Saturday, 28 January 2017

No. 11916, Saturday 28 Jan 17, Arden

Seeing Arden's name on a puzzle always puts a smile on my face. Today was no different with his usual deft touches especially in LOOFA, TERMAGANT, BEDLAM, TORMENT, RITUAL, MISREPRESENTED, INDUE to name a few. Thank you Arden

1 Not to condone some rejected material (6) COTTON [Hidden <=]
4 Dry piece of wood to be taken in the slaughterhouse (8) ABATTOIR [dry=AIR outside piece of wood=BAT + TO]
10 I'm going around New Orleans, to make it regular (9) NORMALISE [I'M + ORLEANS]*
11 It's part of the dictator's proclamation (5) EDICT [Hidden]
12 Animal laid eggs over grass (3,4) ROE DEER [eggs=ROE + grass=REED <=]

13 After wine bottles, Jack perhaps finds something to eat (7) CASSAVA [wine=CAVA outside jackASS]

14 Indian aphorism about art and American revival (5) SUTRA [ART + US=American] <=
15 Stand on foot, allowed to be in Paris (8) PEDESTAL [foot=PEDAL outside EST= to be in French]
18 According to Spooner the stuff rained for so long (8) FAREWELL [~stuff=WARE FELL=rained]
20 Can force one to get a scrub (5) LOOFA [can=LOO + Force + A=one]
23 Sin is a sin without a Rabbi's involvement (7) AVARICE [A + sin=VICE outside A Rabbi?]
25 Air pipe allows oil to flow with brute force (7) VIOLENT [air pipe=VENT outside OIL*]
26 That's gone into supplement regularly — it helped (5) AIDED [that's=I.E inside ADD=supplement]
27 A German model featured in Times — she is terrible (9) TERMAGANT [A GERMAN* inside T T=Times]
28 Suggestion from home — damage undone (8) INNUENDO [home=IN + UNDONE*]
29 Confusion as one of the lights gets no power (6) BEDLAM [BED LAMp]

1 Never take risks initially, coastguards clash (8) CONTRAST [COAST outside Never Take Risks]
2 Punish people in the wrong (7) TORMENT [people=MEN inside TORT=wrong]
3 Usually on a very short time (2,7) ON AVERAGE [ON + A + VERy + AGE=time]
5 Resistance to cut a tree by Chinaman to get the child out (6,8) BREECH DELIVERY [Resistance inside BEECH=tree + DELIVERY=chinaman]

6 Lock will strengthen, no doubt (5) TRESS [doubt=butTRESS=strengthen]
7 Allowed in and out — restricted to a naval base (7) OKINAWA [allowed=OK + IN + AWAy=out]
8 Formality's gone while making regulation (6) RITUAL [RegULATIon]*
9 Distorted 'ism'? (14) MISREPRESENTED [reverse anagram ISM]
16 Lease plot and make it stick (9) SELLOTAPE [LEASE PLOT]*
17 Force to do nothing, 50% fall for handyman (8) FACTOTUM [Force + ACT=to do + O=nothing + TUMble=fall]
19 A restriction on dress must go (7) ABANDON [A + restriction=BAN + dress=DON]
21 Totally finished, everything follows (7) OVERALL [finished=OVER + ALL=everything]
22 Expect to lose time in greeting — it's "Aloha!" here (6) HAWAII [expect=AWAIt inside HI=greeting]
24 Invest in something outstanding (5) INDUE [IN + DUE=outstanding]

Solved Grid:


  1. Fully agree with you Bhavan. Thanks.
    I made a mistake in Cassava. I filled in Cassata without bothering to check the word play.
    Thanks Arden. The fun time got prolonged as the online version didn't show up.

    1. I have a good company to have Cassata!

    2. Like A for apple Cassata is the first word to come to mind. But accountants like me like to tally things before signing off. So gave a second look

  2. We agree with you Bhavan..Arden's name brings a smile & Bhavan's name on the blog too brings a smile.
    A brilliant crossword that used all the tricks in the book & a few outside too.
    The RA taken to new heights with the laconic ism in 9D..5D was beautifully done..
    Thanks Arden for an enjoyable week-end puzzle.
    Thanks Bhavan for an instructive blog

  3. I was apprehensive about opening the link 'upside down' as to what horror I was going to see but it turned out to be funny, least offending. Of course, we can trust our bloggers that they won't do anything rash.

  4. Only yesterday's cwd is shown in online till now.

    1. That is why the unsolved clues & the accompanying grid are of immense help.The fact that they are put up very early is an icing on the cake especially for early morning birds like me

    2. Your compilation too is worth mentioning here, Vasant

  5. Super puzzle and super blogging! Thanks to both. :)

  6. Ever upwards seems to be Arden's motto ! Took quite a while to complete but what a satisfaction !!