Sunday, 8 January 2017

The Sunday Crossword, Sunday 08 Jan 2017

1   Actor in tie prepared for reading (10) RECITATION*
6   Cutting some medication back (4) ACID [T<=]
9   Reminder, pretty short of time (3) CUE CUtE
10 Finished a paper's last feature, good and comprehensive (11) OVERARCHING {OVER}{p..eR}{CHIN}{G}
12 Horse that is taken into lead by excited lad (7) PIEBALD {P{IE}B}{LAD*}
13 Shameful refusal to stop rotten bilge (7) IGNOBLE {NO} in {BILGE}*
14 Still together (2,3,4,4) AT THE SAME TIME [DD]
17 Cope in confusion with temperature hot and unhealthy (6,7) MUDDLE THROUGH {MUDDLE} {T}{H}{ROUGH}
21 Fool to accept measure of current ridicule (7) LAMPOON {L{AMP}OON}
23 Roused son, weary, around middle of afternoon (7) STIRRED {S}{TIR{a...R...n}ED}
24 Preserve proverb about duck, very large waterbird (6,5) CANADA GOOSE {CAN}{ADA G{O}{OS}E}
25 Number in fact working (3) TWO [T]
26 Flow restricted in sound (4) TIDE (~tied)
27 Reset sadly faulty balances (10) STEELYARDS*

1   Ready to admit limits of exotic formula (6) RECIPE {R{Ex..iC}IPE}
2   Steady in honesty, missing our place in Ohio (9) CLEVELAND {C{LEVEL}ANDour}
3   Engineer changing the old formats (6,7) THOMAS TELFORD*
4   Lever altered in error (7) TREADLE*
5   Middle of rock song including new instrument (7) OCARINA {rOCk}{ARI{N}A}
7   Go up and start to cut branch (5) CLIMB {Cut}{LIMB}
8   Tenacious, endlessly referring to line in comic verse (8) DOGGEREL {DOGGEd}{RE}{L}
11 Vice-consul yet to get involved in a row (13) CONSECUTIVELY*
15 One with anger up in north mistaken for successor (9) INHERITOR {1}{NH{IRE<=}TOR*}
16 Understood appeal to support rascal left in charge (8) IMPLICIT {IMP}{L}{IC}{IT}
18 Strict about working this evening (7) TONIGHT {T{ON}IGHT}
19 Return and break mineral (7) RESTORE {REST}{ORE}
20 Foul island covered with smells? Run away (6) ODIOUS {OD{I}OrUS}
22 Excavated and raised material (5) MINED <=


  1. Special at 10:30 is the 21x21 CW used at the IXL-16 Finals preliminary round

    1. Another Jumbo, another treat! What a nice beginning to the New Year.

  2. A doubt about 12A- PB of 'Piebald'? I got the 'that is' & 'confused lad' parts.

  3. Thank you Vasant. Problem is that I took it as 'Leed' and not 'led'.