Thursday, 12 January 2017

No 11902, Thursday 12 Jan 2017, Afterdark

1   Solitary husband leaves for money from grant (6) PERMIT (-h+p)PERMIT
4   Break in, interrupt forcibly and release ten somehow (6) IRRUPT InteRRUPT
9   Panel in Oxford led by father (4) DADO {DAD}{Ox...d}
10 Schedule with prophet, key mullah inside dealer in volumes (10) BOOKSELLER {BOOK}{SE{muLLah}ER}
11 Cat seen in central Denmark road (6) MOUSER Anno pending See comments
12 Police officer's violent endgame to nab rogue in the beginning (8) GENDARME {Ro..e} in {ENDGAME}*
13 English erecting building that's strong (9) ENERGETIC* {E}{ERECTING}*
15 Instrument to primarily view moon at the start of lunar eclipse (4) VIOL {View}{IO}{Lu..r}
16 Dad's about to take key step (4) PACE {PA}{C}{E}
17 Routinely State gets silver to procure realty. Routinely? (9) AVERAGELY {AVER}{AG}{rEaLtY}
21 Dress for college's no longer important (8) COVERALL {C}{OVER}{ALL}
22 Bill for 400 Mark, Henry used regularly (6) POSTER POST{hEnRy} Anno pending See comments
24 One in terrible illness and solitude (10) LONELINESS {L{ONE}LINESS*}
25 Drop engineering degree one day (4) BEAD {BE}{A}{D}
26 Bird in hurry to follow time by the hour (6) THRUSH {T}{H}{RUSH}
27 Rely on money instead of foot guard (6) DEPEND DE(-f+p)PEND

1   Group has means to buy bone and couple of eggs (7) PLATOON {PLA{T}{OO}N}
2   Origins of deterioration found around duck Shushi primarily (5) ROOTS {RO{O}T}{Su..i}
3   Subprime crisis; pawn out and pay (7) IMBURSE SUBpRIME*
5   Object to adventures, entertainment shows (6) RESENT [T]
6   Sending data to servers unpaid; log destroyed (9) UPLOADING*
7   Article submitted by scholar has radical answers on law related to heat (7) THERMAL {THE}{R}{MA}{L}
8   Frequent blow-up at house involving latest wife to conceal yield of flower (13) BOUGAINVILLEA {BlOw}{GAIN}{VILL{wifE}A}
14 Criminal scheme to pinch jewelry regularly (9) RACKETEER {RACKET}{jEwElRy}
16 Administrator opposed to playing sport at job centre (7) PROVOST {V}{jOb} in {SPORT}*
18 Reply ready to be shipped across; letters missing initial (7) RIPOSTE {RIP{pOST}E}
19 General overturned advance against downwind (7) LEEWARD {LEE}{DRAW<=}
20 Infants suffer some blood loss, replenished with serum at the heart for disease (6) RABIES (-b+r)RABIES
23 Black market amasses billion (5) SABLE {SA{B}LE}


  1. Post may be incomplete my laptop is having wifi problems

    1. I encountered this problem yesterday and I could not post as the chat box never appeared. I gave up.

    2. I usually post my comments through cell phone except on Sundays..i encounter a lot of problems while posting which i believe is because of internet problems..i generally copy the comments so that i dont have to retype.

  2. Had some problems in NW, esp. platoon.

  3. A quick solve but didnt have that feeling of elation after solving..dont know why..

  4. 11AC: Other than M picked up from central Denmark, ouser can not be annotated.
    So is the case with 22AC.

    1. I think in 11A something went wrong in the intended wp of denMark +cOURSEs

    2. I thought something missing with perhaps roadUSER

  5. The original clue is Cat seen in central Denmark on river road. I don't know how it got mixed up. My cimpiler has this but word doc that I sent doesn't.

    Reg 22AC as per Chambers CW Dictionary P=400 , Mark = OST

    1. Reg 22AC, as per Chambers, P = 400000 and not 400.

      OST is defined as below in Chambers:

      Office of Science and Technology
      Original Soundtrack
      I don't know which is to be taken as authentic

    2. @Koteswara , can you share your mail ID . Will share a screenshot

    3. Thanks Shrikanth, my mail id is
      I have cut and pasted what I have from the online edition here.

  6. Let's say we have set a puzzle in CC. We take a Word doc by copy=pasting all components and keep. Later if we make a change in a clue, then the saved clues need to be copy-pasted in the file that we saved earlier or take a fresh set by Exporting or Copying.
    If we fail to do this there will be discrepancies.

    If we change a clue, OK (clue saved) but fail to Save the file as a whole, again there is likely to be discrepancy.

    I am not suggesting the setter failed to do this; I am only visualising the scenarios.

  7. Col,
    There will be no issue dated Jan 15, which is Sun. TH announcement failed to give the day.

    1. Thanks. Will post the special earlier. Say 6:30 AM