Wednesday, 4 November 2015

No 11542, Wednesday 04 Nov 2015, Gridman

1   Have a recollection about a couple of learners, graduate and cook (4,4) CALL BACK {C}{A}{LL} {BA}{CK}
5   Bachelor boy wearing Haji's altered long coat (6) JIBBAH {B}{B} in {HAJI}*
10 Defeats thoroughly and gains points in a game (5,2) RACKS UP [DD]
11 Garments appear untidy on leading lady (7) APPAREL {APPEAR}*{Lady}
12 First batsman has nothing to preen about (6) OPENER {O}{PREEN}*
13 Brothers act differently on opening of Italian wine (8) FRASCATI {FRAS}{ACT*}{It...n} 
15 Go without food — quickly! (4) FAST [DD]
16 Leaving scene of action after bad scrape (10) SCARPERING {SCRAPE*}{RING}
18 Journo a bit wary in making solemn charge (10) OBJURATION*
20 Graduate after graduate gets rum cake (4) BABA {BA}{BA}
23 Torch found by Len — no learner — in a difficult situation (8) PENLIGHT {P{lEN}LIGHT}
24 Discover in hole (6) INVENT {IN}{VENT}
26 I am gone over — it's a bit thick (7) IMPASTO {I'M}{PAST}{O}
27 One who looks small — a craftsman (7) SPOTTER {S}{POTTER}
28 Angry outburst of one in business (6) TIRADE {T{1}RADE}
29 Belittles aged Reds' production (8) DEGRADES*

1   Additional copy includes a measure of greenhouse emissions (6,9) CARBON FOOTPRINT {CARBON} {FOOTPRINT} (Correction - {CARBON {FOOT}PRINT - See comments)
2   Don't have stupid yes-servants (7) LACKEYS {LACK}{YES*}
3   Graduates take that woman to be a harsh critic (6) BASHER {BAS}{HER}
4   Cold animal needing protective covering (4) CAPE {C}{APE}
6   Fools going after devil in standoffs (8) IMPASSES {IMP}{ASSES}
7   One's 'no' to bone reversed in spicy dish (7) BIRYANI {BIR}{YAN}{1} <=
8   They keep airliners aloft or they could be wrestlers' methods (7,8) HOLDING PATTERNS [DD]
9   Mary, Id brood endlessly running to where milk is stored (5,4) DAIRY ROOM {MARY+I'D+bROOd}*
14 Son goes over slashed revolutionary's shield (9) SCUTCHEON {S{CUT}{CHE}ON}
17 Team leader praised freely and walked around (8) TRAIPSED {Team}{PRAISED*}
19 During a month I start planting right kind of shrub (7) JUNIPER {JUN{I}{Pl...g}E}{R}
21 Notified of danger from treadle (7) ALERTED*
22 You have to necessarily enter for this sort of game (6) INDOOR [CD]
25 Land mass is over half a mile (4) ISLE {IS}{miLE}



  1. 1D Additional copy includes a measure of greenhouse emissions (6,9) CARBON FOOTPRINT {CARBON} {FOOTPRINT}

    I took this to be CARBON {FOOT}PRINT

  2. I was able to do The Hindu crossword after almost a week's break - felt like a homecoming, especially with a Gridman puzzle! :)

    Thank you for the puzzle and the blog, Gridman and DG. Enjoyable crossword. My COD was 16a for the sheer smoothness of the clue.

    I was struck by the number of graduates (1a, a couple in 20a, 3d)! :)

    1. Thanks for that observation.
      I say 'observation' because I don't think you have mentioned it as a drawback.
      But a drawback it might be.
      Often I check the clues for repetition and when I find repetition of such components I rewrite the clues to remove the duplicates.
      I don't think I checked this clue sheet from that point of view, though recheck I did.
      Offhand, I am not able to say whether any of these graduates could have been eliminated, maybe yes, maybe not!

    2. If you had a few more bachelors it could have become a theme. Happy Bachelors day

  3. Till today I only knew Baba black sheep and Rajini's Baba !!

    1. :)

      I have always seen/heard the sweet referred to only as "rum baba". It took a dictionary check to confirm that it is also referred to as just "baba".

    2. CGB,

      In India there's no shortage of Babas. Tune in to Aastha and Sanskar channels on TV.

    3. CGB
      Didn't any of your loved ones call you 'Ba...Ba...'. like 'ra...ra...' in that famous Tamil film song?

  4. Enjoyed the samosas Gridman! Thanks

  5. oops missed samosa but enjoyed this one alright :) with some amount of food and drink :) spotter was a nicely worded clue :) thought it was spelt escutcheon then figured out this is archaic spelling :) thanks gridman

  6. I did not know 'scutcheon' as alt. for 'escutcheon' which I knew but did not fit in here.
    I did not spot the spotter, but once the spotter was spotted, indoor was spotted immediately. That explains my weakness of depending on crossings.
    I was totally fooled by the 'Jibbahs'. Nice one. I was searching for all types of long coats including what cricket umpires used to wear.
    Hyderabadis, cheer up! Your biryani is here!

  7. Col.
    Thank you for the holding pattern link. Interesting to learn about it.

  8. Frascati took a long long time..i first put in broscati but checking in dict didnt yield that word..kept on looking for synonyms of brother & finally hit upon fras...lots of clues to savour & new words to learn..impasto...baba as rum cake..jibbah & biryani added indian flavour while frascati definitely had the Italian tang..

  9. First time 'hat trick' - because of Grindman. Very happy.

  10. Samosas for three consecutive days!