Because an ermine is not worn by males as a cloak ?

    1. Yes it is. Even a HE can get one for his wife ! Remember also that there is third gender in printed forms/ applications ! Ha ha !

  10. Trieed to imagine a man wearing a mink coat!!

  11. A real smooth enjoyable CW to start the week. Thank you Ramki.
    Could not get to do it last night.

  12. Lovely Puzzle. Smooth and flowing marked with crisp smooth that you just wonder at the marvelous construction. Thanks Kriskross for a superb puzzle.

  13. Col: I don't think 1D is an &lit, since Sri Lanka perhaps is just the def and the rest is wp. The whole clue is a factual statement, which is what I had intended to convey :)

  14. First of all - Thank you so much!!! for yesterday's clarifications on Saturday's CW.
    Secondly I am so...................... thrilled. I got both Bruno's CW y'day and KrissKross today 100%.
    Thank u. It's all becos of following ur blog diligently.
    Thanx once more.

  15. 5. See around Spain in a devious way (4) EELY {E{E}LY}

    From Scintillator's puzzle

    Eely = in a devious way?
    I couldn't see this meaning in a dictionary. Any reference?

  16. Go to
    and scroll down to see the meaning of the adjectival form of eel, which is a slippery customer.