Monday, 30 January 2017

No 11917. Monday 30 Jan 17, Arden

Some clues today rather tricky :)
Arden strikes again, had been expecting a new setter this week...perhaps tomorrow?
New word and concept Abscissa.. apparently it has nothing to do with abcesses :) so much for my knowledge of geometry.. had been initially convinced (from the crossings) the word should be Narcissa .. which held up Breaststroke for a bit..
1a. Grasshopper needs to be split as Grass and Hopper !
18a. sporting here plays the role of the anagrind??
25a. forsaken plays the role of deletion and anagrind?
1d. breakfast..break is a container indicator

1. Grasshopper keeps quiet as children play a game (8) LEAPFROG {LEA}{P}{FROG}

5. Eat hamburger, return to college ground (6) CAMPUS (SUP)(MAC)<=
10. Distance allowed for vehicle to reverseit's unbelievable (7) MIRACLE (CAR) in MILE
11. Smuggled spirit, no time for resentment (7) RANCOUR (RAN(COURage)
12. Chip able to return home without me (5) NACHO (CAN)<==(HOme)
13. Comedian's hugging bishop, does it tickle you? (5,4) FUNNY BONE B in FUNNY ONE
14. He's indispensable? Correct, deal with him (5-4,3) RIGHT-HAND MAN (RIGHT)(HAND)(MAN)
18. Roberts takes in a sporting event (12) BREASTSTROKE (ROBERTS TAKES)*
21. They fight, work in opposite directions (9) COMMANDOS (COMMA)N(DO)S
23. Cover for many a crime (5) DRAPE (D)(RAPE)
24. Correctly undo knot, Stallone will check it (7) SOUNDLY (UNDO)* in SLY
25. Originated in godforsaken catatonia (7)  INERTIA (ORIGINATED - GOD)*
26. Stick to what he read out (6) ADHERE (HE READ)*
27. Two legs spread out — keep quiet, it's delicate (8) EGGSHELL SH in (LEGLEG)*

1. Keen to have morning breakfast (6) LAMENT {L(AM)ENT}
2. Drink claret — at heart agonise (6) ARRACK (clARet)(RACK)
3. Works fine, one could start with conservatives (9) FACTORIES (F)(A)(C)(TORIES)
4. Shoots fedayeen — could be sooner or later (3,2,5,4) ONE OF THESE DAYS (SHOOTS FEDAYEEN)*
6. To irritate girl boys strip (5) ANNOY (ANN)(bOYs)
7. For class, answer is perfunctory (3,5) PRO FORMA (PRO)(FORM)(A)
8. Endless work? Finally the worker's in the army (8) SERGEANT (lesS)(ERG)(thE)(ANT)
9. Some Europeans talking about rejecting bill to cover the Greens (6,8) FRENCH DRESSING  (FRENCH){(-AD)DRESSING}

15. Barren headland, provides a stark reality (9) NAKEDNESS (NAKED)(NESS)
16. Coordinate basic construction on board first (8) ABSCISSA (BASIC)*(SS)(A)
17. On opening round, missing wine (8) VERMOUTH {(-O)VER}{MOUTH}
19. Left among a group of people, move to safety (6) CASTLE L in CASTE
20. Give an account and soldiers will follow (6) RETAIL {RE}{TAIL}
22. Summer resident in the African savannah, perhaps (5) ADDER (DD)


Legend : Solution, Definition, Definition with link, Letters in wordplay, Indicator (containment, removal, addition, anagrind etc)


  1. Replies
    1. Couldn't be worse than the US boat getting rocked here in a different way ! Lots of headless chickens scampering about, alas for a country built up by immigrants ! God be with them !

    2. Hee Hee.. is this the ban on the seven countries u are talking about?

  2. Lovely puzzle.Thanks Arden & Srividya.

  3. Lament as for KEEN - Lent+ fast broken by AM ! Fantastic wordplay.

    Arden gets artier and heartier ! A cocktail of Vermouth and Arrack ! an attack on the neural- ends

    1. Absolutely.. I just adored the use of breakfast .. don't know if it's been done before and I am noticing it only now.. anyone really knows what vermouth is.. in all the novels I have seen rather demanding people asking for vermouth in their cocktails..

  4. A lovely CW done by me at a leisurely enjoyable pace. Never thought of making the 8.30 deadline since I was otherwise engaged. Thank you Srividya for the nice blog. A request- the 3 colours used are too close for quick identification. Maybe make one of them a little darker, say Blue.
    While on Blue, noted the Monday blues for poor participation. Maybe some more lively discussion later?

    1. Hey.. yeah I agree .. normally the solutions are in blue but I had some problem with that today so reverted to black.. will try something next week 😀

  5. Black is fine, but I am talking about the other 3 colours.

    ver·mouth (vər-mo͞oth′)
    A sweet or dry fortified wine flavored with aromatic herbs and used chiefly in mixed drinks.
    Goes well with gin.

  6. Today was a monday morning blue for me..a hectic day at work & no internet on my mobile..came back to read the interesting comments..

  7. I dont mind the colours..the blog was very instructive..the parsing spot-on..

    1. And the detailed preamble was outstanding..

  8. The preamble questions i think need to be answered
    18A:Sporting indeed plays the role of anagram indicator, I think
    25A:Forsaken as deletion indicator is ok..but serving in double role as anagram indicator is doubtful..maybe Arden can clear this point..

    1. 18A The anagrind is 'in', meaning 'batting' which is a valid anagrind. Sporting event is the definition.

      25A Again 'in' is the anagrind. Forsaken is used as a deletion indicator. Catatonia is the definition.