Saturday, 14 January 2017

No 11904, Saturday 14 Jan 2017, Skulldugger

Happy Pongal/Sankranti to all


1. Say, cricket's trendy subdivision (6) INSECT {IN}{SECT}
4. Uncommon stigma these days (6) SCARCE {SCAR}{CE}
9. Gesture made with salutation (4) WAVE {W}{AVE}
10. Interminable denigration after upheaval began (10) ORIGINATED {DENIGRATIOn}*
11. Stanislavski's sestina displays many a light touch (6) KISSES (T)
12. Wife broke up ten couples in a decade (8) TWENTIES {T{W}EN}{TIES}
13. Eliminating welfare finally to intensify depression for helpless (9) DEPENDENT {DEePEN}{DENT}
15. Rule observed in revolutionary convent: no women (4) WONT (T<=)
16. Glimpsed by stage by the audience (4) SEEN {~SCENE}
17. Taking for granted that drinking involves mouth (9) SUPPOSING {SUPP{OS}ING}
21. Unconventional folks treated snakebite with amputation (8) BEATNIKS {SNAKEBITe}*

22. More ill-advised slice of bacon (6) RASHER (DD)
24. The edge of outer space! (10) ATMOSPHERE (E)
25. Cancel labour at bottom of mine shaft (4) AXLE {AX}{L}{minE}
26. More sunny but frostier following frostier drop (6) ROSIER {fROStIER} FT from Frostier?
27. Spasmodic throes, then rest (6) OTHERS {THROES}*


1. Fancy enigma concocted by setter (7) IMAGINE {I}{ENIGMA*}
2. Looks like joint's under construction (5)  SEEMS {~SEAMS} "Under construction' is the homophone indicator?
3. Burdened with a crucifix! (7) CROSSED (DD)
5. Acerbic emcees regularly appearing in appalling acts (6) CRIMES {aCeRbIc}{eMcEeS}
6. They might have to do with synthesising cations (9) REACTIONS {RE}{CATIONS*} &lit
7. Trace amounts of Hydrogen and Moscovium, say (7) ELEMENT (DD)
8. Using it, did she corrupt noble? (13) DISTINGUISHED {USING+IT+DID+SHE}*
14. They might neutralise a charge (9) ELECTRONS (CD)
16. Screening for officer in fine setting (7)  SHELTER {SHE{LT}ER}
18. "Petaflop (or ten teraflops)", advertises sign (7) PORTENT (T)
19. Call for fewer detailed pointers (7) NEEDLES {NEEDLESs}
20. Whelp missus raised has it easy (6) SIMPLE (T<=)
23. Creep and sneak around (5) SNAKE {SNEAK*}

Trendy=In, These days=CE(common era), With=W, Salutation=Ave, Wife=W, Mouth=Os, Labour=L
Setter=I, Officer=Lt

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  1. Happy Pongal/ Sankaranthi to all.
    Thank you Ramesh, for your wishes and the nice blog.
    5D- choosing regularly was done neatly. There was a discussion a few days ago on this.
    Took a while to get cricket as an insect, though it had come up recently.

  2. Happy Pongal to all.

    Since there will be no paper tomorrow, the Sunday Special will be posted at 6:30 AM

  3. 7D- Does the wording lead to element or elements?
    Took a while to realise 'ax' as a variant of 'axe'.

  4. Happy Pongal/ Sankranti to everyone.

    26A: Could it have been "following temperature drop"?

  5. Happy Pongal/Sankrati to all
    Lovely puzzle by SD..a quick solve.
    Last one in was seems.
    Thanks Skulldugger & Ramesh

  6. 17. Taking for granted that drinking involves mouth (9) SUPPOSING {SUPP{OS}ING}
    I know...large = o s = over size
    But...mouth = o s = ?


      os 1 (ōs)
      n. pl. o·ra (ôr′ə)
      A mouth or an opening.
      [Latin ōs, mouth; see ōs- in the Appendix of Indo-European roots.]

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