Monday, 9 November 2015

No 11546, Monday 09 Nov 2015, Buzzer

1   Take a break during speech (5) WREST (~rest)
4   Excellent article in paper on Italian wine clubs (9) FANTASTIC {F{AN}T}{ASTI}{C}
9   Exploit described one and provided backing to be regarded as god (7) DEIFIED {DE{1}{FI<=}ED}
10 Becoming aware of ruler imprisoned immediately (7) KNOWING {K{NOW}ING}
11 Need month in rehabilitation for improving (2,3,4) ON THE MEND*
12 Four brightly coloured fish (5) TETRA [DD]
13 Cricketer about to glance again (6) KEEPER <=
15 My word is a credit for Pygmalion perhaps (2,6) BY GEORGE [DD]
18 Family tree fiances trying to keep under wraps (8) ANCESTRY [T]
19 Heroic man losing heart and head (6) LEADER LEAnDER
22 Greasy and old food shop's revolting (5) OILED {O}{ILED<=}
24 Force prepare to go after criminals (9) CONSTRAIN {CONS}{TRAIN}
26 Deal to break down (4,3) GIVE OUT [DD]
27 Sign of prosodic composition lacking depth (7) SCORPIO PROSOdIC*
28 Starting to grin, nun is in fits (7,2) TURNING ON*
29 Mathematician's base formula right in the end (5) EULER {E}{(-r)ULE(+r)R}

1   Day and time set aside initially for marriage (7) WEDLOCK {WED}{cLOCK}
2   Be second to enter flight (5) EXIST {EXI{S}T}
3   Banality of cultivating interests (9) TRITENESS*
4   More rum following fine food (6) FODDER {F}{ODDER}
5   Perhaps a key need for seer (5,3) NAKED EYE*
6   Fuss over exercise to follow (5) ADOPT {ADO}{PT}
7   Whistled and expressed joy nabbing wicket (9) TWITTERED {W} in {TITTERED}
8   Parts of beguine, tango, cha-cha on reflection, of the same kind (7) COGNATE [T<=]
14 Old church fan put in the shade (5,4) EXCEL OVER {EX}{CE}{L OVER}
16 Chosen baton essential for orchestra conductor (9) ELECTRODE {ELECT}{ROD}{orchEstra}
17 Total cost of putting in place carpeting that's not new (5,3) PRICE TAG CARPETInG*
18 Anxiety gripping doctor in between (7) AMONGST {A{MO}NGST}
20 Hard feelings gushed out on date briefly (7) RANCOUR {RAN}{COURt}
21 United Nations exists, working for harmony (6) UNISON {UN}{IS}{ON}
23 Menswear offered hot Indian clothes (5) DHOTI [T]
25 Offend a stammering friend? (5) APPAL {A}{P-PAL}


  1. Buzzer's crosswords are always entertaining and fair, providing a feel-good factor to the solver :)

  2. Rain and delayed paper dampened the enthusiasm of solving a Buzzer special. Had to do it in bits and pieces.

  3. amazing puzzle today .. loved so many clues today, hard to choose from.. enjoyed all the lovely charades. 2a, 14d, 15d some really good ones today. Thanks a mill Buzzer.. was late getting online today but you made it totally worth the wati :0

  4. Seems to be the same puzzle that appeared on Sunday the 8th November

  5. Lovely crossword - thanks Buzzer!