Wednesday, 25 November 2015

No 11558, Wednesday 25 Nov 2015, Sunnet

Enjoy the show.

1   Start from Florida and move slowly (6) FLINCH {FL}{INCH}
4   Was frugal Bob ruffled? (8) SCRIMPED [DD]
10 Start to stop lofted shot by sportsman (3,6) SKI JUMPER  {JUMP} in {SKIER}

11 Bill's ram to misbehave (3,2) ACT UP {AC}{T UP}
12 Nick! The first two to China (5) NOTCH {NO}{Two}{CH} NO from ! (Addendum - {NOT}{CHina} - See comments)
13 Singer's time to fill job report's header (9) CHORISTER {CHOR{IS}{T}E}{Re...t}
14 Anxiety in Thailand's currency (7) TROUBLE {T}ROUBLE}
16 Modern society's intelligence (4) NEWS {NEW}{S}
19 Backed wickedness to survive (4) LIVE <=
21 Plastic base of pigpen is taken by a French man (7) STYRENE {STY}{RENE}
24 Rex manipulated, seized financial instrument, to get funds (9) EXCHEQUER {CHEQUE} in {REX}*
25 Carbon can send a message (5) CABLE {C}{ABLE}
26 A gas only found near Australia (5) OZONE {OZ}{ONE}
27 Indeed a popular time for drama (4,5) SOAP OPERA {SO}{A}{P OP}{ERA}
28 Disturbing, angering or provoking (8) ENRAGING*
29 Pass to Mark and French (6) TICKET {TICK}{ET}

1   Person obtains stockings (8) FISHNETS {FISH}{NETS}
2   A television hit after I do it differently (5,3) IDIOT BOX {I+DO+IT}* {BOX}
3   Sofa frame (5) COUCH [DD]
5   Vehicle to add-on animation (7) CARTOON {CAR}{TO}{ON}
6   Very much inside a large system (2,1,3,3) IN A BIG WAY {IN} {A} {BIG} {WAY}
7   Pocket a half of Togo's crop (6) POTATO {POT}{A}{TOgo}
8   Expel bear (6) DEPORT [DD]
9   Indian husband enters quickly (6) APACHE {H} in {APACE}
15 Fumed at person getting breakfast item (6,3) BOILED EGG {BOILED} {EGG}
17 Agitated bear enters wood, perhaps for rest (3,5) TEA BREAK {BEAR}* in {TEAK}
18 Empty the ruined castle for transmission (8) TELECAST {ThE}{CASTLE*}
20 Bird's left initially soaked in a ferment of almonds (7) EMULSIN {EMU}{L}{So...d}{IN}
21 Say grain, in a row (6) SERIAL (~cereal)
22 Aloof king to express feeling (6) REMOTE {R}{EMOTE}
23 Some excruciating chore's simplified by repeater (6) ECHOER {Ex...g}{CHORE*}
25 Garment from college festival (5) CHOLI {C}{HOLI} ke peeche kya hai?



  1. Happy to have samosas! Thanks Sunnet.

  2. Idiot Box to be highlighted too

  3. Failed to get C "ke peeche kya hai" followed by others like SOAP OPERA TEA BREAK. Rest all fell in place smoothly. Overall an enjoyable one from Sunnet.

  4. 12 Nick! The first two to China (5) NOTCH {NO}{Two}{CH} NO from !

    Same doubt here too!

    1. Mine wasn't a doubt. I was indicating NO is from the exclamation mark

    2. Thank you Sir. Never knew '!' means 'no'.

    3. Is it a stretch or it is accepted? I think this is the first time I am coming across this. Maybe I have forgotten?

    4. ! is the symbol for 'not' in logic

    5. Perhaps I shoud have got Nick to send the first two to Chennai or Chicago instead of China.


    Yesterday we sat in front of the IDIOT BOX for some entertainment without having to buy a TICKET.
    My wife wished to watch her SOAP OPERA. I on my part wanted the NEWS channel and maybe catch a glimpse of the ENRAGING flood LIVE.

    Rains having compelled my grandson turn COUCH POTATO, yelled for his CARTOON channel. But the TROUBLE was that when we switched on
    the TV a message said "No Signal". Try after the weather improves.

    So we had a TEA BREAK sans BOILED EGG IN A BIG WAY!!

  6. Have I nudged CGB into action- if so I am happy.
    I put 'nous' in stead of 'news'. Am I eligible for a bite of samosa?
    Good show Sunnet!

  7. I have just started a FB page
    See if you can become a member and be able to post Comment.
    Please note I am new to this and excuse any glitch.

    1. I have shared your page in the IXL Players group for wider coverage

    2. Since it is not a group there is no requirement of being a member. Anybody who knows the link to the page can visit it

  8. I as a symbol in logic is new to me. Thank you Ramesh.

  9. 71 was the year First THC appeared.
    15 is current year when page is launched.
    As some numerics were needed I chose them.

  10. very happy.Inititially I thought I may not be able to make it.But clues laid-out with geometric precision came in handy.Thanks Sunnet.

  11. Tomorrow and day after are socks pull up days for me

    1. Oh! Thank you for the advance warning to get ready mentally.

  12. got to the xword very late today - happy karthigai to all... missed samosa by a whisker.. very small mistake :( found the going a bit unusual - the ! for no was new :) apace for quickly, Tup for Ram, person for fish, jump for lofted shot... unusual but interesting. Thanks Sunnet for some different thinking...

    1. here is what was intended, !=Not, Start=Jump, lofted shot=skier