Saturday, 7 November 2015

No 11545, Saturday 07 Nov 2015, Buzzer


8 Love digging into a mass produced savoury dish (6) SAMOSA {O} in {A MASS}*

9 Some opine on a talk relating to new-borns (8) NEONATAL (T)
10 A barrier to bloc traffic in water (5,3) ADAMS ALE {A}{DAM}{S ALE} ? See Comments
11 One craving // for more time (6) LONGER (DD)
12 Dislike and treat with contempt a backward model political group (15) DISSATISFACTION {DISS}{A}{TIS<=}{FACTION}
14 Cloudy layer to seize most of tropical city (7) CHENNAI {C}{HEN}{NAIl}
16 Thought argument against church had point (7) CONCEPT {CON}{CE}{PT}
19 Illusion of playing to become semi-professional (5,10) FALSE IMPRESSION {FALSE IMPRESSION+O}* = SEMI PROFESSIONAL
22 Regular ski-wear, great for a range of mountains (6) SIERRA {SkIwEaR gReAt}
24 Source of illumination to descend over Red Cross (3-5) ARC LIGHT {A{RC} LIGHT}
25 Noble lady stands with society for right (8) COUNTESS {COUNTE(-r+S)S}
26 Compositions from new typist rejected (6) NONETS {N}{ONETS<=}


1 Has wind knocked out getting caught in squeeze (8) SANDWICH {HAS WIND}* Getting C
2 Maiden filling gaps in narrative for detective (6) HOLMES {HOL{M}ES}

3 Language of kings, mostly that's popular going up north (10) RAJASTHANI {RAJAS}{THAt}{NI<=}
4 Strong batting under pressure (7) INTENSE {IN}{TENSE}
5 Cosmetic from coal for the ears (4) KOHL {~COAL}
6 Enchanting is to capture through sorcery (8) MAGNETIC {MAG{NET}IC}
7 Look bowled over by a summerhouse (6) GAZEBO {GAZE}{B}{O}

13 A minor raise including allowance (10) ADOLESCENT {A{DOLE}SCENT}
15 Accessory out of place on singer (4,4) NOSE RING {ON SINGER}*
17 They see profits being gathered (8) PROPHETS {~PROFITS}
18 One in uniform to hail lift (7) UPRAISE {U}{PRAISE} One in as a letter pick indicator?
20 Writer Dumas I'm overjoyed to take in (6) ASIMOV (T)

21 Singular interest shown in royal sport (6) SKIING {S}{KI{I}NG}
23 Top of mirror has a marker for spots (4) APEX {APE}[X}

Reference list

Love=O, Model=Sit, Cloudy=C, Layer=Hen, Church=CE,  Point=Pt, Of=O, Red Cross=RC, Society=S, Right=R, New=N 

Caught=C, Maiden=M, Popular=In, Batting=In, Bowled=B, Over=O, Singular=S, Interest=I

Color/Font Scheme

Definition,Solution,Component letters,Anagram Indicator,C/C indicator,Reversal Indicator,Hidden word IndicatorLetter Pick indicator,Deletion Indicator,Homophone Indicator,Movement Indicator,Positional Indicator,Substitution Indicator



  1. What is the ? On Adams ale? A barrier to block is a dam. Traffic is sale.

    1. How did you parse the clue?

    2. A + Barrier to block + traffic: A + DAM + SALE

  2. Unusual faus pas by Buzzer in 19A

    1. I think the O for 'of' is a rarely used abbreviation

    2. There is an extra o in the fodder

    3. The clue is fine. What do you folks see?

    4. Excuse me...
      A faux pas is not a mistake. It is a socially awkward or tactless act. A social blunder or indiscretion, as another dict defines.

    5. You mean the faux pas is fine? :-)

    6. RightCV. It was a faus pas by me for posting the comment without thinking.

    7. I think Suresh was typing his Comment when I was posting mine. Hence it follows mine and is in a wrong place.

  3. Thanks to Sony we have the cw on the last page effectively

  4. Had to work really hard to get 8A in this super xword...was stuck forever for skiing & arclight..could easily get 10A remembering the clue posted by Bhavan in crossword unclued regarding elission & the fascinating discussion thereafter: Isolated place,el asmada?(8)

  5. Loved today's puzzle Buzzer! 8As all the way!

  6. Only 17/26 - Nowhere near 8A

  7. Those samosas look real yummy.

  8. My wife, a Caclutta-born and brought-up lady until she married me and came to Madras, would say 'singadas', Calcutta-style samosas, are more delicious.

  9. Very nice crossie. 18D I think uniform is the call sign for U. Not sure why 'One in' is used.

    1. One in, meaning the first letter of Uniform