Monday, 16 November 2015

No 11550, Monday 16 Nov 2015, Arden

6   It may be lower wheel at the end of a spur (5) ROWEL*
7   Food for Charles, perhapschild with hope at heart (4,4) LAMB CHOP {LAMB} {CH}{hOPe}
10 Warrior's code made a US President agree to a union (7) BUSHIDO {BUSH}{I DO}
11 Reminisce and go all around rocking the boat (7) GONDOLA {AND+GO}* around {OL<=}
12 Lot to set up in ship (7) FRIGATE {F{RIG}ATE}
13 Bill gets into a fight over tool (7) BRADAWL {AD} in {BRAWL}
14 Methods Anne used were considerably more (3,4,4) AND THEN SOME*
19 Tough delivery (7) BOUNCER [DD]
21 Add a month for workers to be on time (7) AUGMENT {AUG}{MEN}{T}
23 Discern move to reverse (7) RESCIND*
25 Zero chance of one getting a plant (7) OPUNTIA {O}{PUNT}{1}{A}
26 Appoint a representative (8) DELEGATE [DD]
27 Derrick is wearing something sexy (5) HOIST {IS} in {HOT}

1   An emblem promoting a set of tools (8) SWASTIKA {SWAS}{TIK}{A}<=
2   Final note added to the last syllable in a word (6) ULTIMA ULTIMAte
3   A voice will fetch the girl totally (10) ALTOGETHER {ALTO}{GET}{HER}
4   Oddly, some rise in pollution (4) SMOG {SoMe}{OG<=}
5   Got constricted in a capital city (6) BOGOTA {GOT} in {BOA}
6   Say no to polish again (6) REBUFF RE-BUFF
8   Perhaps can vote for change (7) CENTAVO*
9   Some help a man gets to grow a tree (5) MAPLE [T<=]
13 Group has plenty to be outsourced (10) BANGALORED {{GALORE} in {BAND}
15 Flag will come down (7) DECLINE [DD]
16 Thrilling to choose a boy (8) ELECTRIC {ELECT}{RIC}
17 Boat unfit to cross river — give up (5) ABORT {BOAT}* around {R}
18 Sound bearing characteristic (6) STRAIT {S}{TRAIT}
20 Uncommon result in Ireland (6) ULSTER*
22 Such graceless girl will long to get involved with you, I heard (6) GAUCHE {G}{A{U(~you)}CHE}
24 Endlessly play with tot (4) DRAM DRAMa


  1. 5D Got constricted in a capital city (6) BOGOTA {GOT} in {BOA}

    Is CONSTRICTED playing a double role?

    1. Dont think In can play the container indicator role here..

      Hindu online xword not accessible today - my online paper still shows Nov 14th grid :( Hence could not do it. Came here to check out the clues and solutions.. does look like a very enjoyable xword by Arden..lots of lovely charades i see :) Hope the problem corrects itself..

    2. BOA is a constrictor, noun. Constricted?

    3. I took 'constricted' to mean 'held/swallowed/in the grips of a constrictor'.

      In that sense 'Got constricted' to me means 'Got held by boa (constrictor)' which gives BO(GOT)A.

      I don't see a problem parsing it like that. Analogous to what 'rise' in the previous clue implies for 'go up'

  2. Since question has been raised and is under discussion, may I pitch in...
    When I saw the clue and answer, I too had a misgiving.
    'Got constricted in a capital city'
    A capital city is the def
    'in' may be considered as link.
    That leaves us with 'Got constricted'.
    If we take 'got' as content and 'constricted' as inserticator, the question is what is the container?
    I have not said anything new, I have merely approached the clue step by step.
    If the clue had been Got constricted/swallowed by a constrictor/reptile, we will have no prob.
    In the above suggestion whether 'constrictor' will work I am not sure. Because it is either boa constrictor or boa. 'Constrictor' may not suggest 'boa'.
    will 'Reptile got constricted in a capital city' fly?
    The above could suggest GOT was held by BOA.
    I do not agree with Bhavan that 'constricted' suggests held by a boa. For me it's a stretch.
    I have written this merely by way of a discussion on crossword clues and not to detract from the merit of puzzle as a whole.
    And this discussion itself proves that different people look at a clue differently. For some it is satisfying, for some it's not.


    1. It is a stretch by adding BOA. Suppose the clue had 'squeezed' in place of 'constricted' would we still have gone for BOA?

  3. A bouncer.....couldnt sway out of the way...lambchop..bogota.. .centavo..bradawl....all eluded me.....a learning experience no doubt...thanks for the blog & the cw

  4. Thanks everyone for the explanation for CONSTRICTED.

  5. For those who haven't been to the IXL group on Facebook. The latest news is that both BEGAM and BEGUM have been accepted as correct and leaderboard has been revised

    1. RMDC style He stood staring at the WALL or HALL : What the Hell !!!