Wednesday, 4 January 2017

No 11895, Wednesday 04 Jan 2017, Arden

1   Lets boy to move slow (6) ALLOWS {AL}{SLOW*}
4   Fools stay at home, he takes them out (8) ASSASSIN {ASS}{ASS}{IN}
9   Keep in touch when one is breaking a story (6) LIAISE {1} in {A+LIES}*
10 Gates say, managed one from Europe (8) ANDORRAN {AND}{OR}{RAN}
12 Terrible way to reject quote (8) PATHETIC {PATH}{CITE<=}
13 Quiet in Indian city, voice heard here in Greece (6) DELPHI {DEL{P}HI}
15 Talk about returning bribe — is fit to stand trial (6,6) COMPOS MENTIS {COM{SOP<=} MENT}{IS}
18 Left with no interest in play — wrong thing for play (7,5) TWELFTH NIGHT {LEFT+WiTH}* {THING}*
21 For zero charge, takes one to China (6) ORIENT {0}{R{1}ENT}
22 Intelligent people reject public transport in place (5,3) SMART SET {TRAMS<=} {SET}
24 Roger, come back at eight — first set off (8) DETONATE {NOTED<=}{AT}{Eight}
25 Compelling businessman (6) COGENT {CO}{GENT}
26 Choose a boy, it's a very small matter (8) ELECTRON {ELECT}{RON}
27 No point being sleepless here in Italy (6) NAPLES {NAP LESs}

1   Cook special meal, finally add this (8) ALLSPICE {SPECIAL+meaL}*  &lit
2   How long does it take to get ahead, before you give up? (4,4) LEAD TIME {LEAD} {EMIT<=}
3   Santa went to town spreading good message (5,3,4,3) WASTE NOT WANT NOT* My COD
5   It may go down in the kitchen (4) SINK [DD]
6   Manage six an overare on a fast depleting condition (8,7) ANOREXIA NERVOSA*
7   Fight till the end, it's great, they say (6) SCRAPE {SCRAP}{thE} Definition not clear See comments
8   Diplomat perhaps has interest in sister company (6) NUNCIO {NUN{C{I}O}
11 Milling around the bar (7) GINMILL*
14 State not named over the years as a subject of study (7) ANATOMY {MOnTANA<=}{Y}
16 Push and she will break easily (8) EGGSHELL {EGG}{SHE'LL}
17 Countries without trade union laws (8) STATUTES {STA{TU}TES}
19 Novice goes for classy pet food (6) ?O?D?E (Addendum - FONDUE - FOND(-l+u)UE - See comments)
20 Through true representation, lost a good thing (6) VIRTUE {VIa}{TRUE*}
23 German material, essentially (4) OTTO cOTTOn



  1. 19 Novice goes for classy pet food (6) ?O?D?E

    FONDUE ... fondle with L going for U

  2. Replies
    1. Great KKR! So, fight is the definition

    2. Vasant - Re 7dn - 'Fight' is not the def. It is part of wordplay (scrap (fight) + E). The def is homophone of 'great' - 'grate' ('scrape')

    3. Yes Sir..had wanted to correct that..thanks..nice to see you here once again..Happy New Year

  3. Anorexia..., compos... exploring new territories. well clued as usual but well disguised as well.
    Setter's name not mentioned in the first post.
    For those who missed it- pl. see PP's comments in yesterday's blog.

    1. Setters name will be there in the body of the post and not in the Title

    2. Good to see Mrs.PP's message & what a nice message it was!

    3. Still monkeying around? Tut, tut!

    4. PP, be it Madurai/Chennai/Bangalore, we would like to see you here more regularly.

      Starting today we have started posting the Unsolved clues and grid here, so there is no need to go looking for a paper. The unsolved clues and grid will be available till 8:30 AM

    5. Of course I love to peep in to watch the interesting interactions, Colonel! But how far I can succeed in shaking off my lethargy towards solving is very doubtful!!!

  4. Good message 3D..6D also not hard to get..16A wp was so clear that it fell easily..last in was fondue & parsed as Bhavan had done..overall a very nice puzzle..special thanks to Col for the clues..

  5. If an &lit clue is defined as one where the entire clue is both a definition and a cryptic clue, can 3D be classified as one?

  6. In a typical &Lit clue we have to reread the clue for def. Here 'good message' seems to stand out as def. in what may be a simple anag clue. No rereading of clue is involved to see the def.

    1. I feel 1D is more suited to be called an &lit

  7. Thank you Kishore. I had missed it.