Thursday, 5 November 2015

No 11543, Thursday 05 Nov 2015, Neyartha

Nice opener from Neyartha. Was informed by Ramesh about the Bears prowling around the grid.

7   Modify signal in speech for the acolyte (5,3) ALTAR BOY (~ alter buoy)
9   Son misplaced the preliminary share certificates with the potato chips (6) CRISPS (-s)CRI(+s)SPS
10 Time lost in endothermic modification by one of the marine invertebrates (10) ECHINODERM ENDOtHERMIC*
11 Repulsive and awkward saint's missing (4) ICKY stICKY
12 Shock delivered by snack seeds from the east (4) STUN <=
13 Ester and gas found behind an old city (8) URETHANE {UR}{ETHANE}
16 Absurd to find lithium and sulphur in the horny part of certain feet being sent back (7) FOOLISH {LI}{S} in {HOOF<=}
18 Bronco goes crazy after ingesting cold  maize by-product(7) CORNCOB {BRONCO+C}*
20 Capital of Hawaii divided by North Korean leaders behind the atoll retreat (8) HELSINKI {H{ELSI<=}{NK}I}
21 Ram's market (4) PUSH [DD]
23 Henry to take the place of the student alone in the London district (4) SOHO SO(-l+h)HO
24 Doctor had fielded with a tall fern (10) FIDDLEHEAD*
25 South American mountain dweller smuggled in the Rio Grande angler (6) ANDEAN [T]
26 World's in trouble as argon gets hoarded by some aggressive military commanders (8) WARLORDS {AR} in {WORLDS}*

1   Eye colour indicative of a moral blemish? (5) BLACK [DD]
2   Composes a priceless ode to certain dishes for astronomers (5,10) RADIO TELESCOPES*
3   Overly excited by Hewlett-Packard employing Yankee with training from the French (5-2) HYPED-UP {H{Y}{PE}{D-U}P}
4   Film covering worthless people (4) SCUM [DD]
5   Does this mean one's social graces have passed examination? (9,6) FINISHING SCHOOL [CD]
6   Funny person embracing female gaining approval to be engaged informally (6,3) SPOKEN FOR {OK}and {F} in {PERSON}*
8   Colour of the butler's report opened with nimbleness initially (5) BROWN Acrostic
14 Eggnog oddly provides self-esteem (3) EGO EgGnOg
15 Prior giving it up for the auditor (9) FOREGOING (~ forgoing)
17 A place in it might be a dominant position (3) SUN [CD]
19 Recline and go under to avoid the king after perjury (3,4) LIE DOWN {LIE} {DrOWN}
21 Cold sulphur getting replaced by phosphorus is influenced by the sun (5) POLAR (-s+p)POLAR
22 Animal's light sleep upset by a notice from the south (5) PANDA {PAN}{DA}<=
24 Venom tooth found in the republic of Angola (4) FANG [T]



  1. 3D- What is D-U? Anything to do with 'from the French'?

    1. Du is from in french. Lovely xword today from Neyarta. missed samosa tho as had hyped up as hyper up :( wasnt thinking :) Has a wonderful spread of clues..charades, hps, anagrams .. did think it had some theme with animals and geography..didnt get at bears tho :) Thanks Colonel for the compiler etc.. could locate the right grid and solve in it :)

    2. The grid was Neyartha 5 in the compilation I sent you

    3. Col. Can you also send me the compilation of grids. Or is there an online location from which I can download ?

    4. I don't think there is any online location for all the grids of all the compilers in one go. Any person can save grid by grid and make a personal collection and sort, though.

    5. Ramesh I will send you the compilation, it is not available online as the grids have been made by me using Crossword Compiler from Puzzlers Cave so they can be opened using that software only which is free to download from Puzzlers cave, at the moment Puzzlers cave site is not loading, I don't know why, however I can send you a link from where the software can be downloaded if required

    6. CVji @9:51 But that will not be an editable grid. From what I can gather, with Col.'s collection, one can solve on the computer

    7. du can be 'of the' 'from the' or 'by the' in French.

    8. Ramesh
      I agree. Col's collection is editable because he has created them with the Puzzlers Cave software. I guess that to use it we must have the sw installed on our machine (right?)
      (Sorry, I find the Col has already mentioned it above.)
      My response didn't take in the editable part, as that was not mentioned in your Comment.
      One can have non-editable collection - indeed a British friend sent me the Guardian crossword blank grids.
      That was several years ago when these SW developments had not taken place.

    9. dowedo has online all the grids its members create using their software (also called crossword compiler).
      If one of us create the grids and put them on their site the entire collection should be available on line.
      One can use any grid by logging on to their account and filling in.
      But identifying the grids may be a problem. I now don't rememebr how the grids are titled in storage. By the complier's title ot by some number allotted by the site.
      To use them

  2. Thank you Neyartha for Samosas! Fourth consecutive day! Happy. The bars are lowered or Am I improving?

  3. This took a long time...foregoing was the last one in...typical Neyartha stuff...some tough ones mixed with a few easy ones...trademark deletions & homophone clues..the long ones nicely done..the bears were nicely concealed..

  4. Thank you all for clarifying the French part.
    Good going. Keep it up.

  5. Since the Puzzlers Cave site is down since the last few days, the crossword compiler from Puzzlers cave can be dowloaded through the following link

  6. Col.

    Can you me the compilation of grids by mail to me? thanks in advance.

  7. Col, To me too.

  8. How does old city relate to UR?

  9. Pl. refer this link-
    It is usually used in CW's.