Tuesday, 24 November 2015

No 11557, Tuesday 24 Nov 2015, Anon

1   Scholar to toss air-mail all over the place (11) ASSIMILATOR*
9   Events at air force exhibitions (7) AFFAIRS {AF}{FAIRS}
10 Extricate extreme gent from boat races with lassos (6) REATAS REgAtTAS
11 Baron of Maharashtra city… (5) THANE [DD]
12 … to regularly engage chief intellectual (7) EGGHEAD {EnGaGe}{HEAD}
15 Leading crossword poem convention (4) CODE {Cr...d}{ODE}
16 Carries out using tools (10) IMPLEMENTS [DD]
18 Bewildered maam alerts schools (4,6) ALMA MATERS*
20 Fruit reportedly not beautiful (4) UGLI (~ugly)
23 Spies injected with right tinctures (7) ARGENTS {A{R}GENTS}
24 Symbol is round, huge (5) OMEGA {O}{MEGA}
26 Food given to the sick mostly (6) LENTIL {LENT}{ILl}
27 Write article on odd chef’s atonement (7) PENANCE {PEN}{AN}{ChEf}
28 Inutility of you and me can be senseless (11) USELESSNESS {US}{SENSELESS*}

2   Turn to spouses, from end to end, for starters at lunchtime (6) SWIVEL {(+s)WIVE(-s)}{Lu...e}
3   This month, I notice some tech leaders (4) INST Acrostic
4   Guerrillas of Baker Street commanded by Holmes (10) IRREGULARS [GK]
5   Collection of stories with incomplete idea is an abomination (8) ANATHEMA {ANA}{THEMe}{A}
6   Irish idiot’s mantra initially at sunrise (7) OMADAWN {OM}{At}{DAWN} This is how it's pronounced but not spelt.
7   With dexterity, one can trap single strategist (9) TACTICIAN {TACT}{1}{C{1}AN}
8   Frightened of air force attack (6) AFRAID {AF}{RAID}
13 Rhetorics contain nothing, say some initially (5,5) EMPTY TALKS {EMPTY} {TALK}{Some}
14 Draws out like buccaneers (9) ASPIRATES {AS}{PIRATES}
17 Cheese for them? Mad! (8) EMMENTAL {'EM}{MENTAL}
19 Code extremely laborious in bits (7) MORSELS {MORSE}{La...uS}
21 Harvests grain initially with thin shovel tip (6) GLEANS {Gr..n}{LEAN}{Sh...l}
22 Limits source of boy’s audio from end to end (6) BOUNDS {Boy}{(-s)OUND(+s)S)}
25 Length of upcoming siestas (4) SPAN <=


  1. After missing out two days in a row, including IXL, because of traveling, found this a breeze.
    Typical Anon fare.

  2. Read Sunday's & yesterday's blogs...seems I didnt miss much
    Yesterday's was a repeat & IXL 9th round was the toughest...shall attempt that now..

  3. 2 Turn to spouses, from end to end, for starters at lunchtime (6) SWIVEL {(+s)WIVE(-s)} L

    Qn: Why 'starters' in plural when we need only L from 'lunchtime'?


  4. If one in a chopper SPANS the horizon and SWIVELS round, he would surely realise that what the Government IMPLEMENTS by way of storm water drains
    have proved their USELESSNESS. EMPTY TALKS apart these ought to have been cleaned regularly.
    Now I am AFRAID people of TN should PENANCE and put in their effort to alleviate the sufferings of the poor and downtrodden.
    MORSELS of food distributed here and there won't suffice.
    May the sun shine and the weather improve by leaps and BOUNDS !!

  5. Ah.. new words for me today - Reatas and Omadawn ! Thanks Anon. BTW Scholar = assimilator a bit of a stretch i say. Enjoyed 11a - a total mix up of two very diff words similar only in spelling.. Ana meaning collection is new too. How does one get the extra 'a' at end of anathema? A different sort of xword today.. similar to the grid..

    1. assimilator - someone (especially a child) who learns (as from a teacher) or takes up knowledge or beliefs
      Collection of stories with incomplete idea is an abomination:
      Collection Of stories=ANA
      Incomplete idea=THEM(-E)
      an=a has been discussed many times here.

  6. Lovely cw.with fairytale twists & turns thanks to leading clues.1a - a new dimension to 'scholar'. 14,17&19 d - evocative type of clues. could not find out 6d.All told awell rounded puzzle.Thanks Anon.