Sunday, 29 November 2015

The Sunday Crossword (2869), Sunday 29 Nov 2015

1   Not coy, working for magnate (6) TYCOON*
4   Man in supreme command (6) BEHEST {BE{HE}ST}
8   Despite reputation, getting behind idiot in drama (15) NOTWITHSTANDING {NO{TWIT}H}{STANDING}
10 Less than appropriate promise (9) UNDERTAKE {UNDER}{TAKE}
11 Arbiter, since retiring, in less danger (5) SAFER {SA}{FER}<=
12 Find clue with odd parts missing? That's useless (4) IDLE {fInD+cLuE}
13 Pal became excited about hot dessert (5,5)  PEACH MELBA* {H} in {PAL+BECAME}*
16 Songwriter taking firm line with journalist, right away (4,6) COLE PORTER {CO}{L}{rE PORTER}
18 Stagger, being wounded – not good (4) STUN STUNg
21 Praise former partner with revolutionary group (5) EXTOL {EX}{TOL<=}
22 Some junk now in garage in the dark (9) UNKNOWING [T]
23 Avoid attracting attention of warlike people running riot (4,1,3,7) KEEP A LOW PROFILE {OF+WARLIKE+PEOPLE}*
24 Head for alpine trail to make this? (6) ASCENT {Al...e}{SCENT} &lit
25 Recall varied stock of wine (6) CELLAR*

1   Facetious language followed by creep with cry of mock horror (6-2-5) TONGUE-IN-CHEEK {TONGUE}-{IN-CH}{EEK}
2   Controlled a nervous movement up in fortress (7) CITADEL {CIT}{A}{DEL}<=
3   Willows and wild roses covering island (6) OSIERS {I} in ROSES*
4   Wash tub's last two articles (5) BATHE {tuB}{A}{THE}
5   Corruption of demon has to be substantial (8) HANDSOME*
6   Learner in boat endlessly going over tips from unconventional expert (7) SKILFUL {SKI{L}Ff}{Un...aL}
7   Bird in display filled with passion (8) WHEATEAR {W{HEAT}EAR}
9   Feminist from different era emerging with hesitation (8,5) GERMAINE GREER {ERA+EMERGING}* {ER}
14 Examinations inhibit us, keeping quiet (5-3) CHECK-UPS {CHECK}-{U{P}S}
15 Wise to restrict pressure before bad overflow (8) SPILLAGE {S{P}{ILL}AGE}
17 Characters in correspondence (7) LETTERS [DD]
19 Test involving iodine, very little (7) TRIVIAL {TR{I}{V}IAL}
20 Sombre doctor stood up (6) MOROSE {MO}{ROSE}
22 Engineer about to reveal submarine (1-4) U-BOAT*



  1. COLE PORTER has stolen away my samosas!

  2. Strange it is a +1. Proper names are difficult to find unless you have some inkling. I was somehow able to dig out Greer thanks to google. (probably the crossings helped me in this search)

  3. May be those of us who are not able to figure out proper names have not paid much attention to participate in Quiz programmes.

  4. Lovely clues today... COLE PORTER was smashing so also 23a ! wow... 9d, 5d.. stunning clues :) Dont know who the setter/setters is/are... but kudos !

    1. Allan Scott used to be the setter for the Guardian Everyman puzzles (the source of The Hindu puzzles on Sundays) till May this year - he set them for 21 years!! I don't know who has taken over from him - CV might know.

  5. Never liked peaches much. And never had a melba of it. Must try it next chance I get.

  6. I entered BRASSE in place of WRASSE taking B as second and overlooking with.

    1. Suresh Garu : Did you not notice my comments last Sunday? I had WRAcked my brain ? That was a small hint ! Covert co-operation and collaboration?

  7. There appears to be a definition mismatch in one of the across clues in the IXL puzzle today. (Either that, or I have got the answer hopelessly wrong!)

    1. Took ages to solve that clue. Hope I got that right.

    2. Which one? Do not answer here. Send me an email

    3. I take back my statement. Collins supports the definition that is used.

  8. ABHAYji : You beat me to the comment ! Finished and submitted successfully today's round. On firsh flush, it looked very daunting but could clear once I got the two long ones . A few took a couple of moments to figure out and sent me up the gum tree !!