Saturday, 14 November 2015

No 11549, Saturday 14 Nov 2015, Arden


1 Engage // two of them (6) COUPLE (DD)
4 Tripe is first course followed by round of gin (8) CLAPTRAP {Course}{LAP}{TRAP}
9 Fierce characters in Brazil (6) RECIFE {FIERCE*}
10 Starts mixing Basmati rice — only in this part of the world it's considered divine food (8) AMBROSIA {A{M}{B}{R}{O}SIA}
12 Complain about temperature — too cold to train (8) PRACTICE {PRAC<=}{T}{ICE}
13 Personal details rejected at the booze shop (6) BODEGA {BOD}{EGA}<=
15 He tries to boss over folk at corner building (7,5) CONTROL FREAK {FOLK AT CORNER*} 
18 Arrived on a cycle — proper transport failed to materialize (4,1,7) CAME A CROPPER {CAME} {A} {C}{PROPER*}
21 Eskimos treat me nice (6) ICEMEN {ME NICE*}
22 Showing complacency — sticks over cape (8) SMUGNESS {SMUG<=}{NESS}
24 Test allows one drink first (8) ORIGINAL {OR{I}{GIN}AL}
25 Both follow fashion in short, with some Oriental workout (3,3) TAI CHI {TAIl}{CHIc}
26 Trip wires for scapegoats (4,4) FALL GUYS {FALL}{GUYS}
27 Power line not in framework (6) WATTLE {WATT}{LinE}


1 Caught a gunner tread on a shell (8) CARAPACE {C}{A}{RA}PACE}

2 Wild hallucinationsexorcising Lolita sets one free (8) UNCHAINS {HALLUCINATIONS - LOLITA}*
3 Being aggressive // could be very dangerous (4-11) LIFE THREATENING (DD)
5 Capital raised during demolition (4) LOME (T<=)
6 Each issue immediately greeted by a man or woman who is exiled (7,3,5) PERSONA NON GRATA {PER}{SON}{A NON} {GRAT}{A}
7 Have it for breakfast // as you get more reckless (6) RASHER (DD)
8 Map a rangeland initially on the surface (6) PLANAR {PLAN}{A}{R}
11 Criminal collapses — so out with the knife (7) SCALPEL {COLLAPSES -SO}*

14 Stage to collect church money (7) DRACHMA {DRA{CH}MA}
16 A big blow when drug is reduced (8) UPPERCUT {UPPER}{CUT}
17 Fresh money, force out from all around (8) PRISTINE {PRIS{TIN}E}
19 Blunt // way to give prior warning (3-3) TIP-OFF CD&D 
20 For people it's evenly mixable daily (6) MENIAL {MEN}{mIxAbLe}
23 Hollywood actor's time out for a fast lifestyle (4) RACY {tRACY}

Reference list

Temperature=T, Cycle=C, One=I 
Caught=C, Gunner=RA (Royal Artillery), Church=CH, Money=Tin, Time=T

Color/Font Scheme

Definition,Solution,Component letters,Anagram Indicator,C/C indicator,Reversal Indicator,Hidden word IndicatorLetter Pick indicator,Deletion Indicator,Homophone Indicator,Movement Indicator,Positional Indicator,Substitution Indicator



  1. Will CW number 11550 appear today in online addition?

    1. If it does appear today it will still be blogged only on Monday

    2. I refrain myself from answering the question.
      When the left hand does not know what the left hand does, it's futile.
      And constant changes in design - today it is colorisation of certain words in the masthead - are just unsettling.
      If there is a design editor he or she is earning his/her salary by the thought 'what shall we do today?' and executing it.
      The right hand is a silent spectator.

  2. Hollywood actor Tracy! This reminds me of an incident in my life. Several decades ago (maybe Sixties), Brylcreem had a competition that was announced in a half-page advertisement in the papers including The Hindu. It was a crossword. If I remember right, it was a free-form grid because the company had to fit in the words that they needed to have in it necesarily for their brand recall.
    One of the non-thematic words was TRACY.
    Of course I promptly sent an entry and I received some prize. I don't remember now what it was -maybe a bottle of the hair cream.

  3. Liked the use of PERSONAL DETAILS in 13A :)

  4. Brilliant crossword, Arden! I loved the variety of clueing devices and the smooth surfaces. My COD is a toss-up between 13 and 18.

    Many thanks to Arden and Ramesh!

  5. BODEGA & PLANAR denied me samosas :(( Anyway happy for solving the rest of ARDEN

  6. Request for a clarification of 25A0 Tai Chi.
    Did partly yesterday and rest today on paper(!) and enjoyed, but still could not complete. Anyway glad to have done that much.

    1. "Both (follow = TAIL) (fashion = CHIC) in short", meaning with the ends taken off. The definition, of course, is Oriental workout.

  7. So both follow (and) fashion are short. I was a little confused about hoe both fits in. Thank you Abhay.

  8. Ramesh-ji,

    My hats off to you for your patience in meticulously explaining each clue, the abbreviations and more so, the colouring of each and that too so correctly and within such a short while for posting !!..It will be a great help to all those who are keen to learn the intricacies of cryptic puzzles. Those around you in the family must be very blessed with your patience and diligence . God bless you.

  9. +1. Stated very nicely and aptly. Such a pleasure for us.

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