Monday, 2 January 2017

No 11893, Monday 02 Jan 2017, Arden

9   Excitement returns as model wears something extra (7) EROTISM {M{SIT}ORE}<=
10 Bread and cash, as rejected by God (7) CHALLAH {CasH}{ALLAH}
11 Allowing characters without hesitation (7) LETTING LETTerING
12 Bird fights (7) SPARROW {SPAR}{ROW}
13 Policy's same, if not altered (9) MANIFESTO*
15 Home suitable to invest (5) INDUE {IN}{DUE}
16 Wrong if sales figures are exaggerated (7) FALSIES*
19 Child gets within range of test track (7) SKIDPAN {S{KID}PAN}
20 Go before one could start something mysterious (5) RUNIC {RUN}{1}{Could}
21 Nitrogen gas – without opening can't go up there (2-3,4) NO-FLY ZONE {N}{O-{FLY}ZONE}
25 Pick Harry to get into bed in the plane (7) COCKPIT {CO{PICK*}T}
26 Looking stupidwife and family in silence (7) GAWKING {W}{KIN} in {GAG}
28 Traitor's present, maybe (7) SERPENT*
29 Starts only two days before everything, it's weird (7) ODDBALL {Only}{Day}{Day}{Before}{ALL}

1   No power for light, there is chaos (6) BEDLAM BEDLAMp
2   Refusal to take on an item of food (6)  WONTAN {WON'T}{AN}
3   Way to lock in the car (4) MINI {IN} in {M1}
4   Pictures get in as one fancies (6) IMAGES IMAGinES
5   Criss-cross design – credit should go to the cutter (8) SCISSORS {crISS-CROSS}*
6   Power – Charlie makes way for brother-in-law to show competence (10) CAPABILITY CAPA(-c+bil)BILITY
7   Got angry, disgusted hiding most of the fat (6,2) FLARED UP {F{LARd}ED UP}
8   Can child bearing Indian women prepare this food? (4,4) CHOW MEIN {CH}{I+WOMEN}*
14 Loud music – police allow, say the final drafts (4,6) FAIR COPIES {F}{AIR} {COP{IE}S}
16 Divine force makes a way (8) FORECAST {FORCE}*{A}{ST}
17 Caroline ordered a plant (8) LONICERA* Thanks to Google
18 Holiness can it stay without a new order? (8) SANCTITY {CaN+IT+STAY}*
22 Girls love butter covered meat ball (6) FAGGOT {FA{G}{G}{O}T}
23 Expressing surprise, over the moon is one in Columbus (6) OHIOAN {OH}{IO}{AN}
24 Swamp nice and green at the top, covered in rising smoke (6) ENGULF {N}{Green} in {FLUE}<=
27 West Indies have Bill in the gully (4) WADI {W{AD}I}



  1. Enjoyable difficulties. Liked 21AC and 14DN
    Thanks Arden.

  2. Enjoyable, but tough- as is only to be expected.
    I was able to get quite a few without proper anno. Blog to the rescue as usual.

  3. Lovely puzzle to warm one on a very cold morning here with rain, thunder & lightning...
    Thanks Arden for the puzzle & Col for a very instructive blog

  4. Nice puzzle. Slight improvement. Managed to score 70%. :)

  5. Missed the "plural" trick in the clues given below!
    12a Fights...Spar Row
    29a Days...D D
    22d. Girls...G G
    Felt 12a was a novel one!
    Always learning something new!

    1. I had a smile of satisfaction after getting Sparrow.
      I think Arden is in peak the height of his prowess..which is a treat for all solvers..

  6. Especially liked Sparrow and Serpent

  7. Serpent was a class by itself. Just 3 words and what marvelous surface!

  8. The form aims often may make (9)
    Clue in the Guardian Cryptic today, matches with a solution here.