Thursday, 26 November 2015

No 11559, Thursday 26 Nov 2015, xChequer

Spent two hours on this including an hour on 14A which was the last one in, despite having all the crossings!! Wonder where xC gets all these idioms from. Will ask him over a large jug of beer when we meet tomorrow.

7   A benefit in North America for sickness (6) NAUSEA {N{A}{USE}A}
8   Barge past bishop, wretched fellow (8) BLIGHTER {B}{LIGHTER}
9   Considerably lower closing score at the end of game (8) FEARLESS {FAR LESS} around {scorE}
10 Problem fit to be relieved by social security (6) HASSLE {HA{SS}LE}
11 Fibre in bristles (5) ISTLE [T]
12 Harsh-sounding nag we're told (6) HOARSE (~horse)
14 Attempt to deceive in what women care about gaining publicity (4,3,3,5) COME THE RAW PRAWN {WHAT+WOMEN+CARE}* about {PR}
17 Caution when holding a fine glass vessel (6) CARAFE {CAR{A}{F}E}
18 Liberal phase - crowds honk (5) RALPH [T]
22 Case of upset stomachs left after stomach disorder (6) TUMULT {TUM}{Ups{L}eT}
23 Big shots taking over peg out inconsequential people (8) NOBODIES {NOB{O}{DIE}S}
24 Broken chord perhaps resulting from improvised gig in fancy opera (8) ARPEGGIO {GIG}* in {OPERA}*
25 Bad-tempered when caught out of practice (6) CRUSTY {C}{RUSTY}

1   Exploit America supporting cause, enemy in retreat (4,3,2) MAKE USE OF {MAKE} {US}{E OF<=}
2   Liberal arts academy rejected films of stars (6) ASTRAL [T<=]
3 & 21d  Shocked of course, having gained understanding to a degree (5,5) TAKEN ABACK {TAKEN} {A{BA}CK} (Addendum - {TA{KEN} {A}{BA}CK} - See comments)
4   Intellectual drunk at summit (8) HIGHBROW {HIGH}{BROW}
5   French soldier, conservative, has recurring regrets (8) CHASSEUR {C}{HAS}{SEUR<=}
6   Bank accepting pressure provides response (5) REPLY {RE{P}LY}
8   Absurd spoof on ragged, extremely low singer (5,8) BASSO PROFUNDO*
13 Raising hands, joins bartering events (4,5) SWAP MEETS {SWAP<=} {MEETS}
15 Bars finding chlorine in leaks (8) EXCLUDES {EX{CL}UDES}
16 The patrimony essentially that's evolved over time? Right to be thus described! (8) HERITAGE HERIT{AGE} Anno pending
19 Difficult time? Both losing heart and passion (6) ARDOUR {hARD}{hOUR}
20 Spray without sulphur for crop (5) QUIRT sQUIRT
21 See 3d



  1. The usual excellence from XC.

    16 The patrimony essentially that's evolved over time? Right to be thus described! (8) HERITAGE HERIT{AGE} Anno pending

    (THE + (patr-)I(-mony))* + AGE outside R(ight)

  2. Read, if you like,

  3. After missing another day yesterday, today was exhilarating, extremely challenging & njoyable

    1. vasant, What are the other words from which you swallow the initial 'n' when those words are pronounced as 'enjoyable' is? netertainment? nmity? ndanger? xcellence?

    2. Apologies...typed from gets carried away & use the sms lingo

    3. No need for apols. Was just curious. We are not averse to txting.lang. What say Col?
      Be comfortable, vasant.

    4. No problem as long as I can understand what's being said

    5. Texting language in our blog corrupts the purity of the purpose of cryptic crosswords language ! My BIG NO !!

      Let's stick to clean English; while typographical errors are pardonable .

  4. 3 & 21d Shocked of course, having gained understanding to a degree (5,5) TAKEN ABACK {TAKEN} {A{BA}CK}

    TA{KEN} {A}{BA}CK

    1. That was my anno too

  5. OMG... this one was far more grueling than usual by Xchequer :) Yes more than 2 hours.. Samosas yes but only because of crossings. I could not parse fully - fearless (never thought Game was the def), nobodies (didnt think of nobs and dies) and taken aback (this one about tack and ken was awesum). Thank you Colonel and contributors .. else would not have been able to satisfactorily say finished :) Xchequer wow...