Tuesday, 11 April 2017

No 11978, Tuesday 11 Apr 2017, Sunnet

1   Improvises using present day progressive party members (2-4) AD-LIBS {AD}-{LIBS}
4   A police department near Kashmir town initially compromises by tolerating a highly sour environment (8) ACIDURIC {A}{CID}{URI}{Co...s}
10 Sprinkle salt over a cut suitable for dry heating (4,5) VEAL ROAST*
11 Cheap pleasure's symbol of sin (5) APPLE [T]
12 Sweet Fire at the beginning and end of day (5) CANDY {CAN}{DaY}
13 Tom poured claret for stock mover (6,3) CATTLE CAR {CAT}{CLARET*}
14 Raisin is popular reportedly (7) CURRANT (~current)
16 Got up when saint stopped deer (4) ROSE {RO{S}E}
19 Heard hum of port (4) WINE (~whine)
21 He's taking a boy back to get geometric design representing the universe (7) MANDALA {MAN}{A LAD<=}
24 Winner against Queens' men (9) CONQUEROR {CON}{QU}{ER}{OR}
25 Look into person's lineage (5) BLOOD {B{LO}OD}
26 Black/green colour (5) BLUSH {B}{LUSH}
27 Close by for team's match (9) PROXIMATE {PRO}{XI}{TEAM*} (Correction - {PRO}{XI}{MATE} - See comments)
28 Mischief makers confused girls with men (8) GREMLINS*
29 Finally no article to split Kentucky's editor-approved (6) OKAYED {nO}{K{A}Y}{ED}

1   Notice Tamil freedom fighter's account has a bit of your support (8) ADVOCACY {AD}{VOC}{AC}{Your}
2   Apprentices angle to get to breadwinners (8) LEARNERS {L}{EARNERS}
3   Say, hide this fleshy fruit (5) BERRY (~bury)
5   Citizen turned over list for legal publication (7) CITATOR {CIT}{ROTA<=}
6   Working lady dines with pride (6,3) DEADLY SIN*
7   Rearrange to leap over knight (6) REPACK {CAPER<=}{K}
8   Scream about woman's fruit (6) CHERRY {C{HER}RY}
9   Tap note to cute cast (6) FAUCET {FA}{CUTE*}
15 State's message to Union Territory: Stop detailed mapping method (9) AZIMUTHAL {AZ}{IM}{UT}{HALt}
17 Scholar to sow every tree (8) MAHOGANY {MA}{HOG}{ANY}
18 Worker arrested for PDA (4-4) HAND-HELD {HAND}-{HELD}
20 Money to find fault with artificial language (7) EUROPAN {EURO}{PAN} ? Couldn't find this on the net See the link
21 Setter has right quantity of 19 (6) MERLOT {ME}{R}{LOT}
22 In case of emergency take pain killer (3,3) ICE BAG {I C E} {BAG}
23 Wound judge in temper (6) INJURE {IN{J}URE}
25 Non-working mobile phone for a reliable person (5) BRICK [DD]



  1. Theme:colour? Rose,Cherry,Mahogany,Berry,etc

    1. Specifically variant of Red..cherry red...blood red..brick red..rose red...berry red...apple red...blush?

    2. Like in the Dhoni-Prateik ad for Lava phone :)

  2. Replies
    1. Wow!That is quiet innovative

    2. Was not specifically targeting lipstick colours, but the overlap should be significant. I got my choice of red from

      Currant is also a theme word

  3. Nice puzzle, Did not know that I C E was for In case of emergency

    1. Normally you are advised to save one number in your phone as ICE which can be contaced when such a situation arises

  4. Interactive version playing truant again like yesterday

  5. Here is the link for the debut CW by Samurai Pony! Please do try & give your feedback. Instructions are given in the blog :)

  6. For 27A, the Anno I had in mind was {PRO}{XI}{MATE} where Mate is derived from Match

    1. I was wondering about 'teams' following closely behind 'queens'. Now it is cleared.

    2. That's fine. I also was wondering how the anno worked with team anagrammed. Overlooked the mate = match.

  7. Why no mention of Pangram? I sit because it is taken for granted in all Sunnet puzzles?!

    1. See next to "labels" at the bottom of the clues

    2. Just saw. Thank you. Yet to come to terms with the new format.