Tuesday, 3 November 2015

No 11541, Tuesday 03 Nov 2015, Gridman

Except for 'Twister' where Ramesh helped me out as I had put in 'Traitor',  I completed the blog today like a bullet train taking precisely 20 minutes from start to finish! 

1   Leaves tea scattered in cleaning machines (7) VACATES {TEA}* in {VACS}
5   What a sinless person may say might still be sullied (6) IMPURE {I'M}{PURE}
9   Beginning and end of speech trimmed for proportion (5) RATIO oRATIOn
10 Coming into office is ace's scion by a devious method (9) ACCESSION*
11 Two short emergency messages for what's his name? (2-3-2) SO-AND-SO {SOs}-{AND}-{SOs}
12 “Good boy,” I said, giving come-hither look (4,3) GLAD EYE {G}{LAD} {EYE}(~ i}
13 Mother gets rejections back from construction worker (5) MASON {MA}{SON<=}
14 Let me lean, forces of nature being such (9) ELEMENTAL*
16 In cricket, this delivery is likely to be punished by the batsman (5,4) LOOSE BALL [GK]
19 Whiplash for hothead in Chinese mafia association (5) THONG {Hot} in {TONG}
21 “... ___ towers of Ilium”: Marlowe (7) TOPLESS [FITB/GK]
23 Hoodlum taking in grand happening (5,2) GOING ON {IN}{G} in {GOON}
24 Minor writer and attorney overwhelmed by depression (9) DEPENDANT {PEN}{DA} in {DENT}
25 Takes care of Tamil leader's objectives (5) TENDS {Tamil}{ENDS}
26 Unwell within, cook is ruffled (6) FRILLY {FR{ILL}Y}
27 Perfect happiness as vehicle is found in pouring rain (7) NIRVANA {VAN} in {RAIN}*

1   I've deliriumit's distorted appearance of reality (14) VERISIMILITUDE*
2   Sword injured girl (7) CUTLASS {CUT}{LASS}
3   Walked on for maintaining bad trend about overdraft (7) TRODDEN {TREND}* around {OD}
4   TV drama is like this to a father and oriental artist (4,5) SOAP OPERA {SO}{A}{P OP}{E}{RA}
5   Stylish with tooth — briefly unknown (5) INCOG {IN}{COG}
6   Part of a book or corridor (7) PASSAGE [DD]
7   Wear and tear about goal (7) RAIMENT {AIM} in {RENT}
8   At home say one chap is back with a group of educated people (14) INTELLINGENTSIA {IN}{TELL}{1}{GENT}{SI<=}{A}
15 Elucidate a couple of measures about traffic controller (9) ENLIGHTEN {EN}{LIGHT}{EN}
17 Theoretical, but put down in a pucca manner (2,5) ON PAPER [C&DD]
18 Real networking goes on forever (7) ETERNAL {REAL+NET}*
19 Time writes about dishonest person (7) TWISTER {T}{WRITES*}
20 Instrument to last with ace's material (7) ORGANZA {ORGAN}{Z}{A}
22 Has dismissed deputy for being disreputable (5) SHADY {HAS*}{DY}



  1. My 'except' was Topless, which reqd. Google

    1. Same here, Googling for that was included in my 20 mins

    2. Having no knowledge of literature, just filled in TOPLESS. Was a breeze though today.
      Col, traitor would not have fitted in the grid?

    3. I did not Google. Having all the cutting letters, it took just 20 sec to guess TOPLESS after seeing the setter's name. ;-)

  2. My dear Raju,
    I wish to draw your kind attention to.clues 19a and 21a.
    I hope that at least now you concede that I am a normal person and that my mind is pure as driven snow, that I do not have any prurient interests and there may be occasions when I am not tickled by such things as undergarments or the absence of over- or under-garments.

    1. :P too, whatever that means :-)

    2. It might mean one of these:
      Appadeengala? Romba nalladu.
      Yauv... summa kadhai pannaadhae.
      Aama... Ivaru reel viduvaaru, naama kettukittu irukkanum.
      Idha unga pendaatikittae solluveengala?
      Needhaan unmai thamizhandaa...

    3. I have seen SP using P for a long time and thought only I did not know what could have been a standard 'Twitterish' remark.

    4. I thought :P meant 'sticking tongue out'. What that means here, I do not know.

    5. :P is a reaction to a tongue in cheek comment, I believe. Smilingly appreciating such a comment.

  3. Take 8d.
    Yesterday while rechecking this crossword I noted that it has six components. For me this is probably a record for the highest number of components in a clue.
    Qn: do you think this is too much?
    Do you have any tolerance limit? Not more than four or some such?

    1. Despite having 6 components, the clue is smooth and leads to the answer easily. :)

    2. Not having abbreviations, and as it makes sense, there's no problem.

    3. The answer has 14 letters, so the mx no. of components would be 14, I guess. onder if somebody could write a 14 component clue for that.

    4. I think it will be difficult if not impossible.
      Just try writing a clue witih one or two more components...
      To confess, I did not set out to write a clue with so many components. It just turned out as such.

    5. An acrostic should be possible

    6. In fact, quite recently, a member in a CWC site wrote an acrostic for the phrase A MONTH OF SUNDAYS.
      My wife, hearing me say this, wants sundaes. I am stepping down to the Nuts and Spices shop next door!

  4. Except the NE corner, filled in 20 mins. Of course googled for Topless; NE corner took me about 50 mins. Anyway had samosas. Thanks Gridman! Kishore will be happy to appear here shortly.

  5. This was a classic puzzle...simple...njoyable & instructive...it had a quotation as well!

  6. I completed the blog today like a super-fast train with limited halts! Thanks Gridman for an easy offering. :-)

  7. Some great clues as usual - especially 1d, 7d, 22d

  8. 1D & 8D- 2 great pillars to support the CW.
    We had thong today in what may be its original (tut tut- less) meaning.I don't know why twister was difficult for me also. On hindsight, it looks straight enough. I took a took a long time for incog.
    Otherwise smooth,fast samosas. Thank you Gridman.

  9. Thank you Gridman. A classy and breezy one :) some charming clues today...

  10. Quite fast but could not get two or three. After getting T?P?E??, guessed Topless and googled to confirm.

  11. Dear CV< AKA Gridman: LOL !! When did I ever imply that your'e not normal? All of us are normal in varying degrees , with our own fads, foibles and idiosyncrasies.. There's nothing wrong in getting tickled by certain forms of garments and wears, not necessarily of the skimpy, skinny kind.,thongs and things.. I was only alluding to your inner psyche reflecting in your clues and word building.

    God forbid, however.when we see the days - not too far ahead, as technology advances to the extent of distant mind reading--as telepathy sans such gizmos, that all our inner thoughts get laid bare !! (pun intended !!

  12. CV gave an opening and Raju barged in with his typical mini essay!

    1. Barged in ? Baah !!! You give me a finger, I bite the whole hand ! So look out in future . Let sleeping Rajus lie cold !! Grrh !!

  13. 5D - further to Ram @ 8:48, INCOG briefly missing now and then... ;) Being missed too.

  14. Quite an absorbing teaser.Enjoyed thoroughly thanks to geometrically set clues 2d,12,23&24a.21a -Just carried away by the immortal quote from Dr.Faustus. All told,a well rounded puzzle.

  15. It's literally pouring cats and dogs in Bangalore today had a similar shower yesterday and at midnight