Monday, 3 April 2017

No 11971, Monday 03 Apr 2017, Incognito

Incognito planning on a SE Asian holiday?

7   Native American tribe returned Perak's capital (4) IPOH <=
8   Mostly orange-headed, for all to see, and brown ape (9) ORANGUTAN {ORANGe}{U}{TAN}
10 Fruit Daniel found around J&K town (6) DURIAN {D{URI}AN}
11 After mashed taro, yearn for drug (8) ATROPINE {TARO*}{PINE}
12 Cowardly peacekeepers' choir arrangement included a section of ektaras (8) UNHEROIC {UN}{H{Ek...s}ROIC*}
14 Girl's love? Queen's prison warden! (6) GAOLER {GA{O}L}{ER}
16 Stickily holds bills about brothers’ returns (7) ADSORBS {AD{BROS<=}S}
18 Transportation of scrap containing Rhenium (7) FREIGHT {F{RE}IGHT}
21 Little Margaret has bread in city near about 7 (6) PENANG {PE{NAN}G} Penang is not a city.
23 Cancellation of stamp showing pillar having blemish (8) POSTMARK {POST}{MARK}
25 Nomadic patron carries silver bird (8) TRAGOPAN {TR{AG}OPAN*}
27 Language spoken in a Sabah revolution (6) BAHASA*
29 Lotteries by Indian Airlines award a heavy flower (9) RAFFLESIA {RAFFLES}{IA} What's the role of 'award'?
30 Flat? That's not odd! (4) EVEN [DD]

1   Capsized and rose up? (8) UPTURNED [DD]
2   Asian hat designed by setter (4) THAI {HAT}*{I}
3   Broken bone is filled with gold in island (6) BORNEO {B{OR}NEO*}
4   This tree (Phyllanthus emblica) may produce amla and a small quantity is rejected (7) MALACCA {AMLA}*{A CC<=}
5   Agra was rebuilt twice ... you may see development of culture here (4-4) AGAR-AGAR {AGRA}*-{AGRA}*
6   Saint's record pace (4) STEP {ST}{EP}
9   No one possesses a bit of civility ... for the time being (5) NONCE {NON{Ci...y}E}
13 Disease displaying edema, bleeding or lung allergy for starters (5) EBOLA Acrostic
15 Drug operation one accepted with an expression of hesitation (5) OPIUM {OP}{1}{UM}
17 New York's huge program with the French (3,5) BIG APPLE {BIG} {APP}{LE}
19 A small animal circled a larger animal with some dexterity and irritated (8) HARASSED {HAR{ASS}E}{De...y}
20 Suitability of small apartment on headland (7) APTNESS {APT}NESS}
22 Mistakenly, procurer dropped malfunctioning CPU ... that's a blooper (5) ERROR pROcuRER*
24 Vehicle reverses on road in Paris Metro, for example (6) SUBWAY {BUS<=}{WAY}
26 Present soldier with small fort (4) GIFT {GI}{FT}
28 Cad's command to subdue dog (4) HEEL [DD]



  1. Agree on Penang. Relied on faulty memory. Should have checked.

    Awards = gives , Raffles +IA gives Rafflesia

  2. No trip planned. The theme, (after excluding the intrusive Thai) is Malaysia, not South East Asia. Been there a couple of times, including Sabah in Borneo. Presently a friend is there on work.

    1. "No trip planned". Are you using a walking stick and excellent specs that shows the floor up in an enhanced manner and are going about in measured steps?

    2. ***"No trip planned" - Won't you, dear Kishore, with the light fantastic toe?

    3. Come and trip it as you go.. My father used to frequent these lines.

    4. I tripped near Niagara Falls. It is not false, but I did not fall in the Fall.

    5. Oh! What a fall was there my countrymen...

    6. If all the seas were one sea ...

    7. C- then there will be 100.

  3. Staright & simple. No more fooling around- enjoyed.
    A little doubt about little Margaret in 21 A.
    16A- The def. should be 'stickily holds'.

  4. Maybe you can say 'suggesting' a SE Asian holiday.

  5. Thank you,Col. I was thinking that Penang is a city, rather a port.

    1. I too remembered Penang being mentioned as a port in some shipping context

  6. Meg is a common diminutive of Margaret. I remember the poem Meg Merrilies by Keats, which was in my SSLC English text.

    But that name has many variations for the short form. You can't even guess some of them. One is Peg.

    1. Remember Maggie? Not the Iron Lady Mrs. Thatcher... Ramya in Panchatantiram? Maggie alias Maragathavalli

    2. That is one movie which one can watch over and over again.

    3. Wholly agree! And enjoy even better if you know all the four languages

  7. Could vaguely see the theme as the solutions got revealed....the blog confirmed it..Thanks Col & Incognito for a smashing week opener

  8. So... my 'meg' problem is real.

    1. No it isn't see the link over 'Little Margaret'

    2. Normally I don't miss your links, but this one was not underlined and so missed it. But it IS still rare.

    3. In this new Template the underline shows up only when the mouse is passed over it. However the words with links are in a different colour and since there is very little contrast it doesn't show properly

  9. Sport that wrinkled Care derides,
    And Laughter holding both his sides:—
    Come, and trip it as you go
    On the light fantastic toe;
    And in thy right hand lead with thee 35
    The mountain-nymph, sweet Liberty;
    From Milton's L'allegro.
    Thank you CV for kindling some good memories.

    1. And thank you, Sir, for adding some verse,
      Meg or Peg, the girl's same, none the worse

    2. Only, we are in the worse trying to guess her alias!

    3. Thanks Paddy for these lines..old memories revived from school days

    4. "Laughter holding both her sides"
      Remembered my English teacher quoting this for explaining personification