Tuesday, 25 April 2017

No 11990, Tuesday 25 Apr 2017, Gridman

7   Overly fearful artist and leader are confined in home (8) PARANOID {PA{RA}{NO1}D}
9   Fight by foreign sea getting more hot (6) WARMER {WAR}{MER}
10 When scanties get torn, help is required (10) ASSISTANCE {AS}{SCANTIES}*
11 Timid man to eke out (4) MEEK {M}{EKE}*
12 The French partner's focal device (4) LENS {LE}{NS}
14 First, decorous old piece's placed back (10) PRIMORDIAL {PRIM}{O}{R}{LAID<=} R = Rook = Chess piece
16 Cubbon, for example, gets a winter coat (5) PARKA {PARK}{A}
17 Grown improperly - not right! (5) WRONG*
21 Source's established a new case has been emptied (10) PROVENANCE {PROVEN}{A}{N}{CasE}
22 State frankly: "Have gown with edges torn" (4) AVOW {hAVe}{gOWn}
23 Let slip no second tablet (4) PILL sPILL
24 Declare earnestly: "Fool's always worried" (10) ASSEVERATE {ASS}{EVER}{ATE}
26 Small journal's browsing site is attractive (6) MAGNET {MAG}{NET}
27 Volcanic rock found by old boy with two men (8) OBSIDIAN {OB}{SID}{IAN}

1   Stop the woman taking English spirit (7) BANSHEE {BAN}{SHE}{E}
2   A ten in half-time prepare to take off (4) TAXI {T{A}{X}Ime}
3   Throat issue revealed by a study - one conducted in old Delhi (7) ADENOID {A}{DEN}{O{1}D}
4   Model - small and quaint (4) TWEE {T}{WEE}
5   Overly proper publicity on new American diva (5,5) PRIMA DONNA {PRIM}{A D}{ON}{N}{A}
6   Fresh beginning of French boy with a single (7) RENEWAL {RENE}{W}{A}{L} L for Single?
8   Frank exposes approval in enclosure (9) OUTSPOKEN {OUTS}{P{OK}EN}
13 Rats falling over and concealing not one hungry person (10) STARVELING {RATS<=}{VEiLING}
15 "...it is in ___ that we are underlings" (Shakespeare) (9) OURSELVES [FITB]
18 Crafty person? (7) ARTISAN [CD]
19 Having difficulty, Spain to find a fix (2,1,4) IN A SPOT*
20 Superhero hugging old rower (7) BOATMAN {B{O}ATMAN}
24 Vehicle in which tau toured round (4) AUTO {TAU}*{O}
25 Went on highway, we hear (4) RODE (~road)



  1. Nice enjoyable CW.
    Liked the step by step building up to be a Prima Donna.
    Volcanic rock & starveling were new to me.
    I had always associated parka with a turban.
    Studied Julius Caesar long long ago but have forgotten the quote. Manged to get it with the help of crossings.

    1. "The fault,my dear Brutus, is not in our stars but..."?

  2. 6d. may be referring to "one pound coin/note"

  3. Nice puzzle.

    12 Across...Print edition carries...

    Contact helps you focus.