Thursday, 20 April 2017

No 11986, Thursday 20 Apr 2017, Afterdark

1   In revolt, rioters peak and form a political movement (11) PERESTROIKA*
7   Continue to be evenly candid (3) ADD cAnDiD
9   First, push model to the forefront after certificate from channels (5) TUBES (+t){T}{U}{BES(-t)}
10 One going crazy collecting butter for test (9) ANGIOGRAM {A}{GOING}*{RAM}
11 Infamous company came via choppy sea, collected money and rejected assistance (4,5) EAST INDIA {SEA}*{T IN}{AID<=}
12 Support provided by India to Intelligence (5) BRAIN {BRA}{IN}
13 Everyone overwhelmed by gift bag (7) BALLOON {B{ALL}OON}
15 Person returned English title (4) NAME {MAN<=}{E}
18 Rebuke rude busmen disembarking setter (4) SNUB {BUSmeN}*
20 Tours regularly to procure red material (7) TUSSORE {ToUrS}{SORE}
23 Oarsman at bank to board ferry's jumpy (5) ROWER Anno pending (Addendum - {ROW}{fErRy})
24 After losing margins, ingenuously rebuilt a space that allows light (3,6) SUN LOUNGE {iNGENUOUSLy}*
26 Son, at hotel bar attacked by animal (5,4) SLOTH BEAR {S}{HOTEL+BAR}*
27 Medical device despatched bypassing Tiruchi border (5) STENT {S{Ti...i}ENT}
28 Denials on issue from the right (3) NOS [<=]
29 Somehow placate or inject a bit of morphine, a painkiller (11) PARACETAMOL {PLACATE+OR}* over  {A} and {Mo...e}

1   Seasoning lady added on pan with deseeded beans (8) POTHERBS {POT}{HER}{BeanS}
2   Forcefully dismissed, managed subtly (8) ROBUSTLY {RO}{SUBTLY*} RO-Run out
3   Dish Missus hid inside (5) SUSHI [T]
4   African managed to kidnap staff (7) RWANDAN {R{WAND}AN}
5   Root sprouting in downpour defying gravity (7) INGRAIN {IN}{G}{RAIN}
6   Mobs vandalized a grave earlier with explosives (4,5) ATOM BOMBS {A}{TOM B}{MOBS*}
7   A General is out of the country (6) ABROAD {A}{BROAD}
8   Urge college administrator to take money and accept daughter (6) DEMAND {DE{M}AN}{D}
14 Gate outside new building primarily shows joint possession (9) OWNERSHIP {O{NEW*}R}{Sh..s}{HIP}
16 Natural light to last till morning following month, not really a reflection (8) MOONBEAM {MO}{ON}{BE}{AM} Not sure of Anno (Addendum - {MO}{NOt<=}{BE}{AM} - See comments)
17 Amidst roar, director established support (8) PEDESTAL {PE{D}{EST}AL}
19 Returned bunch of 516 sheets after Electricity Board rejected for smudge (7) BESMEAR {EB<=}{REAMS<=}
20 Almost mislead worker immersed in action related to meditative techniques (7) TANTRIC {T{ANT}RICk}
21 Jail has an issue, press release sent in advance (6) PRISON {PR}{1}{SON}
22 After chasing tramp, sportswoman collapses and faints (6) SWOONS SpOrtSWOma*
25 Attack stone building (5) ONSET*


  1. 19d Goof up on the reverse spelling?

  2. Some late evening queries in yesterdays CW

  3. 3d - SU shi is not fully pinked

  4. 28 SON <<
    16 MO (-T)ON < BE AM? Then Not on double duty?

    1. My idea was not really = no

    2. 16d i read as "Natural light, not really, a reflection"

      month -> Lunar month -> Moon.

      the setter said otherwise but wanted to share

  5. Struggled in the NW corner but found today's puzzle more satisfying to solve than yesterday's

  6. Good job, Afterdark ! A far cry from yesterday's crossie. Enjoyed it totally. PERISTROIKA & GLASNOST of the Gorbachev era ( a forgotten word ?) ATOMBOMB and TANTRIC were well-conceived. Didn't like TUBES parsing.However, feel OWNERSHIP and GATE (ORS)with NEW and HIP seems a bit odd. GATE=ORS?

    1. Gate as in electronic gate..OR Gate..AND gate..NOR,NAND, etc

    2. ...And that 's' in (ORS) is taken from primarily Shows.

    3. OR Gate..AND gate..NOR,NAND, etc I still don't get it. Can you kindly elucidate further ? Thanks

    4. Hi Raju! These are all names of digital logic gates, kind of elementary building blocks of digital circuits. Not that I was aware of them either :) but if you wish to read further...

    5. As Dr said you can read all about them in a fascinating branch of mathematics:boolean algebra. This was the basis on which computers were built.

    6. And most of the modern logic of PLC,DCS use these basic logic gates to control systems

  7. Thanks a lot Vasantji. for the grid sent by email, but I could get online by opening the GRID from Col's blog. Very thoughtful of you. God bless you.

    1. You are welcome Raju.
      I copy the clues from the blog & paste it on the grid prepared. No trouble for me to send the same.I didnt see the online grid at 6 A.M. Hence mailed you.

  8. Thanks Dr Nabar and Vasant. I'm sure, even if I went to the site, it will all be algo and binary to me ! However, I'll try as every byte (pun intended) of new knowledge is always welcome. Solving crosswords compiled with these words and abbrs does help in the process.