Saturday, 21 November 2015

No 11555, Saturday 21 Nov 2015, Lightning

Answer to yesterday's missing clue @23D was "Shame"


1 One intense, extraordinary scientist (8) EINSTEIN  {I+INTENSE}*
5 Mathematical quantity, perfect for one, cut short with logic gate (6) TENSOR {TENSe}{OR}
9 Dignified measure by generous democrat (8) ENNOBLED {EN}{NOBLE}{D}
10 Revolutionary quote about Hungary and Norway is associated with culture (6) ETHNIC {ET{H}{N}IC<=}
12 Refugee service smuggling birds (5) GEESE (T)
13 About a tide turning in the opposite direction (9) RECURRENT {RE}{CURRENT}
14 Governor carried by conservative explanation (6) THEORY (T{HE}ORY}
16 Break leg near rough (7) GENERAL {LEG+NEAR}*
19 Understood replacing Member of Parliament with rookie is not legal (7) ILLICIT {I(-mp+L)LICIT}
21 Annoying person to soar after grand promotion (6) GADFLY {G}{AD}{FLY}
23 Throw one ball near a dancer (9) BALLERINA {I+BALL+NEAR}*
25 Fanatic in part checks attempt (5) BIGOT {BI{GO}T}
26 Smooth Italian ice cream German swapped for lira (6) LEGATO {(-g+L)E(-l+G)ATO} 
27 Identify dosage in cocktail (8) DIAGNOSE {DOSAGE+IN}*
28 Accountant flipping trouser for siesta (6) CATNAP {CA}{TNAP<=}
29 Phony saint is troubled by induced sleep (8) HYPNOSIS {PHONY+S+IS}*


1 Disheartened, move into Germany’s outskirts for liveliness (6) ENERGY {ENtER}{GermanY}
2 Harmless operation finally working, allowed by hospital with a licentiate (9) NONLETHAL {ope..oN}{ON}{LET}{H}{A}{L}
3 Story about black furniture item (5) TABLE {TA{B}LE}
4 New crate ideally empty could be used to freeze water (7) ICETRAY {CRATE+IdealY}*
6 Invested at last to acquire ceremonial chair (9) ENTHRONED {EN{THRONE}D}
7 Consensus is to view houses north and south (5) SENSE {SE{N}{S}E}
8 Articles about performances (8) RECITALS {ARTICLES}*
11 Heroin sold caused acute grief for starters (4)  SCAG (Acrostic)
15 Gold box seats essentially for a performance (9) ORCHESTRA {OR}{CHEST}{R}{A} R from?
17 Devout royal priest starting to get formal acknowledgments of debt (9) RELIGIOUS {R}{ELI}{Get}{IOUS}
18 Vicious acid nearly boils over (8) DIABOLIC {ACID+BOILs}*
20 Clip extremely blunt edge (4) TRIM {blunT}{RIM}
21 It’s attractive to have appeal in sauce (7) GRAVITY {GRAV{IT}Y}
22 Importance of second lock (6) STRESS {S}{TRESS}
24 Initially lacking very little radiation (5) LIGHT {sLIGHT}
25 Start to pray at home (5) BEGIN {BEG}{IN}

Reference list

One=I, Logic gate=Or, Measure=En, Democrat=D, Hungary=H, Norway=N, About=Re, Governor=HE, Conservative=Tory, Member of Parliament=MP, Rookie=L(Learner), Grand=G, Promotion=Ad, German=G, Lira=L, Accountant=CA, Saint=S 
Working=On, Hospital=H, Licentiate=L, Black=B, North=N, South=S, Gold=Or, Royal=R, Priest=Eli, Formal acknowledgments of debt=IOUs, Appeal=It, Second=S, At home=In

Color/Font Scheme

Definition,Solution,Component letters,Anagram Indicator,C/C indicator,Reversal Indicator,Hidden word IndicatorLetter Pick indicator,Deletion Indicator,Homophone Indicator,Movement Indicator,Positional Indicator,Substitution Indicator


  1. What a shame that 23D in the CW yesterday was SHAME !!

  2. Probably I started today's CW with a lot of ENERGY, did not have a CATNAP but probably was HYPNOTISed by the GENERAL THEORY (of relativity?) of Einstein and understood the GRAVITY to correctly DIAGNOSE. I expected to meet GEESE (read ducks) on the way but did not. I ENTHRONED ( I found invested to be a synonym) my time well in solving some DIABOLIC clues, though the setter was far from a GADFLY. I STRESS that there was nothing ILLICIT about the whole thing, but a RELIGIOUS attempt and correct SENSE was needed. I had ICE TRAY on my dining table with ORCHESTRA doing their RECITAL and a BALLERINA. What more would one want?

