Friday, 20 January 2017

No 11909, Friday 20 Jan 2017, Gridman

1   Agitated trainer detains one physician ahead for being dogmatic (11) DOCTRINAIRE {DOC}{TR{1}NAIRE*}
9   Coax The Hindu to entertain His Excellency and journalist (student) (7) WHEEDLE {W{HE}{ED}{L}E} WE for The Hindu? See comments
10 Step by step, by degrees (7) GRADUAL [E]
11 One who would love to have a gander? (5) GOOSE [CD]
12 One of two who resemble each other (4-5) LOOK-ALIKE [CD]
13 Let in – or let on? (5) ADMIT [DD]
15 Great! That woman's beginning to overtake Spiderman, for example (9) SUPERHERO {SUPER}{HER}{Ov...e}
18 Staying power needed to finish university course admitting a little naughtiness (9) ENDURANCE {END}{U}{RA{Na...s}CE}
21 Playwright turns ashen (5) NASHE*
22 Family at English city in massacre (9) BLOODBATH {BLOOD}{BATH}
24 Got on with female, a Communist (5) FARED {F}{A}{RED}
26 Sort out ragbag on Oriental rubbish (7) GARBAGE {RAGBAG}*{E}
27 New Indian transforms as Desh ki Beti (7) NANDINI {N}{INDIAN*}
28 Extra emcees represent atypical example (7,4) EXTREME CASE*

1   Belittle depressed class? Dead wrong! Improper! (9) DOWNGRADE* (and {DOWN}{GRADE} - See comments)
2   Commanding Officer has reportedly perused set of beliefs (5) CREDO (~read){RED} in {CO}
3   Such a day is important, having reportedly studied correspondence (3-6) RED-LETTER (~ read letter)
4   Want the French sewing-kit items (7) NEEDLES {NEED}{LES}
5   Cliquey set's pouring out (7) INGROUP*
6   Foreigner's account of Jamaican reggae singer (5) ETANA {ET}{ANA} Had to cheat for this last one
7   Trade concern (8) BUSINESS [DD]
8   Run away with little jumper, say (4) FLEE (~ flea)
14 Ordinary setter's one possessed by 2 madly (8) MEDIOCRE {ME} with {1} in {CREDO}*
16 Call receiver for comprehensive barrier (4,5) RING FENCE {RING} {FENCE}
17 Excessive activity across road (9) OVERDRIVE {OVER}{DRIVE}
19 Eastern circus most available (7) NEAREST*
20 Improve opponents' fortune limitlessly (7) ENHANCE {EN}{cHANCE}
22 What lizards like — what computer programmers hate (4) BUGS [DD]
23 Physician to take off cover (5) DRAPE {DR}{APE}
25 Indian dish for one in Indian chariot (5) RAITA {RA{1}TA}



  1. 25DN: RAITA
    Gridman gave similar clue in his 25th October 2016 grid. I asked him in which dictionary I can find RATA as the meaning for Indian Rath. Unfortunately, I didn't get his response then.
    I hope he will clarify at least now.

    1. "Rata (Sanskrit 'ratha') is an ordinary chariot as well as a winged chariot of the gods."
      I relied on my understanding and some look-up in US crossword dictionaries. Now, after your query, I looked up Google and found the above.
      Generally I strive to write a different clue for a given word used already. I shall try not to use this off-beat spelling of a Sanskrit word. Maybe if it is 'ratha', you wouldn't have any reservation.

  2. There's something unusual in wordplay in 1 ac. Anyone?

    1. Two-in-one?

      Belittle = def

      depressed = down
      class = grade

      (dead wrong)*

    2. I was looking for something unusual in 1 Across as mentioned by CV Sir@8:39

  3. 9A:We for Hindu? Yes..quite common in English cryptic puzzles..came across this yesterday in Guardian..also found it being used in Times giardian it was clued W(AB)E..

    1. Guardian clue:
      Boatman in the Guardian, home of slithy toves (4)
      Guardian= We
      Boatman= AB

    2. BTW yesterday's Guardian puzzle was by Boatman: a themed puzzle..all theme words were from the poem Jaberwoke from Lewis Carol's Alice: Through the looking glass

  4. 27A: Since when has Gridman started seeing Hindi soaps?

    1. Or as is the case with most husbands forced to watch because wife watches the serials

    2. My wife is addicted to TV as I am addicted to the PC And she watches Tamil/Kannada/Hindi/Bengali channels and anything that I pick up from the TV must be when I stray into the front room from my study.
      Your sister might know of her fondness for Hindi and Bengali. The ability brings some benefits to my wife when she uses it to her advantage (even if it is the sari seller from Surat, ha, ha, ha).
      BTW, don't you ever come to Madras? Please do let me know when you visit next.

    3. You guessed it right before I completed my writing and posted it.

    4. Yes Sir I guessed as you had mentioned your wife's interest in Indian languages..
      I do come to Madras..but since last 3 years it has been only once in December 2015 & that too on a tragic occasion..will inform you during my next visit

    5. I would like to meet you too.
      I think this should hold good for any of our bloggers visiting Chennai from outstation. This would help us keep in touch. Had occasion to meet Raghunath along with Gridman once and enjoyed the meet.

    6. I hope Vasi Sir is not watching Telugu serials.
      We have Nandini Vs. Nandini soap going on here.

    7. Paddy shall inform you & others.
      I would be most elated to meet CV Sir, you & all here.

  5. A typical Gridman puzzle and guaranteed pleasure as always! 😊

  6. If anyone is interested in solving my Telugu grid, please follow the link:

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    2. MB Sir: how do you paste the smiley at the end of sentence?

    3. I can't see the smiley- I get only a blank square.

    4. Have no clear idea, Vasant! A few smiley pics are seen in my (smart) phone and I just select and post it along with the comment.

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  8. MB,
    Half baked knowledge, esp. in language, could sometimes be dangerous and should be used only in circles where you would not be mistaken even if one makes a blunder. I just tried out from what I have heard.