Thursday, 19 January 2017

No 11908, Thursday 19 Jan 2017, Gridman

1   He is an extra having a dangerous existence in films (5,3) STUNT MAN [CD]
5   Greet head of society with an instrument (6) SALUTE {So...y}{A}{LUTE}
9   Where patients in a hospital need to go to get their backs seen – not exactly! (8) REARWARD [CD]
10 Moving swiftly, rook's serving well (6) RACING {R}{ACING}
12 Friend takes mother’s hand (4) PALM {PAL}{M}
13 Bother, son abandons quiet when there's scourge (10) PESTILENCE {PEST}{sILENCE}
15 This feeling may result in a throw up (6) NAUSEA [CD]
17 Horrid North Arcot pigpen (5) NASTY {NA}{STY}
20 Working, one's working with a plant (5) ONION {ON}{1}{ON}
21 Decide not to participate and you might get 'pot' (3,3) OPT OUT {TOP}* [RA}
24 Remedy Robi resorted to for creative needlework (10) EMBROIDERY*
27 Enclosure of silver found in church (4) CAGE {C{AG}E}
29 More recent dish Papa left out (6) LATTER pLATTER
30 It's not right to offer someone something with this (4-4) LEFT-HAND [CD]
31 He is always agreeable (3-3) YES-MAN [E]
32 Many, at last on the payroll, get desire (8) YEARNING {manY}{EARNING}

1   Uncover eastern band (6) STRIPE {STRIP}{E}
2   Lacking the resources, girl's almost extorted (6) UNABLE {UNA}{BLEd}
3   Tamil leader to hold title to urban area (4) TOWN {Tamil}{OWN}
4   Correspond with a European, for the most part (5) AGREE {A}{GREEk}
6   Help haul up some memorabilia vanishing (5) AVAIL [T<=]
7   I'm in on US pact that brings workers together (8) UNIONISM*
8   What helps one to observe closely? Detective goes after no big dog (5,3) EAGLE EYE {bEAGLE} {EYE}
11 Narrow southern character (6) STRAIT {S}{TRAIT}
14 Profit to bar will be a good deal (4) GAIN Anno pending (Addendum - barGAIN - See comments)
16 Not even bashful about being cheap (6) SHODDY {SH{ODD}Y}
17 Refusal to the Americans makes common sense (4) NOUS {NO}{US}
18 What goes ahead of the act in favour of Oriental pal tired at end of day (8) FOREPLAY {FOR}{E}{PAL*}{daY}
19 Debate is about a disease (8) DIABETES*
22 Mostly secure, almost barren expedition (6) SAFARI {SAFe}{ARId}
23 Hear, look, follow a pirate (3,3) SEA DOG (~see){SEA} {DOG}
25 Work! Time will come for entertainment (5) OPERA {OP}{ERA}
26 Annoy no soft but principally rigorous old local official (5) REEVE (-p+ri...s)REEVE
28 If this celebrity embraces one, one has a step to climb up (4) STAR STA1R



  1. How would one classify 14D:Reverse addition/deletion?

  2. What goes ahead of the act in favour of Oriental pal tired at end of day (8)

    What an excellent wordplay! Foreplay-- dramatic yet subtle? In any case, at the end of the day, most welcome ! IT says it all!

    Gridman:Did you have the double entendre in mind while rehearsing this clue? I wouldn't put it past you .

  3. Thanks , Vasant for your e-mail ID. I'll get in touch with you

  4. Regarding yesterday's post on automatic grid making, the site, quinapalus has a host of other interesting tools including composite anagram finder..check it out, quite interesting as well as useful

    1. Yes, Vasant. This link is quite useful. Thanks for sharing.

  5. A satisfactory solve. Couldn't parse 14dn GAIN and also was unable to parse 'unable' in 2dn. When it comes to names of boys, ok with me to some extent, come girls...I am all at sea! The list is endless!!
    Anyway thanks Gridman for an enjoyable fare. 😊

  6. Perhaps a first for me. Completing the crossword at first pass.