Sunday, 1 November 2015

The Sunday Crossword (2865), Sunday 01 Nov 2015

1   Substance? Cover it in sauce (8) SOLIDITY {SO{LID}{IT}Y}
5   Pain shown by saint with restless desire (6) STITCH {ST}{ITCH}
10 Back in prison, amoral type (5) ROMAN [T<=]
11 Demolition of cannon due to be reported (9) ANNOUNCED*
12 State view, following notes, right away (9) TENNESSEE {TENNErS}{SEE}
13 Completely cold and thin (5) CLEAN {C}{LEAN}
14 Demanding push to create space for emergency stops (4,8) HARD SHOULDER {HARD} {SHOULDER}
18 In a maul, being knocked about beyond belief (12) UNIMAGINABLE*
21 Lead attack filled with energy (5) LEASH {L{E}ASH}
22 Determined airman, one in number over America (9) TENACIOUS {TEN}{AC}{1}{O}{US}
24 Wretched rat caught by a large superior bird (9) ALBATROSS {A}{L}{B{RAT*}OSS}
25 Perfect island, compact (5) IDEAL {I}{DEAL}
26 Comfort thus given by fabric (6) SOLACE {SO}{LACE}
27 Very bad rage, beset by utter brutality (8) SAVAGERY {SA{V}{RAGE*}Y}

1   Elastic cut during second attempt (8) STRETCHY {S}{TR{ETCH}Y}
2   Worthy arrangement of family run without force (8) LUMINARY {fAMILY+RUN}*
3   Fool about, getting covered by mound of sand (5) DUNCE {DUN{C}E}
4   Change technique, climbing with son for miles in country (14) TRANSFORMATION {TRA<=}{N{S}{FOR}{M}ATION}
6   New companion admitted to proper working club (9) TRUNCHEON {TRU{N}{CH}E}{ON}
7   Heart in aromatic kernel (6) TICKER [T]
8   Keeping quiet about severe defeat (6) HIDING [DD]
9   Complicated lines gain title for eggheads (14) INTELLIGENTSIA*
15 Fake jewellery's ending in battered tin chest (9) SYNTHETIC {j...rY} in {TIN+CHEST}*
16 Old one, team's leader, held in honour (8) OBSOLETE {OB{SOL{Team}E}E}
17 Treacherous? Yes, we all converted (8) WEASELLY*
19 Article on boat going north and south continually (6) ALWAYS {A}{LWAY<=}{S}
20 Caper, risky venture by the sound of it (6) GAMBOL (~gamble)
23 Land identified by mate (5) CHINA [DD]



  1. Sunday Samosas are relished! Easier as well as nice one.

  2. Enjoyable Sunday with samosas! Lovely puzzle.

  3. Seen on facebook

    When I was young I was SCARED of the dark,
    Now when I see my electricity bill,
    I am afraid of the LIGHT!!

  4. Enjoyable CW. Missed S by the width of the 'shoulder'. Thankful to the blog for getting a couple of tricky annos.
    China as a mate was new to me. So was Yawl.
    Nice one about the darker side of light! Should we call it a daylight robbery?

  5. Col.
    Thank you for helping me log in to IXL last week. I managed to get some points, though with 2 mistakes and the delay of course.
    'Wa' for king in 9A?

    1. A = a
      Condition =if
      King =k
      Before = position indicator
      Kaif = Katrina Kaif

    2. Though it should have been *after *

    3. Before meaning in front of sounds fine to me

    4. Before does mean 'in front of' so the clue will read 'Actress put a condition "in front of" king' = {A}{IF}{K}

    5. Before as ahead of leads to KAIF. A IF is ahead of K

    6. Thank you Ajeesh. I remember to have got Kaif when I saw 'actress'. I still can't understand how K became a W and I lost it needlessly.

    7. But it's before king not king before

  6. Reposting my yesterday's comment :)

    Hi all,
    We in 1Across have come up with a community grid commemorating the completion of 200 games. The clues are set by our members. Please try it & do give a feedback :)
    Here is the link :

    1. L V Madam, I have submitted the solved grid. Where can I get Grid 1 to 4?

    2. LV: Great cryptic puzzle. very high standard. Kept me wholly occupied with this and the ICL, round six this Sunday in its first half ! Thanks for posting this. Keep up the good work !!

  7. Ajeesh, like I mentioned last Sunday the delayed start time has not made too much of a difference, except in the case of Arvind and Mohan Varghese, who I'm sure have made mistakes to have fallen so far down in the leader board of Round 5

    1. Yes Colonel I made a typo.. Typed Eclat as Ectal.. So got 2 letters wrong!

  8. IXL Round 5

    13 Give the go ahead to a Greek gathering (5) AGREE

    Need annotation please.

    1. I filled in AGORA for the simple reason "The Agora (/ˈæɡərə/; Ancient Greek: Ἀγορά Agorá) was a central spot in ancient Greek city-states. The literal meaning of the word is "gathering place" or ..From Wiki. It affected the other crossing and I had two errors. Yet I got a few points!

  9. hey.. xword grid not yet up on IXL??

    1. Srividya, you may join IXL 15 Facebook page. Organisers giving updates mainly there

  10. ICL Round six did put me in a fix with some four letter words ! Drat !! but managed to fill in and submit successfully . Four letter words are always a curse !!

    1. I too had to use 4 letter words liberally while solving the crossword.

    2. Geez ! another four letter word is my only answer. When four letter words appear, RMDC (another four letter word)genre' creeps in !!