Tuesday, 10 November 2015

No 11547, Tuesday 10 Nov 2015, Arden

Finding it difficult to tackle Arden of late.

1   Fresh vote — a signal for proper pedestrian safety (5,5,4) GREEN CROSS CODE {GREEN} {CROSS} {CODE}
10 Carrions feed not on a lake (5) OFFAL {OFF}{A}{L}
11 Half baked, half hearted babble while facing drought (9) BRAINLESS {babBle}{RAINLESS}
12 Land around American city (7) SEATTLE {SE{A}TTLE}
13 A way to enter stage with a bit more refinement (7) TASTIER {T{A}{ST}IER}
14 Ball and socket joint partly comes down (5) LANDS [T]
16 Doctor in a rush, went back (9) RETREATED {RE{TREAT}ED}
19 Lands more tailor fish (3,6) RED SALMON*
20 Solicitor's caught river fish (5) TROUT {T{R}OUT}
22 On Easter, curiously, chaplain's not in (7) PASCHAL CHAPLAinS*
25 In a group, may be men like endless sex... (2,5) EN MASSE {EN M*}{AS}{SEx}
27 ... on time, 11 implications (9) OVERTONES {OVER}{T}{ONES}
28 Flood starts swirling overhead (5) SPATE {Sw...g}{PATE}
29 Sweet subject in front entrance (7,7) TURKISH DELIGHT {TURKISH} {DELIGHT}

2   Held back as soldier ate and had some water (9) REFRAINED {RE}{F{RAIN}ED}
3   Success story involves many who are upwardly mobile (5) ECLAT {E{C}LAT}<=
4   Communication as a vehicle of support and thrust (9) CABLEGRAM {CAB}{LEG}{RAM}
5   Abstract painting's Oscar role (2,3) OP ART {O}{P ART}
6   Growing old makes sense for a change (9) SENESCENT {SENSE*}{CENT}
7   Order to essentially cut reference marks (5) OBELI {OBE}{sLIt}
8   Verbal agreement finally guaranteed (7) ENSURED {EN{SURE}D}
9   Diplomat stopped meeting halfway (6) CONSUL CONSULtation
15 Well, get it hard boiled and have it (9) SPAGHETTI {SPA}{H+GET+IT}* Semi&lit
17 State where river and church get new name (9) TENNESSEE {TE{N}{N}ES}{SEE}
18 With volunteers I chose a correct person to head Government (9) TAOISEACH {TA}{I+CHOSE+A}*
19 Harmony with music and booze (7) RAPPORT {RAP}{PORT}
21 Match shade at different levels (6) TIERED {TIE}{RED}
23 Beastly guide (5) STEER [DD]
24 Meal brought in as usualunchanged around 1 p.m. (5) LUNCH [T]
26 From a sailor emerges a herdsman (5) MASAI [T]



  1. 8 Verbal agreement finally guaranteed (7) ENSURED {EN{SURE}D}

    What is the container indicator in this clue?

  2. Deepavali greetings to all.

    सबको दीपावली की शुभ कामनाएँ

    எல்லோருக்கும் இனிய தீபாவளி நல்வாழ்த்துக்கள்!

    అందరికి దీపావళి శుభాకాంక్షులు

    എല്ലാവര്‍ക്കും സന്തോഷവും ആഹ്ലാതവും നിറഞ്ഞ ദീപാവലി ആശംസകള്‍.

    postscript: Errors and omissions excepted. :)

    1. Thanks Richard. Wishing everyone a happy Deepavali.

  3. Struggled to get close to the finish line. Needed net to get across it.

  4. Struggling near the start line!!

    Wishing everyone a very happy Deepavali with family & friends.
    A big 'Thank you' to all the early greeters.
    Agree 100% with Col.'s byline.

  5. An uphill struggle that was worth all the trouble...a glowing satisfaction after solving each of the clue...en masse bought a smile..while overtones was very devious....a 29 A..

  6. How does one select b fro half hearted 'babble'?

    1. Simple!
      Heart of BAbbLE is bb.
      Half-hearted is b.
      That's all.

    2. Long time yet for me to graduate! Thank you CV.

  7. Happy Diwali to all....had the customary tilli ka tel..shikakai..basin snanam...a Tamil Diwali in the heart of Hindi hinterland...

  8. Replies
    1. Hasten to look up rush or reed in a dictionary.

  9. No issue of TH tomorrow. Any special from Col.?

  10. Thank you CV. I tried for reed and could not not get. After seeing your post, tried 'rush' in Chambers ( not in free dic.) and got it. Requires perseverance and shall try for it in future and not be in a rush for guidance.

  11. Arden's credit line appears to have been missed out.

  12. Yeah tough one. Liked 25A and 19D.

    Happy Deepavali everyone.

  13. A very happy Diwali to ye-all !! Have a great and sparkling day and may God bless ye-all and this blog!!

  14. No one has answered 8:40 comment from Sandhya right at the top

  15. Finally meaning- 'In the end'. Am I right? So, no separate container indicator required.

  16. I may yet graduate !
    Happy Deepavali to all of you