Friday, 13 July 2018

No 12368, Friday 13 Jul 2018, Vulcan

Today being Friday only the blank clues will be posted. All those who are not regular commenters but who are rookie commenters or silent followers of the blog are requested to post answers with annotations in the comments section. In your own interest please avoid looking up the answers from the interactive version. Don't hesitate to post your annotations, in case you make a mistake someone will correct it with the right annotation.

Each commenter is requested to post only 5 answers till 2 PM thereby giving others also a chance to participate. Please provide all your answers in one comment.

The regular blog will replace the clues at 2 PM after which anyone is free to comment.

Thanks for the response, here's the regular blog.

1   Brave headline to run — it's shocking (4-7) LION-HEARTED {HEADLINE+TO+R}*
8   Talented American actor that needs no introduction (4) ABLE gABLE
9   Breaking the lawit's basically easier for the most affluent (10) WEALTHIEST {THE+LAW+ITS+Ea...r}*
10 Boxer eats leafy stuff for the most part, something to neutralise acid (6) ALKALI {AL{KALe}I}
11 Freezing cold and left to live outside in a vehicle (7) BICYCLE {B{ICY}{C}{L}E}
13 DEA agent is Southern American, young man (9) NARCISSUS {NARC}{IS}{S}{US}
15 City of Bhopalmagnificent (5) PALMA [T]
16 Prejudice over country (5) SPAIN {SP{A}IN}
18 Alcoholic drink infused with Vapour, it produces odour (9) PERFUMERY {PER{FUME}RY}
22 For starters, love eating fresh jelly (7) GELATIN {Love+EATING}*
23 Trainee with all good habits (6) NOVICE {NO}{VICE}
26 Wrong measure in Italy for pasta (10) TORTELLINI {TORT}{ELL}{IN}{I}
27 Plumbing problem ending in bad burst (4) DRIP {baD}{RIP}
28 Columnist's first article has a saying about duck, very large bird (6,5) CANADA GOOSE {Co...t}{AN}{ADAG{O}{OS}E}

1   Projection, large one on a flower (7) LOBELIA {LOBE}{L}{1}{A}
2   The end of game-changing over at the start (5) OMEGA {O}{GAME*}
3   Narratorin the story's beginning, follows a predator (7) HAWKINS {HAWK}{IN}{St...y}
4   A container that's half open (4) AJAR {A}{JAR}
5   Small piece of food bird nibbled (6) TITBIT {TIT}{BIT}
6   A large number from the south covered miles to find this milk supplier (5,4) DAIRY FARM {DAIRY{FAR}M<=}
7   A poor neighbourhood outside the city finally gets protection (6) ASYLUM {A}{S{citY}LUM}
12 Somewhat gauge rightly with a tool (5) AUGER [T]
14 Something to do with the weather, caught cold and it’s critical (9) CLIMACTIC {CLIMA{C}TIC}
17 Disinfectant's of no help otherwise (6) PHENOL*
19 Enclosure for sport (7) FENCING [DD]
20 Relax in a park with a band (7) RECLINE {REC}{LINE} Rec/Park?
21 Act as substitute and provide information (4,2) FILL IN {DD]
24 See with old electronic medium (5) VIDEO {VIDE}{O}
25 Surface with gold reflected in diffused light (4) GILD [T<=]

Bhargav's Talepiece

The bouncer and the dancer - Part 87

LION HEARTED Clement soon became the WEALTHIEST person in the locality. 

He was not the type to be found RECLINING in his office. He was on an expansion spree and improvements to existing facilities.

He bought a PERFUMERY and a DAIRY FARM which came up for sale. 

The Apollo school was converted into a VIDEO games parlour.

New FENCING and DRIP irrigation for his farm were the other things which were ordered for.

What happened next?


  1. Easy fare from vulcan on a pleasant cloudy, after rain, morning.

  2. 8A ABLE = talented (Gable - G)
    10A ALKALI = neutralize acid (boxer = ALI, KALE= leafy stuff minus E {AL(KALE-E)I)}
    13A NARCISSUS = young man {NARC+IS+S+US}[NARC=DEA+IS+(S)outh+US(American)
    15A PALMA {bhoPAL MAGnificient}
    2D OMEGA {game + Over start}

  3. 4d ajar a(jar)
    22a. Gelatin
    Eating and L anagram

    21d fill in (CD)

    28a. Canada Goose
    (c (an) (Adag (o) (os) e)

    9a wealthiest
    The law it's & e (anagram)

  4. 16A. Prejudice over a COUNTRY. SPAIN. {sp{a}in}.
    23A. TRAINEE with all good habits. NOVICE. {no}{vice}.
    27A. PLUMBING PROBLEM ending in bad burst. DRIP. {baD}{rip}.
    14D. Something to do with the weather, caught cold and it's CRITICAL. CLIMACTIC. {clima{c}tic}.
    17D. DISINFECTANT's of no help otherwise. PHENOL. {nohelp}* anagind otherwise.

    1. 23A reminded a 199 joke by my instructor at SAIL, Management Training Institute:
      why are Training Institute BAD.
      because they put No-Vice on De-Vice(Job)

  5. 11A) Defn: vehicle; Soln: BICYCLE; anno {B{ICY}{C}{L}E}; freezing=ICY; C from cold; L from left; live=BE; containment indicator=outside
    18A) Defn: odour; Soln: PERFUMERY; anno {PER{FUME}RY}; alcoholic drink=PERRY; vapour=FUME; containment indicator=infused
    26A) Defn: pasta; Soln: TORTELLINI; anno {TORT+ELL+IN+I}; wrong=TORT; measure=ELL (six hand breadths used in UK); I from Italy
    6D) Defn: milk supplier; Soln: DAIRY FARM; anno FAR in MYRIAD<=; large number = MYRIAD; reversal indicator=south; miles=FAR; containment indicator=covered
    20D) Defn: relax; Soln: RECLINE; anno {REC+LINE}; park=REC (recreation area); band=LINE

    1. Agree with col, park not a recreation area. its clued in as partner of park.

  6. 9a: wealthiest - {la(e)w<=}+(its+the*)
    12a: bicycle - {b(icy)+(co̷l̷d̷)+(le̷f̷t̷)e}
    1d: lobelia - {lobe+la̷r̷g̷e̷+i+a}
    3d: hawkins - (hawk)+(in)+(st̷o̷r̷y̷)
    7d: asylum - a{s(f̷i̷n̷a̷l̷l̷y)lum}

  7. 1a: lion-hearted {headline+to+r}* = brave
    3d: Hawkins {hawk(=predator)}{in}{s(-tory's)} = narrator (author)
    7d: asylum {a} {sl [(-cit)y]um(=poor neighbourhood)} = protection
    12d: auger {gAUGE Right}(T) = tool
    24d: video {vide(=see)}{o(=old)} = electronic medium

  8. Replacement for 7d
    25d: glid {diffuseD LIGht} (T<-) = surface

    1. Typo. Read gild.
      Definition: surface with gold

  9. 19 FENCING Enclosure for sport DD

  10. Titbits was a famous UK tabloid and we used to get it in our house some 60 years (!!!) back. Thanks to power of internet you may type titbits in google and view the many images...


    1. No doubt abt RG=REC. Park<>RG?


  12. Today's cryptic is very strange. All the solution words have an alphabet [J].

    Do we have any name for such setting?

  13. A novelty and what one gathers from fifteensquared comments is that Picaroon has done this once before with another Alphabet..