Monday, 2 November 2015

No 11540, Monday 02 Nov 2015, Gridman

1   Glow of one of an Israelite tribe catching setter in contest (8) RADIANCE {D{I}AN} in {RACE}
5   Be generous in baby party (6) SHOWER [DD]
9   One of the chosen people drops vessel in river (7) DRAFTEE {RAFT} in {DEE}
10 Small room is principally trying for a music instrument player (7) CELLIST {CELL}{IS}{Tr...g}
11 Such a person won't discriminate ethnic groups (3-6) NON-RACIAL [E]
12 Toys for Tots, maybe (4) TOPS [CD]
14 One goes after a new model — not pro (4) ANTI {A}{N}{T}{1}
15 A more tired, fallen measurer (10) RADIOMETER*
17 With comrade, I manage sidesplitting Gran — spectators will laugh at that (5,5) COMIC OPERA {COM}{I}{C OPE}{gRAn}
19 I study computer screen image (4) ICON {I}{CON}
22 Black Prince recalled? Nonsense! (4) BLAH {B}{LAH}<= The Prince reappears!
23 Inhaled when sea rover drew at first (9) ASPIRATED {AS}{PIRATE}{Drew}
25 Through channel bridge (7) VIADUCT {VIA}{DUCT}
26 Lacking principles, one married male takes test (7) IMMORAL {1}{M}{M}{ORAL}
27 United, wed daughters bringing in core needs (6) WEDDED {WE'D}{D{neEds}D}
28 And other things in target cells expanded to full form (2,6) ET CETERA [T]

1   Cranny dude refurbished is superfluous (10) REDUNDANCY*
2   Granted unconventional police search (7) DRAGNET*
3   Do you finally get a learner honest-to-goodness? (6) ACTUAL {ACT}{yoU}{A}{L}
4   Claim help can't change venue of Bhopal gas tragedy (8,5) CHEMICAL PLANT*
6   Break brings it up or me (4-4) HALF-TIME {HALF}-{TI<=}or{ME}
7   Dog white, stylish, domestic animal (7) WHIPPET {W}{HIP}{PET}
8   Reportedly correct ceremony (4) RITE (~right)
10 Scribe whose strokes are finished (13) CALLIGRAPHIST [CD]
13 Spanish city stocking bad fruit (10) GRANADILLA {GRANAD{ILL}A}
16 I somehow echo custom of part of Chennai known by name of old building (8) ICEHOUSE {I}{ECHO*}{USE}
18 Beat-up fat duck (7) MALLARD {MAL<=}{LARD}
20 Circle bed that is occupied by the queen (7) COTERIE {ER} in {COT}{IE}
21 Group leader's footfalls in early arrival (6) PREMIE PREMIEr
24 Declare bluntly: heads of all venal organisations withdrawn (4) AVOW Acrostic



  1. Loved the deletion indicators SIDESPLITTING (17A) and FOOTFALLS (21D) :)

  2. Very nice. Thanks Gridman for an enjoyable puzzle solved by 8.45 AM

  3. Lovely enjoyable morning thanks to Gridman. Honest to God, I could smell Granadilla (suitable replacement for samosa) I got the fruit but missed out on 'actual' & 'early arrival'.

  4. Phew... the grid would just not load online :( had to make up the grid from scratch using crossings etc ! not bad - managed all but premie and had comic opera as comic sport :) Thanks Gridman.. very enjoyable xword. Any advice please for people like me doing the xword online? Is there any way we can have a stock of standard grids on excel etc?

    1. Srividya: it is hard work at first but once u have a collection it becomes easy...e.g. I have Gridman's 8 types of grid..this keeps repeating...if u require i can mail u my entire grid collection in excel

    2. Google for Puzzle Cave.
      Regiter for free.
      D/l prog and install.
      You can set grids in a trice and then use it to enter ans from clues in another window.
      See detailed instrns on relevant page on this blog. See top.

    3. The prog goes by the name crossword compiler.

    4. Puzzlers Cave not Puzzle Cave. I have used it to make interactive grids of all TH setters and saved it on my computer. I can send all to those interested after they dowload Crossword Compiler from Puzzlers cave

    5. send..i have already downloaded the have my email

    6. While saving the grids, give titles with four Ac slot nos. and four Dn slots from the periphery.

      Today's will be Gridman 1 2 27 28 1 24 8 13

      This will enable you to recall the relevant clue for repeated use.

      The day's puzzle may be saved by a diff title and discarded if need be.

    7. Ignore color and linkline in the above note.

    8. Vasant, I have sent you a zipped folder with 110 different grids used by various setters. They are numbered serially for each setter and some of them have a THC Number in brackets

    9. Thanks everyone. DG sir could you please email to my id. Think you have it already.

    10. Could you please send it to me as well? Thanks a lot!

  5. How one learns!The other day we had Hal in it has reappeared in Blah...this learning has become princess=Di; prince=Hal

  6. Replies
    1. TYPO is the compiler's solution.

    2. I had it as KIDS and landed in hot soup, to get other solutions :(

    3. Barring N-E corner had no problem with others. All said and done an enjoyable puzzle. Thank you Gridman.

  7. I was in doubt while filling tops, but thought it should be right on seeing the blog. Thank you Suresh for the correction.

  8. @Ram sir Thanks for trying the community grid :) Do you have Facebook a/c ? If so please join the 1Across group, you can find the others grids there !
    @Raju sir, Thanks for trying the CW & for the feedback :)

  9. Lost samosas because of the typo and hence whippet.