Sunday, 29 January 2017

The Sunday Crossword, Sunday 29 Jan 2017

1   Fruitful development of clearest system for measuring quakes (7,5) RICHTER SCALE {RICH}{TER SCALE*}
9   Bound to turn round new board (5) PANEL {N} in {LEAP<=}
10 Justify being very mean (9) VINDICATE {V}{INDICATE}
11 Overthrow leader in disgrace and rest, right away (6) DEPOSE {Di...e}{rEPOSE}
12 Lion grew terribly menacing (8) LOWERING*
14 Make more efficient version of metal siren (10) STREAMLINE*
15 Benefit from place with our team (4) PLUS {PL}{US}
17 Curse love at end of speech (4) OATH {O}{AT}{s...cH}
18 Aspect of expert in person (4,2,4) FACE TO FACE {FACE T}{O F}{ACE}
20 Recurring image about revolutionary party with rage (8) PERIODIC {P{IRE<=}{DO<=}IC}
21 Son takes out gifts (6) SKILLS {S}{KILLS}
24 Promise to get gold back, surrounded by relative support (9) GUARANTEE {G{AU<=}RAN}{TEE}
25 Pin in shadow, elusive (5) DOWEL [T]
26 Sentimental stuff I start about bygone pie (7,5) CORNISH PASTY {CORN}{I}{SH {PAST}Y}

1   Express rebuke over identification (5) RAPID {RAP}{ID}
2   Scheming and playing ironic part also (14) CONSPIRATORIAL*
3   Chap after endless chat is showing charm (8) TALISMAN {TALk}{IS}{MAN}
4   Party needing some extra vehicles (4) RAVE [T]
5   Baffled fool set up (10) CONFOUNDED {CON}{FOUNDED}
6   Dally with one in group with hesitation (6) LOITER {LO{1}T}{ER}
7   Actor wades in, ideally trained (6,3-5) DANIEL DAY-LEWIS*
8   Song in clip with guys dancing with energy (5,3) PEGGY SUE {PEG}{GY SU*}{E}

13 Shabby field with portion over time engulfed by marsh (4-6) FLEA-BITTEN {F{LEA}-{BIT}{T}EN}
14 Work quietly during present strike (8) STOPPAGE {ST{OP}{P}AGE}
16 Invented company with approval excited dupe (6,2) COOKED UP {CO}{OK}{ED UP*}
19 Recording absorbing account in principality (6) MONACO {MON{AC}O}
22 Odds on bet spread out (5) SPLAY {SP}{LAY}
23 Not so much praise without bishop (4) LESS bLESS


  1. What is "Annaikatty" mentioned in the label?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. ANNAIKATTY must be the hill station.