Saturday, 29 April 2017

No 11994, Saturday 29 Apr 2017, Arden


1 Shock as second seed exits playing amateur (6) TRAUMA {AMATeUR}*
4 Salt in the open will stick to the hull (8) BARNACLE {BAR{NACL}E}
9 I say yes- in short it's not enough (6) MEAGRE {ME}{AGREe}
10 Gathering outdoors- maybe an Angel will protect the little one (8) CLAMBAKE {C{LAMB}AKE}
12 Takes two to check jewellery (8) BRACELET {BRACE}{LET}
13 French man on short visit, is calm (6) SERENE {SEe}{RENE}
15 Issue's absent, law is pragmatic (6,2,4) MATTER OF ACT {MATTER}{OF F}{ACT}
18 Aground? Find a magic solution (6,6) SILVER BULLET {SILVER}{BULLET} Aground= Ag + Round
21 Makes a change- It's suitable during promotions (6) ADAPTS {AD{APT}S}
22 It's said to have happened once, date unclear (8) ANECDOTE {ONCE+DATE}*
24 Guard posted on train line (8) SENTINEL {SENT}{LINE*}
25 Release pressure for some time, hot stuff will make you squirm (6) TICKLE {(-p+Time)ICKLE}
26 Carrying something beautiful (8) FETCHING (DD)
27 Programme for mature politicians (6) AGENDA {AGE}{NDA}


1 Harry met bimbo, set off at appointed time (4,4) TIME BOMB {MET+BIMBO}* Time appears as part of clue
2 During a yatra one flipped over a plant (8) AMARANTH {AMAR(NA<=)TH}
3 She played her part to hinder Carmelite order (7,8) MARLENE DIETRICH {HINDER+CARMELITE}*
5 Reduce inner dimension of shaft (4) AXLE {AX{L}E}
6 Maybe one is going through a grind analysing data (6,9) NUMBER CRUNCHING (CD)
7 Home to teach, free student intake (6) CHALET {TEACH}* around {L}

8 Number of eels, odd? No, not odd (6) ELEVEN {EeLs}{EVEN}
11 Settle lovers' tiff, there's peace finally (7) RESOLVE {LOVERS}*{peacE}
14 Slight force split a face (7) AFFRONT {A}{F}{FRONT}
16 Brave to relocate along with family (8) ALGONKIN {ALONG}*{KIN}

17 Regularly sent empty crate on fixed rate among other things (2,6) ET CETERA  {sEnT} {CratE}{RATE*}
19 Said to be huge mountain range (6) MASSIF {~MASSIVE}
20 10 mop up stone... (6) GARNET {TEN}{RAG}<=
23 ...for him it's hollow victory, made the cut (4) HEWN {HE}{WiN}



  1. How would you revise 1d so that the word 'time' is avoided in the def part of the clue?
    No second suggestion should be the same as an earlier suggestion.
    Let's see what variations we can get.

  2. Shrikanth has a good word on this CWD on his FB wall (if that is the correct term) and I have added a couple of comments.

  3. set off winter palace for one

  4. 16D- I could not find anything connected to brave. Maybe, they were a brave tribe?

    1. Brave
      A brave is a native american warrior

  5. 'Aground' is innovative. Seen earlier?

    1. Elission is a fairly common device nowadays

  6. Clambake was new to me. Do we get cake from Angel cake?

    1. Maybe an Angel gives Cake

    2. Angel cake is a type of sponge cake made without using butter

  7. 4a Tintin rang the bell!

  8. Blistering barnacles! Thundering typhoons!!

    1. I was expecting a picture of Capt. Haddock

  9. Absolutely flawless and imaginative word play, especially GARNET; so pithy. Arden excels himself each day. Great satisfaction in completing a crossie like this. Thank you . Can pardon him for the TIME BOMB featuring TIME, as otherwise, the clue is based on harry !

  10. Absolutely flawless and smooth word play build-up; especially GARNET and TIME BOMB. Can pardon Arden for repeat of TIME in the clue & answer, as Harry was the key to the answer. Aeden seems to be excelling himself. Marlene Dietrich seems to be a favourite amongst compilers, probably because of the complicated spelling.

  11. Very nice clues - ANECDOTE was my COD.