Saturday, 21 January 2017

No 11910, Saturday 21 Jan 2017, Buzzer


1. In the existing circumstances what's rest? (2,2,2) AS IT IS {A SIT IS}
5. It gives encouragement when training after training has walk beginning to falter (3,4) PEP TALK {PE}{P T}{wALK}
9. Perhaps fresh-new adieu heading out of Essen (3,11) AUF WIEDERSEHEN {FRESH+NEW+ADIEU+Essen}* &lit
11. Close call, extremely on edge (6) CLINCH {CalL}{INCH}
12. Happy about umpire out in the middle (8) CAREFREE {CA}{RE FeREE}
13. Cold water in half formed clouds (5) CIRRI {C}{IRRIgate}
14. Swell time no good to return to initial position (9) BOOMERANG {BOOM}{ERA}{N}{G}
16. He tears up, crying a river (9) EUPHRATES {HE+TEARS+UP}*
18. Exhaust a bore filling drum (5) TABOR (T)
20. Master's degree woman professor is in love with (6,2) MASHED ON {MA}{SHE}{D ON}
22. Pierce is one man portraying spy essentially (6) IMPALE {I}{M{sPy}ALE}
24. Dead are so // cool (3,2,4,5) OUT OF THIS WORLD (DD)
25. Arabic ways, right to left in a magazine (7) ARSENAL {AR}{LANES<=}
26. Sort of engine on elevated railway conks out (6) DIESEL {DIES}{EL}


2. Dish one's dipping into is more fresh (7) SAUCIER {SAUC{I}ER}
3. Former official, a judge seen round private clubs (4,5) TOWN CRIER {T{OWN} {C}RIER}
4. Say-so showing constant bias (4) SKEW {~SEW} around {K}
5. Hunters before throwing darts gathered round (9) PREDATORS {PRE}{DARTS*} around {O}
6. Cement mixture (5) PASTE (DD)
7. Spiritual leader is cautious entering support group for drunks (7) ACHARYA {A{CHARY}A}

8. More helpful drawing-in information for a children's class (12) KINDERGARTEN {KINDER}{G{ART}EN}
10. Going around Med/Corsica over a float (3-5,4) ICE-CREAM SODA {MED+CORSCIA}* around {A}

14. Engagement that is trouble for both later (9) BETROTHAL {BOTH+LATER}*
15. Unprepared for one-time casual worker having nothing on (9) EXTEMPORE {EX}{TEMP}{O}{RE}
17. Envelope set aside, containing old money (7) PESETAS (T)

19. One needs to get a feel for this language (7) BRAILLE (CD)
21. Charming selfie, one off-limits (5) ELFIN {sELFIe}{oNe}
23. Old and every so often unsteady (4) USED {UnStEaDy}

Training=PE, Training=PT, About=Ca, Cold=C, Time=Era, No=N, Good=G, Master's degree=MA, Woman=She, Professor=Don, One=I, Man=Male, Arabic=Ar, Elevated railway=EL
Clubs=C, Constant=K, Round=O, Support group for drunks=AA (Alcoholic Anonymous), Drawing=Art, Information=Gen, One-time=Ex, Casual worker=Temp, Nothing=O, On=Re

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  1. Loved this puzzle.LOI was 9A.
    Thanks Buzzer and Ramesh

  2. Nice enjoyable CW. Thank you Buzzer & Ramesh for the colourful blog.
    KKR- It happens when there are 2 E's. I just checked that it was one letter short and did not go beyond that, since adieu directly led to it. Refresher for a little German that I learnt decades ago.

    1. Paddy, I think you were referring to 9AC.
      My point was on 10DN.

  3. Yesterday we had desh ki beti & today we have acharya..the indian references make the puzzle our own

  4. Very nice clues. Liked 14D and 19D the best. Could not anno 13A till I saw the blog!

  5. I had a query about anno for 13a. After a moment's hesitation I had the bulb shining and gave it over the phone. We can't get it unless we see 'water' as verb in wordplay. Very cleverly written clue.

  6. Cold water in half formed clouds (5)
    I would have liked half formed (adj) to be hyphened.
    Many of us would know 'cirrus' but may not be familiar with the plural form.

  7. Nice puzzle! Missed out on 9 & 20 across.

  8. Somebody tell The Hindu not to publish answers on the same day!!