Saturday, 7 January 2017

No 11898, Saturday 07 Jan 2017, Lightning


1 Container where one can store (not old) mixture (8) CANISTER {I+CAN+STORE-O}*
5 Caught animal without fight (6) COMBAT {C}{wOMBAT}
9 Paid charge to cut grass (8) REWARDED {RE{WARD}ED}
10 Say you are breaking gas sensor (6) NEURON {N{~ YOU ARE}EON}
12 Put up stall (5) STAND (DD)
13 Turn 180 degrees from cafe (5,4) ABOUT FACE  Rev Anag of {CAFE}
14 Relaxed by a joke (2,4) AT EASE {A}{T EASE}
16 Limitless fire at building, smoke is annoying (7) IRKSOME {fIRe}{SMOKE*}
19 Missing sources of fine art via lethargy (7) INERTIA {fINE}{aRT}{vIA}
21 Observe powerless cricket for instance (6) INSECT {INSpECT}
23 Ridiculed by eccentric editor a politician goes inside (9) LAMPOONED {L{A}{MP}OON}{ED}
25 Fruit’s smell gone after extracting core (5)  MELON {sMELl}{gONe}

26 Thor, Phantom save Tarzan for one (6) ORPHAN (T)
27 Stretch goal teen set (8) ELONGATE {GOAL+TEEN}*
28 Smooth hollow trees for competitions (6) EVENTS {EVEN}{TreeS}
29 Brave fellow lacking capacity to listen (8) FEARLESS {F}{EAR LESS}


1 Engineer left out negligent stroke (6) CARESS {CARelESS}
2 Keep up-to-date moving ahead in English city (9) NEWCASTLE {NEW}{CASTLE}
3 Rip expression of silence by communist (5) SHRED {SH}{RED}
4 First lady endlessly in delight with raise (7) ELEVATE{EL{EVe}ATE}
6 Passes open sake cocktail (9) OVERTAKES {OVERT}{SAKE*}
7 Old country characters in Perambur, Madras (5) BURMA (T)
8 Messed around flying new red kite (8) TINKERED {N+RED+KITE}*
11 Indian vegetable in Chinese desert? (4) GOBI (DD)
15 One in a satellite moving unto a star (9) ASTRONAUT {UNTO+A+STAR}*

17 First one caught in window support had to swing (9) OSCILLATE {One}{S{C}ILL}{ATE}
18 Relaxed manner – it is needed to make a call (4,4) DIAL TONE {DIAL<=}{TONE} Relaxed=Laidback
20 Relative missing Japan in short trip (4) AUNT {jAUNT}
21 Spoil resolve in grand duel (7) INDULGE {IN+G+DUEL}*
22 Joins logs (6) ENTERS (DD)
24 Tree with mega fruit gutted (5) MAPLE {M}{APpLE}

25 Gent with choice to get posh house (5) MANOR {MAN}{OR}

One=I, Old=O, Caught=C, With=W, Power=P, Editor=Ed, Politician=MP, Fellow=F
Engineer=E, Left=L, Communist=Red, First Lady= Eve, New=N, Japan=J, Grand=G,  Mega=M, Gent=Man, Choice=Or 

Color/Font Scheme

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  1. Hey Deepak! You got a picture of an astronaut who has escaped from his satellite

  2. Nice easy one from Lightning..nice mix of clue types.
    Thanks Lightning for the puzzle & Ramesh for the colourful blog

  3. That was Lightning striking again!
    Thanks Ramesh.

  4. The special tomorrow will be the 21 x 21 CW used in the preliminary off-stage round of IXL-16

    1. After the photos, the real one to get the feel of the contest.

  5. Enjoyable clues with some nice surfaces. Thank you Lightning and Ramesh (back to?) the colourful blog.
    2D- castle= move, as in chess? If so. what ahead is for?

    1. 2D:i read moving ahead as moving a head(king)

    2. Keep = CASTLE
      up-to-date = NEW
      moving ahead = Position indicator
      English city = NEWCASTLE {CASTLE}<=>{NEW}

    3. Thank you Col. & Vasant. Now which one?
      Col.'s parsing is conventional. Vasant's parsing would lead to castling and not castle, right?

    4. Col's parsing is correct
      Mine is to borrow the term from fb..bump

  6. 13A- Though reverse anagrams are frowned upon, it is seems to fit in well in this case.Neuron & inertia are well done.
    Enjoyed the dial tone, but in this age of cell phones & smart phones where is the dial tone? One of those in the list that is lost forever with technology.

  7. Nice one from Lightning. Felt VOLTE-FACE also fits in nicely for 13ac but for the crossings!

    1. So does about turn and I struggled with it for a while!

  8. 5A - Coincidence - I just penned a poem on all bats except brickbat...