Monday, 30 November 2015

No 11562, Monday 30 Nov 2015, Afterdark

Body parts strewn around the grid.

1   Shrewd missus seduces, conceals (6) SUSSED [T]
4   Visitor's vehicle parked outside alley is stripped (6) CALLER {CA{aLLEy}R}
9   Pitcher's against including an oriental (4) VANE {V}{AN}{E} Pitcher/Vane ? (Addendum - VASE {V{A}S}{E} - See comments)
10 Hardware store supplying ROM, almost ignores North (10) IRONMONGER {ROM+IGNOREs+N}*
11 USSR disintegrated, primarily into a different country (6) RUSSIA {USSR*}{Into}{A}
12 Agent in disguise traps Asian and evacuates elder youth (8) TEENAGER {AGENT* over E}{EldeR}
13 To humbly ask for help, auditor comes to quiet worker in between (3,2,4) HAT IN HAND HAT {IN} {HAND} Anno pending (Addendum CAP IN HAND - {CA}{P} {IN} {HAND} - See comments)
15 Cross verify missing condition (5) TESTY TESTifY
16 Silly ploy backfires, nothing in it (5) LOOPY {O} in PLOY*
18 The circle could start dynamic form of government (9) THEOCRACY {THE}{O}{Co..d}{RACY}
22 Heart has failed leading to an inflammatory condition (4,4) HEAT RASH*
23 Cost manipulated in getting an alarm bell (6) TOCSIN {COST*}{IN}
25 Show pity according to experience of a hater reborn (4,1,5) HAVE A HEART {HAVE} {A} {HATER*}
26 Meet was regularly held in a row of buildings (4) MEWS {MeEt+WaS}
27 Mass at old city near England finished (6) MATURE {M}{AT}{UR}{E}
28 Conservative bishop found in kinky orgy with a humanoid robot, maybe (6) CYBORG {C}{Y{B}ORG*}

1   Well, thanks for including university academic in making a medical instrument (7) SPATULA {SPA}{T{U}{L}A}
2   Glasses procured by police officer with some EMI at cost regularly (5) SPECS {SP}{Emi}{CoSt}
3   Inscription is what eastern religious path's about (7) EPITAPH {E}{PI}{PATH*}
5   Forge metal; take reading to make an ornament (6) ARMLET {R} in METAL*
6   Listen, love and death's related, answer lies within (4,2,3) LEND AN EAR {L}{END} {A} {NEAR} L for love? See comments
7   Once more choose spin; Thirimanne finally will get caught (2-5) RE-ELECT {RE-EL}{t...nE}{CT}
8   Noted thief has bungled; Stupid (4,2,3,4) SOFT IN THE HEAD*
14 Hospital dweller gets certificate about his heart, after a point (9) INPATIENT {1}{N}{PAT{hIs}ENT}
17 A type of pitch, unused by thrower, maybe (7) OVERARM {OVER}{ARM}
19 Endure auto's thievery, extremely corrupt (7) OUTSTAY {AUTOS+Th...rY}*
20 Lunch in Wagah to have a chat (7) CHINWAG [T]
21 Sailor returns with the river swimmer perhaps (6) BATHER {BA<=}{THE}{R}
24 Arrived with nothing for performance (5) CAMEO {CAME}{O}


  1. 13 To humbly ask for help, auditor comes to quiet worker in between (3,2,4)

    {CA}{P} {IN} {HAND}

  2. 6 Listen, love and death's related, answer lies within (4,2,3) LEND AN EAR {L}{END} {A} {NEAR} L for love?

    L = Love in text messaging

  3. 9a VASE. A in vs followed by E

  4. Even I did not immediately think of CA as an auditor

    1. I did think of the CA but CAP never struck me as the standard idiom is HAT IN HAND

  5. The theme recalls to my mind stories in which killers dismember the parts of corpus delicti and strew them here and there before the murder
    is out.

  6. Thank you AD for some crispy samosas.. Cap in hand fell last with a bit of a struggle..

  7. AFTERDARK dawn breaks and the newspaper is thrown near the front door.
    This setter likes movies and cricket among other things.
    I open the paper and have a look at the crossword. USSR disintegrated....Bond - From Russia with Love. First clue solved cold.
    Next I see glasses. Glasses, glasses, glasses, SPECS. I remembered my friend who was SP in Hyderabad years back. Oh boy, Specs is right.
    Silly ploy? Loopy.
    Arrived with nothing. Years back when I tried some stock trading there used to be this CAMEO software -- share registrars.
    Cost manipulation. Really required some manipulation to get TOCSIN. Is it pronounced as toxin?
    Hater reborn. Come on, come on HAVE A HEART.
    Lunch in Wagah to have, To have.... checked CHINWAG.
    Pitcher is a VASE. VAS is a channel.VASE is a pitcher (vessel). Anno not clear but answer should be right...
    Shrewed missus. Was a bit 22/7ssed but got it as SUSSED.Checked with Free dictionay.
    To humbly... Thought of Ajeesh with a blue screen in front of him and a cap on his head !! CAP IN HAND !!
    Inscription..path's about....EPITAPH.
    Hospital dweller INPATIENT fits and will check anno. later.
    Wrote hear has in a roundabout fashion and had HEAT RASH in a trice.
    Noted thief... anagram worked out.
    Sailor (AB) returns with THE...BATHER.
    The circle THE O C RACY.
    Endure Auto's ...OUTPOST
    Kinky orgy. Conservatie Bishop. CYBORG. checked with free dictionary.
    Old city UR is seen frequently in crosswords. Mass at....MATURE
    Hardware store...rom....Under the spreading Chestnut tree the village smithy stands....IRONMONGER.
    Dil monge more?
    Time is 8.40 am.
    For 12 across I had entered THEOCR in pen instead of at 18 across.
    Wrongly put in CHECK at 15 across.
    Inbetween had hit the OVERARM like an UNDERARM.
    A few in the top right corner were left out......

  8. Did we have a surfeit of anagrams today?

  9. CGB- Thanks for the cameo! Very apt.Blog always to the rescue- be it for the missing word,anno or a meaty comment. We can always come here with a cap in hand.

  10. To think that after getting the CA, I put can in hand!

  11. 10 Hardware store supplying ROM, almost ignores North (10) IRONMONGER {ROM+IGNOREs+N}*
    Supplying is an anagrind? Thought supply is anagrind as an adverb.

    11 USSR disintegrated, primarily into a different country (6) RUSSIA {USSR*}{Into}{A
    Why different?

    1. Earlier Russia was synonymous with USSR

  12. Lovely one...could cold solve most...
    Rejoined work after a week..could grid solve after 10.30..

  13. Wonderful puzzle.Smooth surfaces enable good orchestration.14d- bed-ridden by patent clue.12a-catch is in 'hand'. Nice month end & week beginning cw. Thanks AD.

  14. Excuse me. Can you give an illustrative sentence where 'within' can be substituted by 'near'.
    What I mean is 'within' does not seem to be just the right syn. for the required 'near'.
    As I wrote this, I formed these sentences:
    It is near. It is within my reach.
    'within' alone won't do, I think.
    What do others think? I am ready to stand corrected.

  15. CV@ 2.24-
    Are you referring to 6D? If so, within is not used to indicate near. It is used as a container indicator.

  16. Thanks. Sorry for misinterpretation. Note to self: Must look before I leap.
    (as if I am in a state to do bungee jumping !)