Thursday 26 January 2017

No 11914, Thursday 26 Jan 2017, Sunnet


1   Refuse to rub engineer at first (6) REBUFF {RE}{BUFF}
4   Ill-treated scab nods & flees (8) ABSCONDS*
10 Perhaps Iberian writer in university is exempted from usual arrangement (9) PENINSULA {PEN}{IN}{USuAL}*
11 Return article to former chess champion of province in South Africa (5) NATAL {AN<=}{TAL}
12 Advertise a flame (5) BLAZE [DD]
13 Before team takes books to chairman (9) PRESIDENT {PRE}{SIDE}{NT}
14 Policeman's dark side is lighter (7) IGNITER {IG}{NITE}{R}
16 Stream turning near daughter's garden (4) YARD {RAY<=}{D}
19 Standard tire (4) FLAG [DD]
21 This one arrives well before time (7) PREEMIE [CD]
24 Nearly try to hold a horse coach (9) CHARABANC {CH{ARAB}ANCe}
25 Use river's right (5) EXERT {EXE}{RT}
26 American's period of employment (5) USAGE {US}{AGE}
27 Foolish Henry and another boy roasted (4-5) HALF-BAKED {H}{ALF}-{BAKED}
28 Iterates about an exposition (8) TREATISE*
29 Assigns a guard to Bob (6) AWARDS {A}{WARD}{S}

1   13 leads this old person around a bar (8) REPUBLIC {RE{PUB}LIC}
2   Pack old coin in a large kerchief (8) BANDANNA {BAND}{ANNA}
3   Pound dishonest trader (5) FENCE [DD]
5   Female supporter's real courage (7) BRAVERY {BRA}{VERY}
6   Improperly coercing English caretaker (9) CONCIERGE {COERCING}*{E}
7   Teachers taking back prize spice (6) NUTMEG {NUT}{GEM<=}
8   Greeting it with an instrument (6) SALUTE {SA}{LUTE}
9   Wire sweater (6) JUMPER [DD]
15 Call a man to charge collector (4,5) TOLL AGENT {TOLL} {A}{GENT}
17 Bade Mark to become a leader (8) AMBEDKAR*
18 Energy surges in chains of amino acids (8) PEPTIDES {PEP}{TIDES}
20 Bites and cuts captured knight (7) GNASHES {G{N}ASHES}
21 Relish trouble (6) PICKLE [DD]
22 Discharge bill and leave (6) ACQUIT {AC}{QUIT}
23 Exhibit dock bridges in the modern age (6) PARADE {PAR{AD}E}
25 Bowler mostly bends this (5) ELBOW BOWLEr* &lit



  1. Greetings to ye-all on India's Republic Day. Have a peaceful day solving crosswords.

  2. Before any one of us could do it, Sunnet had wished us all a happy Republic day!

  3. A nice fluttering Flag, Col. R day could not have started better- Thank you Sunnet & Col.

  4. Happy Republic day.
    Superb puzzle befitting & timely.
    What a lovely blog too!As Paddy mentioned, the fluttering flag heralded the blog.
    Thanks Sunnet and Col.

  5. Happy Republic Day and hope it will be peaceful despite Jagan & Co's protests

  6. 8d What is the logic behind SA?

  7. Please let me know how to appreciate the solution "peninsula".

    1. Perhaps Iberian writer in university is exempted from usual arrangement (9)
      Perhaps Iberian = PENINSULA (definition by example)
      writer = PEN
      in = IN
      university is exempted from usual arrangement = remove U (university) from USUAL and anagram (arrangement is the anagrind) to get SULA
      Hope this helps

    2. Thanks.But how peninsula gets defined as "Iberian"?

    3. Iberian Peninsula like Indian sub-continent

    4. As Ramki said above..Definition by example..Iberian say= Peninsula

  8. Again I can't make head or tail for the answer "Fence"

    1. It is a double definition
      1st definition: Pound: an enclosure; Fence= enclosure
      2nd Defenition: Dishonest trader
      I think simple enough