Wednesday, 5 April 2017

No 11973, Wednesday 05 Apr 2017, Lightning

1   First letters of words to flow in this clue (8) ACROSTIC [CD] Definition by example. - See comments
5   Choose leader returning with right to buy asset (6) OPTION {OPT}{NO1<=}
9   Order to join with old ranger (8) COMMANDO {COMMAND}{O}
10 Interfere with democrats breaking fight for the most part (6) MEDDLE {DD} in {MELEe}
12 Elite group of lions (5) PRIDE [DD]
13 Primarily careless, misplace ring leading to difficult decision (5,4) CLOSE CALL {Ca...s}{LOSE} {CALL}
14 Prepared to reverse trend on education (6) EDITED {TIDE<=}{ED}
16 Ugly house I had destroyed (7) HIDEOUS {HOUSE+I'D}*
19 Reclaim building – a wonder (7) MIRACLE*
21 Allowance for every American university (6) PERMIT {PER}{MIT}
23 Doctor, ninety not a small fry (9) NONENTITY*
25 Role going around one international country (5) HAITI {HA{1}T}{I}
26 Subtlety in problem is lost (6) NUANCE NUisANCE
27 Toss trouser in a frivolous manner (8) FLIPPANT {FLIP}{PANT}
28 Facilitate curse to be reversed by the French (6) ENABLE {BANE<=}{LE}
29 Operation with power excluding spent rival (8) OPPONENT {OP}{exPONENT}

1   Bear caught on record interrupting part of play (6) ACCEPT {AC{C}{EP}T}
2   Prompt assuming a balance (9) REMAINDER {REM{A}INDER}
3   Free to knock all pins in second attempt (5) SPARE Anno pending [DD] - See comments
4   Motivated Hindu ceding partly (7) INDUCED [T]
6   Contestant who has no chance, sore before taking the lead (9) PRETENDER {PRE}{TENDER}
7   Country not out to return favour (5) INDIA {IN}{AID<=}
8   Pointer on ship is unnecessary (8) NEEDLESS {NEEDLE}{SS}
11 Trendy fashion shop (4) POSH*
15 Clean chit doled out for a type of foul (9) TECHNICAL*
17 Emerge with one soldier, highly decorated all around (9) ORIGINATE {OR{1}{GI}NATE}
18 Importance of oriental treasure, not ordinary in the past (8) EMINENCE {E}{MINE}{oNCE}
20 Leave short passage essentially with appeal (4) EXIT {tEXt}{IT}
21 Apply one’s vague record of income (3,4) PAY SLIP {APPLY+1'S}*
22 Joke about hundred missing from that order (6) DIKTAT {DIcK}{TAT} (Correction - {KID<=}{ThAT} - See comments)
24 Old king sheltering unknown antelope (5) NYALA {N{Y}ALA}
25 Whip possibly restraining animal (5) HIPPO [T]



  1. 3 Free to knock all pins in second attempt (5) SPARE [DD]

    SPARE: A score in tenpins; knocking down all ten after rolling two balls (WordWeb)

    1. Nice one. That ten pin score is a revelation. Thank you. That is where I had my doubts too.

  2. Not as fast as lightning, but fast enough to be happy and without having to take any outside help. that looks like a long time back.

  3. Scintillator had put in his reply to comments in yesterday's blog- for those of you who had missed it.

  4. Nice Paddy said had to mull over a few clues..

  5. 22 Joke about hundred missing from that order (6) DIKTAT {DIcK}{TAT}


  6. Replies
    1. Yes, in an accounts book column headers may be Th, H, T, U where H is hundred. I will leave the others to you.

    2. Chambers online has "h" for hundred

  7. Enjoyable one. Missed out on 3Dn SPARE. Thank you, Lightning.

  8. Meant to clue 1A as def. by example "First letters of words" to "flow"

  9. Learnt a few new meanings of common words like....

    ROLE = HAT

  10. Exponential(e) for power is very common in Maths. Even in common English we say it increases exponentially.

  11. Lightened my mood in this horrid heat of CBE. thanks, Lightning. NALA and Y for Nyala is a good take. Isn't non-entity a hyphenated word? Or are hyphens only for hyena laughs nowadays?