Friday, 6 January 2017

No 11897, Friday 06 Jan 2017, Incognito

This tribute has come a bit early :-) 

7   Harry, a person from the NorthEast (4) NAGA {NAG}{A}
8   The last run one requires to get a score a week after the thirteenth (9) TWENTIETH I got as far as 13+7=20
10 State: "Punch after punch endlessly without a trace of compassion” (6) PUNJAB {PUNch}{JAB}
11 Some soldiers install cooling device model in Indian railway (8) INFANTRY {IN}{FAN}{T}{RY}
12 Monster may reform and give me a chair (8) CHIMAERA*
14 At home, with auditor's money? That's natural (6) INBRED {IN}{BRED}(~bread)
16 Bloodbath resulting from vehicle hitting old horse with energy (7) CARNAGE {CAR}{NAG}{E}
18 Urge deviant NGOs to make drinks (7) EGGNOGS {EGG}{NGOS}*
21 Tree planted around National Defence Academy gives perfumed wood (6) SANDAL {SA{NDA}L}
23 Mailed weapon in front of our editor (8) ARMOURED {ARMOUR}{ED}
25 Groggy metaphysician discards ripped panty material resulting in circulation problem (8) ISCHEMIA MEtapHySICIAn*
27 People from Jammu area hound gunners (6) DOGRAS {DOG}{RA'S}
29 University chairman travelled around part of China (9) MANCHURIA {U+CHAIRMAN}*
30 Old weapons like X and Y, may be (4) AXES [DD]

1   Graduate takes public transport to Hong Kong wearing a scarf (8) BABUSHKA {B{A}{BUS}{HK}A}
2   Pilgrimage had a desert journey, for starters (4) HADJ Acrostic
3   Building to house 9 is not rickety (6) STABLE [DD]
4   Last month Indian Military Academy student got this point, perhaps (7) DECIMAL {DEC}{IMA}L}
5   Tough, I hear, to serenade around, eating gluttonously (8) STUFFING (~tough){TUFF} in {SING}
6   Control for 9 during precipitation, I hear (4) REIN (~rain)
9   20 may ride this animal (5) HORSE Definition by example
13 Placed explosive in the ground or removed from the ground? (5) MINED [DD]
15 Some Africans admit soldier to Bangalore University at first (5) BANTU {B{ANT}U}
17 Girl hums around lead player and moves noisily (8) GALUMPHS {GAL}{UM{Pl...r}HS*}
19 South East garden renovation brought forth pineapples (8) GRENADES {SE+GARDEN}*
20 Mounted soldiers from Virginia (in California) get royal salary at last (7) CAVALRY {CA{VA}L}{R}{s...rY}
22 “A sort of tea for a son, Field Marshal Manekshaw” (5) ASSAM {A}{S}{SAM}
24 Mother, a place in Kargil or Chennai? (6) MADRAS {MA}{DRAS}
26 Army man who led first successful Everest expedition may be found in Phuntsholing (4) HUNT [T]
28 Plane gun covers nacelle at first (4) GNAT {GAT} over {Na...e}


  1. As planning a special on a particular day entails scheduling hassles, I decided to have them in the concerned month

  2. Nice puzzle..loved the theme..
    27A:Fond memories of my stay in Jammu revived..learning Dogri was fun & easy as it resembles punjabi in many ways..
    Thanks Incognito

    1. Remember "Bhala sipahiya Dogariya" by Lata Mangeshkar?

    2. Yes.Jammuites are very proud of this..the only Dogri song sung by L.M...they are also proud of "hamara" K.L.Saigal & Maillika Pukhraj

  3. What a great display of military power! Thanks Incognito.

  4. For those not aware Dogras, Assam, Naga, Madras, Punjab are names of some of Infantry Regiment groups in India and Horse and Cavalry are used in the names of some Armoured Regiments

  5. Not too taxing, but quite fun! The one that I couldn't parse today was 8ac TWENTIETH. Overall an enjoyable Crissie. Thanks Incognito.
    BTW I annotated 1dn as BA BUS HK A.

  6. Joining in late to honour the services. Incognito salutes them and we salute him. Thank you.
    Loved the 'stable' house.
    Once a punster always a punster!

  7. Thanks to everyone for solving. Good night...