    1. Some NONLETHAL SCAG to BEGIN with

    2. Did I do justice to 'Lightning'. We have had quite a few of late in Chennai, I mean lightnings.

    3. Welcome to the fabrication club Paddy !!

  3. Yesterday's 23D- why did the clue disappear? One more howler by TH?

    1. You probably missed reading yesterday my conjecture as to what could have happened.

    2. Yes, I did. But still I did not expect them to swallow a whole clue. I too find a lot of mistakes even in headlines in sports. They keep on mentioning 'Last four' for quarterfinals repeatedly.

  4. Padmanabhan @ 8:42, you pretty much latched onto the theme :) I will leave the occasion and the exact words up for speculation !

    15D was an error on my part

    1. I see Einstein, tensor, theory, general, energy, light being tied to relativity. Any others?

    2. Added that to the list. Any ideas about the occasion?

    3. Looks like theory of Relativity is now a 100 year old theory.

    4. Stress was the only other word I had in mind (from stress-energy tensor of the field equations of the theory).

    5. Thanks. Added that to the list

  5. Could do at Lightning Speed; paused only for Gadfly & Legato...Nice Offering once again from Lightning.

  6. And to say that Hindu is the costliest daily !! Very soon, their corrections column will increase in size !!

    CV can we give a kuttu to on the editorial heads of the Hindu ? with a clenched fist ?

    1. Raju
      You often say TH is the costliest paper. Are you sure?
      The other day I bought a copy of a well-known Tamil paper on a Sunday. Its price: Rs 6.
      I did think it was rather costly but certainly I did not think it was the costliest.

      As for your suggestion in the subsequent para, I say neither 'yes' nor 'no'. But I thought kuttus are always with clenched fist turned towards the head on which the said punishment is administered.

      Regarding the latest censorial imbroglio, how is a kiss judged - by length or passion?

      If a short kiss is called 'peck' waht is a lengthy kiss called?

    2. Get a reality check from the Indian censor board--- They will tell it should be cut because it creates a BOND !!

  7. A good entertainer at the week end thanks to smooth surfaces & leading clues.14,5,21a and15&17d superb.15 d - gold- or;box-chest; seats ess. - a; one r is hanging in the balance. isn't it?12 a miserably failed me.put grebe ins.of geese. Thats afly in the (my) ointment. Also relished padmanabhan sir's appraisal. Thunderous one which perhaps propelled by Lightning. Thank you sirs, both.

    1. Yes, it was very much propelled by the excellent CW by Lightning. Glad all of you enjoyed my first attempt at it.

  8. great scientific xword from Lightning :) Gadfly stopped me from eating samosas but others fell into place pretty well enuf.. On 14a Governor being He.. while seen Governor used as synonym for there precedence for it to extend to the entire male gender?

    1. I don't quite get the import of your Comment, Srividya, but HE is His Excellency, the honorific or title of a Governor.
      Apols if this is irrelevant.

  9. While working on my PC Windows 7 I got a message about update.
    I went for it.
    What I was updated to was Windows 10.
    Now every little operation for me (including sleep) has become a puzzle-unlearn-thadavippaar-learn-do.
    I regret my action.
    Qn: Could there be incompatibility between Windows 10 and my copy of M$ Word 7?

    I told my visiting under-10 granddaughter using my PC to let it sleep. I thought she might seek my help but no she did it herself.

  10. Nice one Lightning!
    18 Vicious acid nearly boils over (8) DIABOLIC {ACID+BOILs}*
    Is it ok to use deletion/addition indicator in the middle of anagram fodder as in 18 D? Also over is an anagrind?

    1. Over == settled, hence the choice as AInd. But now that you mention it, seems too much of a stretch. Also I agree with you on using a deletion indicator in the middle of the fodder. Will try and avoid these in the future.

  11. Read about the centenary of Theory of Relativity-

    Thank you VP for drawing our attention to it. I am amazed we learn so much about so very different things on the platform.

  12. I read it as {acid (nearly boils)}* over. About 'over' being an Anind, I leave it to the experts.

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