Tuesday, 10 January 2017

No 11900, Tuesday 10 Jan 2017, Vulcan

1   Drops good news for a change (4,4) GOES DOWN*
5   Reputation of The Pleasure Garden (6) REGARD [T]
10 Poet gets very sick on reaching terminal of the city (9) NASHVILLE {NASH}{V}{ILL}{thE}
11 Leaves rather shortly before the start of show (5) QUITS {QUITe}{Show}
12 Twister time, in this season it happens early (6) TWINER (+t)WIN(-t)ER
13 One in LA, it could be this (7) INITIAL {1+IN+LA+IT}* This/Initial?
14 Harmful material smuggled into Indiana and Illinois (8) INIMICAL {IN}{I{MICA}L}
15 To some extent, made sister give up (6) DESIST [T]
18 A1 US lawyer, Native American (6) ONEIDA {ONE}{1}{DA}
20 Reveal market leader's lies about rewards program (3,5) AIR MILES {AIR} {Ma...t}{LIES*}
22 With king stuck in a section, it gets tricky (7) AWKWARD {A}{W}{K}{WARD}
25 River's name, one passing Europe basically (6) DANUBE {D{AN}UB}{Eu...e}
27 Angry after lift fails to start (5) IRATE pIRATE
28 Error by an individual turning into something explosive (5,4) BOOBY TRAP {BOOB}{Y TRAP<=}
29 Cheerfulness shown by girl, one that's typically disheartened (6) GAIETY {G}{A}{IE}{Ty...lY}
30 Plates with good sieves (8) GRIDDLES {G}{RIDDLES}

1   Bunch of Pagan gods (4) GANG [T]
2   Once ordered this bar's Welsh Rarebit (9) ERSTWHILE {WELSH+RarEbIT}* Not sure if the wordplay is correct for this anno See comments
3   Artist in India with CV that's exceptional (2,5) DA VINCI {INDIA+CV}*
4   Good, mostly willing to become educated (4-4) WELL-READ {WELL}-{READy}
6   Gentleman that appears in Spanish papers (7) ESQUIRE {ES}{QUIRE} Anno for ES not clear. E and S, both for Spanish?
7   Bail out the individual primarily having strong defence (5) ALIBI {BAIL}*{In...l}
8   Tales and odes about deserts (9) DESOLATES*
9   This monster is still seen on the island (4) YETI {YET}{I}
14 Separating from others? It is a long shot (9) ISOLATING*
16 Current proposal overturned by real jerks — that's narrowminded (9) ILLIBERAL {I}{BILL<=}{REAL*}
17 Owl a bird, Bats — mammal (4,4) WILD BOAR*
19 Variant of a drink found in dictionary (7) DIALECT {DI{ALE}CT}
21 Wealthy setter hoarding old currency turned up, got arrested eventually (7) MONEYED {M{O}{YEN<=}E}{a...eD}
23 Colour or the fabric? (5) KHAKI [DD]
24 This money of yours isn't exactly yours (4) DEBT ?
26 Musical work from top Ustad (4) OPUS [T]



  1. 13a one could be this -> initial (starting)

    1. One is part of the anagram fodder

    2. Is it possible that L & A are initials? Not resorting to anagram.

  2. Nice one from Vulcan.

    DESOLATES- deserts- very unusual. Desolation, desolate etc , yes . never found used in plural. Can someone use this in a sentence ?

    1. Desolate could also be used as verb and I found Free Dic. has listed it. Then it fits.

    2. Yes, if the intention in wp is verb but it looks like noun. Desolate could either be adjective or verb.

    3. I just took about as Anind and 'tales' & 'odes' as fodder. That way, 'deserts' does not indicate a noun or verb- just def. I may be wrong.

  3. Satisfactory solve. Had the same doubts about the clues you mentioned Col!

  4. Found it tough all the way..struggled in particular for Nashville(the poet Ogden Nash was very elusive until the S in erstwhile clicked)..ditto for good old Leonardo..Esquire..inimical..et al were got with lot of struggle

  5. I too found it tough, but somehow was able to get Nashville. Had a few blanks.

  6. 2D Anagram of THI (bar's meaning removal of s) WELSH and R (a bit of rare)

    1. Doesnt add up to erstwhile

    2. I was trying compound anagram but that too doesnt match

    3. erstwhile bar -> welsh rarebit

    4. That means-
      (Erstwhile bar)*=> Welsh rarebit.
      Am I right? Composite anagram?

  7. Returned to this site after a long break. What do the others here feel about the answers being printed on the same day, and same page? I don't like that. Also, the way the clues are printed takes some getting used to.

    1. Welcome back..
      I have no choice but to do the puzzle in computer(excel) as I dont get the print edition..others who do including Mrs.PP feel it is the most irritating aspect(answers on the same day)

  8. We have been crying hoarse about both for a long while and gave up. Good that you are renewing it after a break. Welcome.

    1. The crying died down with me. After I started solving the Guarding crosswords regularly, where the answer would be revealed on request, I took it for granted.
      So, I take the clues but not the grid in the online paper and start solving daily. Thanks for the huge collection of grids by various setters sent by Vasant, I quickly start solving it.
      The only thing I wish the Hindu to stop in the grid-please stop changing the colour of the letter entered to RED immediately flashing that it is wrong. This seriously kills the thrill. This feature is not there fortunately in the Guardian.
      I think this can be incorporated.

  9. I think this practically amounts de- incorporation (If I may say so) of an unwanted feature, which can be easily corrected. Where there is a will....