Thursday, 12 July 2018

No 12367, Thursday 12 Jul 2018, Skulldugger

5   Bookmaker's clerk (6) WRITER [DD]
6   Morning songs by birds leaving riverside (6) MATINS MArTINS
 Exist permanently in this world (6) INHERE {IN}{HERE}
10 Mountie or centaur! (8) HORSEMAN [DD]
11 Battle of titans to add up to nothing (4) SUMO {SUM}{O}
12 Spooner's big boozer gets the bird (10) SANDGROUSE (-gr+s)SAND(-s+gr)GROUSE
13 Disregard for Dobby by Lucius ultimately manifests as carelessness about own well-being (4-7) SELF-NEGLECT {l...uS}{ELF}-{NEGLECT}
18 Communities going after automobile plants (10) CARNATIONS {CAR}{NATIONS}
21 Ingredients in crank looked up by DEA agent (4) NARC [T<=]
22 Bob's erotic shenanigans outside clubhouse (8) RICOCHET {RICO{CH}ET*}
23 Narrow escape from treacherous quakes (6) SQUEAK*
24 Desire to shadow partner till we meet again (2,4) SO LONG {SO} {LONG} So from? See comments
25 Conjunctivitis from cheap whiskey! (6) REDEYE [DD]

1   Guide once used regularly by Roman statesman (8) CICERONE {CICERO}{oNcE}
2  Holiday depression (6) RECESS [DD]
3   The King and I described by livid lady in poem (8) MADRIGAL {MAD}{R}{I}{GAL}
4   Eat risotto without stuffing, dough (6) DINERO {DINE}{Ri...tO}
5   Terminate in anger (4,2) WIND UP [DD]
7   Slight leads to flight with Sudanese outsiders (6) SPARSE {SPAR}{Su...sE} Flight or Fight?
8   From that point forward, was sassy to the French (11) THENCEFORTH*
14 Attractive, makes fine impression (8) FETCHING {F}{ETCHING}
15 Mistakes Tesla for Faraday due to injuries (8) CONTUSES CON(-f+t)TUSES
16 Are they found on lazy rivers? On the contrary! (6) RAPIDS [CD]
17 Cultivated primitive poison (6) URBANE {UR}{BANE}
19 Simpleton on dole, sadly (6) NOODLE*
20 Group of six performing part of poem (6) SESTET [DD]

Bhargav's Talepiece

The bouncer and the dancer - Part 86

Uncle Sam told Clement, "SO LONG it was different but now there is  no need for two clubs IN HERE! " 

THENCEFORTH it was decided to WIND UP Apollo.

Without SELF NEGLECT Shangri-la began FETCHING much more income.

One of the SUMOS was made a CICERONE.

Clement frequently was found singing

Yo quiero, quiero dinero (ay)
Yo quiero, quiero DINERO (ay) [ Jennifer Lopez]

What happened next?


  1. 24a Partner significant other

  2. 24A SO is sognificant other, Partner

  3. 7D: Certainly looks like a printing error..the extra L made the NE corner longer to solve

  4. Loved the surface of too 18A(conjuribg up menories of Nano plant in W. Bengal)

  5. Solved the puzzle at Bhubneshwar Airport..

  6. A short tale today. What's the logo?

    1. One that enables photo shop

    2. CV had made some comments late yesterday and I had responded. Request commens from others .

  7. Visibly more black squares in the grid today; Is there any limit on black squares for THC setters?

    1. This can best be answered by a setter but I dont think so..the grid in THC is setter's creation unlike the London Times where the CW editor decides the grid

  8. 9A- Inhere-Does it mean exist permanently; what's the expansion for "DD" and "CD" please

    1. See the link over INHERE in the main post. For DD and CD see the panel on the left

  9. Re the illustration
    CGB: Are the strings to the inverted triangle at the back?

  10. Sartorial?
    Usual place and tucked in as a safety measure.

  11. The paper has given the freedom to setters to have their own grids - but with certain specifications.
    They may have been just taken from some published source or created by the setter concerned.
    As far as Gridman is concerned -
    These are all created by me and are in use since 2001.
    Grid 1 has 69 blocks and 156 letters. - percentage of blocked cells - 30.67 p.c.
    Grid 2 - 71 b - 154 l - - percentage of blocked cells - 31.56
    Grid 3 - 71 b - 154 l - - percentage of blocked cells - 31.56
    Grid 4 - 63 b - 152 l - - percentage of blocked cells - 28.00
    Grid 5 - 65 b - 160 l - - percentage of blocked cells - 28.89
    Grid 6 - 59 b - 166 l - -percentage of blocked cells - 26.22
    The impression that todays grid has more blocks may be due to the fact that there are only 26 clue slots.
    Gridman's grids 2 to 6 have 30 clue slots while Grid 1 has 34. Yet the pattern is such that the solver may not get the feeling that there are far too many blanks to fill.

    1. My My ! what an analysis ! Very meticulous compiler, I should say !

    2. Thank you sir. I found today 39% black squares, as compared to a max of 32% black square.

  12. Replies
    1. Nicely done and hidden..hard to guess though we see it everyday.

    2. The logo on Adobe Reader is quite different. It is somewhat like a triangle. So couldn't guess.

    3. I was not aware until Prasad pointed out that this logo pertains to Adobe Photoshop. But in all logo apps I have only seen the A logo...
      Thanks for pointing out!