Sunday, 8 November 2015

The Sunday Crossword (2866), Sunday 08 Nov 2015

1   Extremely careful old man, not out gambling (11) PAINSTAKING {PA}{IN}{STAKING}
9   Carbon rail to be prepared for carriage (9) CABRIOLET {C}{RAIL+TO+BE}*
10 Following drink, accepting second is wrong (5) FALSE {F}{AL{S}E}
11 Thought work in Italy acceptable (7) OPINION {OP}{IN}{I}{ON}
12 Greatest tips for retaining energy during final (7) LARGEST {LA{Re...nG}{E}ST}
13 Swagger in support (5) STRUT [DD]
14 Observe tail – it's part of make-up (9) EYESHADOW {EYE}{SHADOW}
16 Unusually busy early in town (9) AYLESBURY*
17 Least tangled yarns (5) TALES*
19 Significant number put forward (7) NOTABLE {NO}{TABLE}
21 Specialist's first work containing account about patient (7) STOICAL {Sp...t}{TOI{CA<=}L}
22 Trouble with revolutionary near deck (5) ADORN {ADO}{RN<=} NR as abvn for Near?
23 Admiring area properly, going round a hill (9) ADULATORY {A}{DUL{A}{TOR}Y}
24 Broadcast one's put on as planned? On the contrary (11) SPONTANEOUS*

1   Delight in reconstruction of crib plus promotion of goodwill (6,9) PUBLIC RELATIONS {ELATION} in {CRIB+PLUS}*
2   One idiot frantic as tie begins (9) INITIATES {1}{NIT}{AS+TIE}*
3   Pink colour, not medium, for beauty parlour? (5) SALON SALmON
4   Route disrupted by hostile guns (9) ARTILLERY {ART{ILL}ERY}
5   Understand grain fermentation to some extent (5) INFER [T]
6   Apple logo is included, designed to cover rear of device (6,9) GOLDEN DELICIOUS {LOGO+IS+INCLUDED}* over {d...cE}
7   Distribution of Oscars is over (6) ACROSS*
8   Finest leaders of our world confer (6) BESTOW {BEST}{Our}{Wo..d}
14 Lively banter developed after vote in European Union (9) EXUBERANT {E{X}U}{BANTER*}
15 Volunteers in stew over awkward problem (3,6) HOT POTATO {HOT PO{TA}T}{O}
16 Retract entertaining article in yearbook (6) ANNUAL {ANNU{A}L}
18 Spreads out small toys (6) SPLAYS {S}{PLAYS}
20 Reject move in game of chance (5) BINGO {BIN}{GO}
21 Turn down price put on vase (5) SPURN {SP}{URN}



  1. Samosas earned in an hour flat! Very happy

  2. 22 Trouble with revolutionary near deck (5) ADORN {ADO}{RN<=} NR as abvn for Near?

    1. ... and in

  3. 21 Imperturbable Indo-European hammal ... (6) . This is from the 6th round of IXL.
    I think hammal is mammal ... but I thought the mammal is COLLIE and not COOLIE?
    I thought for/lost a couple of hours before filling COOLIE and was correct. COOL for imperturbable.

    1. I think hammal is a common hindi word for coolie; (cool)(i)(e)

  4. Hammal is porter (coolie) COOL I E

  5. IXL 2015: Clue for 12 DN missing?

    1. Seems to be missing alright. Col, if you are reading this, could you please ask the organisers to check it out?

  6. The missing 12D clue in IXL round 7 is due to an oversight. Everyone will get points irrespective of whether you attempt it or not

  7. PHEW !!! At last, finished in 40 minutes ICL despite 12 down missing !! There again, the only three words possible to be filled in are ambiguous ! How could they be so remiss ? After all, this is a competition . No clarification too from the organizers, although our own Col has done so on their behalf. Submitted successfully.. Thanks Col. This is getting tougher by the week !!

    1. Raju I am a small part of the organisers

    2. Is that why you are debarred from participating? At least we solvers have a link with the organizers through you.

    3. You had declared your position in an earlier blog. I was only seeking a cofirmation.

  8. Submitted woth the wrong spelling for 1D

  9. Col., how do IXL participants who may not be visiting this blog get updates on things like delays, server problems, clue omissions, etc.? I have tried writing directly to the organisers (using the Contact Us link on the IXL crossword administration link) asking them to put up any updates on the website, but it doesn't seem to work.

  10. Visit FB IXL Players run by an IXL participant.Bharati.
    Or FB IACross run by Sowmya and Lakshmi.
    Both are closed groups but you should have no problem in getting admission.

    1. My point is that contestants should be able to get all the relevant information on the site hosting the contest - they should not have to hunt elsewhere for it.

  11. I agree with Abhai. They should also put such updates in IXL main page and comments section.

  12. Today they have put up an update about the missing clue on the main page of IXL