Monday, 23 November 2015

No 11556, Monday 23 Nov 2015, Vulcan

6   Received a disc containing encrypted email (7) CLAIMED {EMAIL}* in {CD}
7   It ain't Cameron's first at sea (7) TITANIC {IT+AINT}*{Ca...n} &lit
9   Fight in which Charlie lost to a rider (5) BIKER BIcKER
10 What is on in fluorescent bulbs essentially during darkness? (4,5) NEON LIGHT {N{fluorEscent}{ON} {buLbs}IGHT} &lit
11 Constituent of a square meal? (7) RAVIOLI [CD]
13 Mark of State’s pointless approach indeed (6) TATTOO {sTATe}{TOO}
15 Ok with the old semi &lit used in clueing this film (4,4,2,3) SOME LIKE IT HOT {OK+THE+O+SEMI+LIT}*
19 Son in holy matrimony gets agreement (6) UNISON {UNI{S}ON}
20 Fast and strike with no particular purpose (7) RAPIDLY {RAP}{IDLY}
23 Girl with it, hazel eyes, beautiful, starts to dance (9) ELIZABETH {IT+HAZEL+Eyes+Be...l}*
24 Type of estate, say (5) MANOR (~manner) Shouldn't this have been 'Say, type of estate'
26 Old woman heading out to drink and unwind (7) UNTWINE {aUNT}{WINE}
27 In poverty, lived, got taunted (7) NEEDLED {NEED}{LED}

1   Worked on king's position (4) RANK {RAN}{K}
2   Buy often and more, perhaps growth starts from there (6) EMBRYO {BuY+MORE}*
3   An artificially reconstructed picture, it’s about a cave with Polynesian god’s image (9) IDENTIKIT {I{DEN}{TIKI}T}
4   Beginning to support struggling law firm (8) STALWART {LAW}* in {START}
5   One next to Bishop, a thug, brought to order (10) KNIGHTHOOD {KNIGHT}{HOOD}
6   Someone who leads a mechanical life! (6) CYBORG [CD]
7   Extremely large machine (4) TOOL {TOO}{L}
8   Plant, time and time again, eaten by animal (6) COTTON {CO{TT}ON}
12 Players and musicians welcomed in (10) VIOLINISTS {VIOL{IN}ISTS}
14 Find fault with a representative about primarily horrible tip (9) REPREHEND {REP}{{RE}{Ho...e}{END}
16 Old, a touch of old magic, strangely relating to marital custom (8) EXOGAMIC {EX}{Old}{MAGIC*}
17 Office furniture (6) BUREAU [DD]
18 Cross empty highway and an overpass, goodbye to Georgia (6) HYBRID {Hi...aY}{BRIDge}
21 News about birth of Mary’s baby (6) PAMPER {PA{Mary}PER}
22 This place is in the red (4) HERE [T]
25 Name’s uninteresting; first off, it means nothing (4) NULL {N}{dULL}



  1. Replies
    1. +1 . Vulcan's puzzles always are very enjoyable and this is no different.

    2. Was blogged by you on 11 Nov 14!!

  2. Typo in anno of 14A - need to add P

  3. Techie qn on Win 10
    Is it not possible to have two or more windows on a single screen and view/jump to any and work on it even as other windows still remain, though reduced. Can't we resize by keeping cursor on border/corner and draw/pull as reqd?
    In my exp not and it's a great drawback/inconvenience.
    Regretting update.

    1. Groping and picking up. I tried 'Snap left/right' and I think it will work
      Unlearning/relearning is rather tedious!

    2. Col,
      Slowly and gradually getting the hang of it by trial and error.
      Still I hate the OS.

    3. At least Win 10 is better than Win 8

    4. Yes, I know Win 8 was not liked by many. So I consciously kept out of it.
      Even this update was not really planned. It just happened!
      May revert to Win 7.

  4. wow cluing from Vulcan...Lits and semi Lits ..7a, 10a ... particularly very enjoyable... Neon Light was obvious but wasnt able to parse completely :) someone explain Ravioli as CD...its not the shape right? raviolis can be round etc... 3d nice charade.. Great xword.. being a Vulcan helps i guess :)

  5. Isn't anyone going to point out that this is the exact same puzzle published last November? THC 11235

    1. Ha ha ha... your memory is amazing :)

    2. A 'pori' and a Google search! Ha, ha, ha.

    3. I wonder why the CW was repeated verbatim??

    4. Must be an oversight.
      The sub may have taken an old file and reused it.
      Or the setter by accident may have re-sent it and the sub may not have suspected and detected the repetition and used it straightaway after having received it afresh.
      In any case a mistake.
      Setter to excuse me if my suspicion is wrong.

    5. I feel that Vulcan must have sent them a new set of clues and told them to use the Grid used with the old crossword someone in there used both the grid as well as the clues instead of using the new set of clues

    6. Knowing how it all works, this is unlikely.

  6. Yes. Seeing neon light & violinists had a sense of deja vu

  7. PAMPER; Isn't NEWS to mean PAPER stretching one's imagination too far? Mary's birth to pick M as a start and PAMPER used as to BABY may be worked out . I don't like the contstruction of this clue at all a la- NJ ! My opinion , please. No semantics expected !