Friday, 27 November 2015

No 11560, Friday 27 Nov 2015, xChequer

7   Outcast, rejected by society, revolts (6) REPELS {REPEL<=}{S}
8   Massive rump entails trousers bursting (8) ERUMPENT [T]
9   Principle round people's housing (8) TENEMENT {TENE{MEN}T}
10 Screams holding son in difficult situations (6) CRISES {CRI{S}ES}
11 Mount Road — topping action (5) STEED {ST}{dEED}
12 View a pit intended to trap an animal (6) WAPITI [T]
14 School so martial, ain't it an autocratic system? (15) TOTALITARIANISM*
17 Display a cutting instrument retracting (6) REVEAL {A} in {REVEL<=}
18 Page by playwright expressing the very idea! (5) PSHAW {P}{SHAW}
22 Import restricted with gold detector (6) SENSOR {SENSe}{OR}
23 Noiseless crowd in Lady Gaga shows — honestly (8) CANDIDLY {CrowD+IN+LADY}*
24 Pitted side against side, head for it (8) SEXINESS {SidE}{XI}{NESS}
25 Not inclined to declare, no surprise in score (6) AVERSE {AVER}{ScorE}

1   It need not upset confinement (9) DETENTION*
2   Leave formally, giving notice covering upcoming month (6) SECEDE {SE{CED<=}E}
3   Sake drunk with presents to one side (5) ASKEW {SAKE*}{W}
4   Focus of gazes in chic uniform, playing squash (8) ZUCCHINI {gaZes+IN+CHIC+U}*
5   Snake, old, holed up in dreadful pain (8) OPHIDIAN {O}{P{HID}IAN*}
6   Oracle taking note of expression of contempt (5) SNEER {S{N}EER}
8   Great sex can save unrestrained, wild excesses (13) EXTRAVAGANCES [GREAT+SEX+CAN+sAVe}*
13 Scheme set to end over lost and found (9) ESTABLISH {SET*}{ABoLISH}
15 Puzzle almost over, moment for the audience (8) ACROSTIC {ACROSs}{TIC(~tick)}
16 Topsy-turvy? Evident; in reverse? Yes, the other way round (8) INVERTED {R} in {EVIDENT}*
19 Cut and dropped without skin in casserole (6) SLICED {SL{Ca...lE}ID}
20 Sculpted attention-grabbing women (5) HEWED {HE{W}ED}
21 Keep on batting, filling in the gap (5) INLAY {IN}{LAY}



  1. Easier than yesterday..Instructive...Classic Wordplay..

  2. Replies
    1. absolutely ! i spent ages on this but am glad i got it at the end of all the effort and time .. patience does pay off if has the commitment and keeps at it... also this time could parse all but Sliced - never thought of taking skin of casserole to make it IC.. kept thinking it is skin of dropped .. god was Zucchini devious :) hats off master puzzler Xchequer..

  3. Why SNEER?
    Let us not be AVERSE to have an open mind. Did the person CANDIDLY REVEAL his inner mind? Do we possess any SENSOR to investigate?
    CRISES can well be avoided if the public do not give room to EXTRAVAGANCES.To ESTABLISH the real intent it would be proper to ask him a question.
    Let us see what he says! May we not lean towards TOTALITARIANISM !!

  4. For commentary on 11a go to

    1. I wrote a post but at the moment I don't see it on the FB page. Let me find out.

  5. Yes.
    Techie qn: How can I prevent pics in THCC (all of them) appearing thereunder?

    1. Since you provided the link to the blog in your post all pictures will show up. Don't add the link just write the title of the blog and try

    2. Thank you. Will keep this in mind.

    3. Even then it will appear. But it can be deleted in the post

  6. Found it a little bit more within reach than yesterday. Enjoyed solving whatever I could and glad I could get near 60%.

    1. +1; It is 75% for me. Stuck up in SE Corner.

  7. This is a follow-up from my 9-01.
    On FB
    I don't see some comments that I saw earlier.
    Will comments on a post appear in two places?
    Suppose one reads a post on their wall, the Comment/reply stays there and suppose one visits the site of he post and comments, those remain there?
    Can anyone clarify?
    Still learning!

    1. Yes, I have traced the early comments.
      It seems Comments posted on the site remain there and Comments posted on someone's Wall (or whatever it is called) remain there.
      This is unacceptable for me as I can't keep track of Comments to my write-up in so many places.