Friday, 27 January 2017

No 11915, Friday 27 Jan 2017, Arden

6   Observed volume in 7 (5) SEVEN {SE{V}EN}
7   Money order for a mini computer (8) NOTEBOOK {NOTE}{BOOK}
10 Lump it, love something to eat (7) BURRITO {BURR}{IT}{O}
11 Beat with a ruler for conniving (7) WINKING {WIN}{KING}
12 Finally a 180 degree change in the capital (7) ATLANTA {AT)(LA(-s+n)NT}{A}
13 Can do attitude, finally for any man (4,3) JOHN DOE {JOHN} {DO}{a...dE}
14 Marksman will say "I'm covered" (7,4) WILLIAM TELL {WILL}{I}{AM} {TELL}
19 Country allows doublet only for a Turk (7) OTTOMAN {TT}{O} in {OMAN}
21 Death is due, so left (7) ENDOWED {END}{OWED}
23 Refuse bin, initially placed in the workshop (7) GARBAGE {GAR{Bin}AGE}
25 Many a minister rejected wearing a cap (7) SEVERAL {SE{REV<=}AL}
26 Basis of racism in America under one party state (8) COLORADO {COLOR}{A}{DO}
27 Granted with or without study (5) CEDED conCEDED

1   It spills on the beast, as it climbs (8) OVERFLOW {WOLF}<=
2   Flag officer (6) ENSIGN [DD]
3   Indian car turns into a new idea (10) INNOVATION {INNOVA}{INTO*}
4   Way we grow food (4) STEW {ST}{WE<=}
5   Managed to sneak in, I made a replica (6) COPIED {COP{I}ED}
6   Starts using bus within, say the tunnel (6) SUBWAY {S{Us..g}{Bus}{Wi...n}AY}
8   Stop her taking drug, she'll start wailing (7) BANSHEE {BAN}{SH{E}E}
9   Flyer will feel sorry to take off (5) EGRET rEGRET
13 Playing music will hold-up meeting (3,7) JAM SESSION {JAM} {SESSION}
15 Pain, low on the bum makes one leave (7) LUMBAGO {L}{BUM*}{A}{GO}
16 Feeling sad to classify something as inferior (3-5) LOW-GRADE {LOW}-{GRADE}
17 Not allowed in country? (5) CONGO {CON}{GO}

18 Wooly headed middle class — doubled and went ahead (6) ADDLED {clAss}{DD}{LED} DD from Double D
20 No back up for fish (6) TARPON {NO}{PRAT}<=
22 Plan to cut work by half — it's a crime (6) DEVICE {DEed}{VICE}
24 Drive through Iceland (4) ELAN [T]



  1. Loved this offering..both the doubles were nicely done
    Thanks Arden & Col

  2. not allowed in country ? NO GO + C for country?

    John Doe and COLORADO are well formulated.

    as usual,a simple but elusive one from Arden

    1. Con+go as Col has parsed it
      Con= against as in pros & cons

    2. Country isnt is definition= congo..

    3. Thanks. Yet, the cluing was a bit too uncryptic and weird ! It should be unambiguous as I took NO GO +C for country. Country doubled up for c for country anc congo for country as a nation . IN was the decoy could have been IN . My 'beef' could be another's steak !

    4. correction :IN was the decoy; could have been FOR.

    5. raju, you read the clue in an ambiguous way that was not intended by the setter and somehow it is the setter's fault? How does that work?

  3. Had several aha moments.. 😀 John does rather beautiful..also William tell .. and of course the 180 degree device.. BTW you is prat = back.?

  4. Arden double-crossed me with DOUBLET & DOUBLED! :-(

  5. Like a double in Bridge, DD seems to be a challenge. Nicely done along with Colorado.

  6. Loved William Tell, John Doe and Jam Session. Enjoyable grid

  7. I'll not be visible for the next two days as I am attending the Golden Jubilee of my school batch at Coimbatore/Annaikatty