Thursday, 5 January 2017

No 11896, Thursday 05 Jan 2017, Incognito

If there is something hidden, I couldn't find it.

7   Spanish painter is unknown in Indian state (4) GOYA {GO{Y}A}
8   Logic to limit beer (9) RATIONALE {RATION}{ALE}
10 Entertained an inspiration in these times (6) AMUSED {A{MUSE}D}
11 Person without knowledge is coasting about (8) AGNOSTIC*
12 Inventor's candid and primarily likes inventing nutcrackers (8) FRANKLIN {FRANK}{Li..s}{In...g}{Nu...s}
14 Middlemen take just one rupee and give fishes (6) TROUTS {T{R}OUTS}
16 Endangered, Joan of Arc was burnt here (2,5) AT STAKE [DD]
18 Ask them to rearrange letters for Ipkiss (3,4) THE MASK*
21 Give the French a name (6) HANDLE {HAND}{LE}
23 Communist upset an international humanitarian organisation's emblem (3,5) RED CROSS {RED} {CROSS}
25 Guilty person melts down and misleads (8) CONFUSES {CON}{FUSES}
27 Insensitive to add a bit of toxin to get an anteater (6) NUMBAT {NUMB}{A}{To..n}
29 Dungeon of Calcutta from where not even light can escape (5,4) BLACK HOLE [DD]
30 Columbus sailed with her hidden message in a crossword (4) NINA [DD]

1   Nonsense! British soldier is above decomposition (8) TOMMYROT {TOMMY}{ROT}
2   Cigarettes for school underlings (4) FAGS [DD]
3   Nuptial arrangement of ribald characters (6) BRIDAL*
4   Bits of music heard on road over waterfall (7) STRAINS {ST}{RAINS}
5   Uppermost incision in wood of best quality (3-5) TOP-NOTCH {TOP}-{NOTCH}
6   Seeds that are usually sown wildly in youth (4) OATS [CD]
9   Announcement of law found in a Chinese dictionary (5) EDICT [T]
13 Well known that little Theodore was absent (5) NOTED {NO}{TED}
15 Snails in possession of liquor merchants (5) ORMER [T]
17 Preserve liquor as a collectible item (8) KEEPSAKE {KEEP}{SAKE}
19 Endures blots around America (8) SUSTAINS {S{US}TAINS}
20 English city where sorbitol was processed after removing oxygen (7) BRISTOL SoRBITOL*
22 Nuclear device found inside a Bombay duck (1-4) A-BOMB [T]
24 Red came back and captured tavern to get a meal (6) DINNER {D{INN}ER<=}
26 Standard plant (4) FLAG [DD]
28 Little time for king to get fur (4) MINK {MIN}{K}



  1. Smooth sailing and a happy solve! Thanks Incognito!

  2. KKR refer your remarks on the Unsolved Clues post , what I will do is I will keep the unsolved Clues and grid post till 6 PM in the evening but only on days when the Interactive version is not available on the Hindu website.
    Since the interactive version is available today, I am deleting that post

    1. Opinion of CV on the unsolved clues post which will be deleted now

      "My own opinion is that it's an interim arrangement, making available, by some extra work, the grid and clues for those who do not subscribe to e-Paper and who can't wait till the feature is available widely on the Web edition. Once it is on the paper's site, I think we must expect solvers to go there. The prime source cannot and should not be ignored altogether. "

    2. I didnt read KKR's opinion but reading yours & CV Sir's comments I get the hang of personal opinion would match that of KKR's..if clues remain in the post, it would help those solvers to solve who couldnt get to the puzzle till 8.30(it happens many times to me when I have to go early for some exigency at work)..but your solution would b best..on those days when the ia version doesnt appear the clues r available for everyone to solve till 6 pm

  3. A walk in the park, but an interesting one as is to be expected from Incognito. Enjoyed doing it and thank you.
    The Columbus Nina was good!
    Wondered for a moment if there is a typo- a missing L- in Ipkiss,before the wordplay settled it, confirmed by Google of course.

    1. I got The Mask as I am forced to watch the rerun of the movie everytime it comes daughter being a huge fan of Jim Carey

    2. What a movie! Enjoyed watching it a few times over- the original and its Tamil version,Avvai Shanmughi with our own local embellishments.

    3. I think avai shanmughi is a different movie..the original movie starring Robin Williams

    4. That was Mrs. Doubtfire by Robin Williams

    5. Yes, I got a little confused. I remember the Mask now which he finally throws away after a lot of adventures with it. Both movies were very good.

  4. Typical Incognito puzzle..feature of his puzzles are topical ninas & themes..the puzzles per se are simple but the x factor in them make them even without the x factor the puzzle was interesting..thanks Incognito

  5. Thanks Incognito for the smooth ride.
    Expected some hidden theme and tried few thoughts like Black hole, Nina. But couldn't get any rationale!!!

    1. Have any quantity of ale you wish, there is no rationale or hidden stuff in this one

  6. Easy and enjoyable as usual, my favourite 10A.Thanks Incognito