Wednesday, 18 January 2017

No 11907, Wednesday 18 Jan 2017, Gridman

1   No old sweetheart passes over black aristocrat (8) NOBLEMAN {NO}{B}{LEMAN}
5   Routine work is followed by a complaint (6) CHOREA {CHORE}{A}
10 To nearly support every other crop is dangerous stuff (7) TOBACCO {TO}{BACk}{CrOp}
11  A boy holds: "Traitor is not at all consistent" (7) ERRATIC {ER{RAT}IC}
12  Mistreat and Sue will appear (3-3) ILL-USE* How do we remove the W from the fodder (Addendum - (USE)* [RA} - See comments)
13  I look into broken pot for pepper (8) PIMIENTO {I}{MIEN} in {POT}*
15  Conceal animal skin (4) HIDE [DD]
16  Fresh start when the domestic help does her work at night (5,5) CLEAN SLATE {CLEAN S}{LATE}
18 Relax and you'll get the answer (4,2,4) TAKE IT EASY [CD]
20 Boyfriend's 'salaam' heard (4) BEAU (~ bow)
23 Under-10 nips around in this game (8) NINEPINS {NINE}{NIPS*}
24 Stimulating drink for black runner (6) BRACER {B}{RACER}
26 Fix man in silly plaint (7) IMPLANT {I{M}PLANT*}
27 The acre is converted to another measure (7) HECTARE*
28 Get around the girl to see seabird (6) GANNET {G{ANN}ET}
29 Trusted one to convert rubbish (8) DETRITUS {TRUSTED+1}*

1   Possessing no reputation, all the same (15) NOTWITHSTANDING {NOT}{WITH}{STANDING}
2   Sailor and lawyer, taking rest, talked trash (7) BABBLED {B{AB}{BL}ED}
3   Pardon former wife misinterpreting cues (6) EXCUSE {EX}{CUES*}
4   A French refusal in a while (4) ANON {A}{NON}
6   Most difficult, having no time while being most ready to do it (8) HORNIEST tHORNIEST
7   Do a turn perhaps in domed building (7) ROTUNDA*
8   When epilogue comes on, some old Indian coins are tightly packed (2,5,8) AT CLOSE QUARTERS {AT CLOSE} {QUARTERS}
9   Excitedly mediate to claim stainless cup (9) DEMITASSE {DEMITA{SS}E*}
14 Go in turns — you might get a ten (9) ALTERNATE {A+TEN}* [RA]
17 Shift princess' location (8) DISPLACE {DI'S}{PLACE}
19 Chief raja with ATM ID (7) KINGPIN {KING}{PIN}
21 Charm in French mantra (7) ENCHANT {EN}{CHANT}
22 Reportedly more corpulent food merchant (6) GROCER (~ grosser)
25 That woman has nothing that goes on foot (4) SHOE {SH{O}E}



  1. Thought 12A was reverse anagram of Sue

    1. There wouldnt have been any confusion if it had been clued
      Mistreat Sue?(6)

  2. ill, sick USE, will bring on SUE.

  3. Agree with Vasant. That is how I had it.
    Was aware of only pimento- had to google to get the extra I.
    Otherwise an easy run. Demitasse is a favourite with setters! But the bracer in it was elsewhere.

  4. Regarding Martin Demello's post in 1Across about setter's tools..he gave the following link which I checked..quite useful for creating grid & filling the same..till now I have been making grids & filling them manually in microsoft excel..this is a huge relief:
    you should check out qxw! it's a lovely free app to construct grids

    1. Thanks Vasant. May I have your email address please? know that you and Paddy exchanged very recently . I have been compiling in a very antediluvian way and if this is useful, I can jump on to the gridwagon !

    2. Raju: my e-mail id: